Could A Car Drive To Space?
6 ditë më parë
How Covid Broke Our Roads
6 ditë më parë
Is Lifting Your Car Worth It?
Why You're Wrong About NOS
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GM's $2,000,000,000 Disaster
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Are Polyurethane Bushings Worth It?
Why its impossible to drive 1000mph
DIY Subwoofer vs. Store-bought
5 Scariest Car Stories
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Why some slow cars FEEL fast
Is an Oil Cooler Worth It?
We Tested 3 Cracked Dash HACKS
A.I. Designed this Car
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9 Cars Named After ANIMALS
Are Head Gaskets Worth It?
9 Best Minivans of All Time
These Tires Cost $42,000
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Is a Standalone ECU Worth It?
$20,000 vs. $50,000 Custom 350z
Are Big Brakes Worth It?
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$200 Radiator vs. $500 Radiator
9 Horrible Car Engineering FAILS
Are Aftermarket Seats Worth It?
$3000 vs. $500 Suspension Upgrade
Is a Short Shifter Worth It?
$225 Injectors vs. $600 Injectors
How Vacuums Made This Car Fast
$1600 Body Kit vs. $5500 Body Kit
9 SURPRISINGLY Good Drift Cars
DROP TESTING a $65 Roll Bar
Are Headers Worth It?
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Imagine Wagons
Imagine Wagons 13 orë më parë
Can anyone pls tell me the name of the song at 5:32?? Pls
The Legend20STFU
The Legend20STFU 13 orë më parë
Electric cars would be able to do this easy
Micr0wave 13 orë më parë
James Deans looks like Claude From GTA III
Shawn K Dooley
Shawn K Dooley 13 orë më parë
That would be scary af 🤣🤣🤣
A Z 13 orë më parë
Has anyone noticed how B2B slowly but steadily becomes the next science garage?
Off The Jacks
Off The Jacks 13 orë më parë
Not to much we missed in that list, although I could use the bullet proof Cherokee.
evillslayer_ gaming
evillslayer_ gaming 13 orë më parë
Tuatara is the new fastest car
Vincent Ang
Vincent Ang 13 orë më parë
No I'm not good 24:28
Brando Naïm
Brando Naïm 13 orë më parë
Donut should team up with b is for build and do this as a collab project car
StormDweller 13 orë më parë
Excellent vid! Thanks for all the research and summrizing it all.
Bombaclock 13 orë më parë
I love my 2017 RS \\m// Greetings from Norway!
FlockerLP 13 orë më parë
Are those coilovers from flyinmiata?
tillallareoneluv 13 orë më parë
Lots of impatient people driving today. Everybody wants to drive like a bmw driver.
Edsel Fetalvero
Edsel Fetalvero 13 orë më parë
Oh wow! I made the right choice getting the Jimny. Great review and historical background.
Tuukka Mustonen
Tuukka Mustonen 13 orë më parë
Fuck rust paint and people who like rust paint. It looks fucking horrible
Ngonidzashe Katsande
Ngonidzashe Katsande 13 orë më parë
And today Elon is the second richest person on earth
Niklas 13 orë më parë
I might just be a bit high, but the sound tracks on this show are amazing 🤤
Ashmit Swarnkar
Ashmit Swarnkar 13 orë më parë
Man I have been watching these guys since 2016 back when they did not even have a million subs now seeing their success I am glad I continued to watch this channel.
aydan khaliq
aydan khaliq 13 orë më parë
If you think their 2019 is bad.
Marcus Blomgren
Marcus Blomgren 13 orë më parë
The only car related thing that goes to space, is the piston that the guy in the honda send at a red light..
Random Stock photos
Random Stock photos 13 orë më parë
Am not the only one trying to find a gta 5 comment right?
vaggelis dogas
vaggelis dogas 13 orë më parë
so any 1970 TNT orange Dodge Charger is General Lee if its the case for any car is called Eleanor
Harsh Tripathi
Harsh Tripathi 13 orë më parë
Get an education. Use metric.
joel matis
joel matis 13 orë më parë
in conclusion covid is bs .
Rob 13 orë më parë
Roy Mustang
Roy Mustang 13 orë më parë
No one asked for this vedio.
olek kapusta
olek kapusta 13 orë më parë
the BMW is a big meme in my country for being a cheap sheet box and wierd upgrade it gets
Xiao Wu
Xiao Wu 13 orë më parë
I like how you can see the front of the car through the guy's shirt
Javs Javs
Javs Javs 13 orë më parë
Ulrik Strand
Ulrik Strand 13 orë më parë
Think i would put the doors back on before jumping it. Unless you want it to break in half xD
Ze Frendly Medic
Ze Frendly Medic 14 orë më parë
The only thing i can say: Get a toyota play eurobeat on the radio and become a tofu delivery driver.
Ryaas Abu Karim
Ryaas Abu Karim 14 orë më parë
Ayye anybody remember the AcceleRacers series?
Cyrus Hale
Cyrus Hale 14 orë më parë
Lazy American divers. That's it. Okay okay, automatic gearboxes were a handicap aid.
Glenn 9K
Glenn 9K 14 orë më parë
also, why is bumper2bumper a completely different show now, more similar to Science Garage?
Glenn 9K
Glenn 9K 14 orë më parë
yet another EV ad
Matt Wilco
Matt Wilco 14 orë më parë
On dah lodge wit it
ProtoRetro 14 orë më parë
It's 95°, you shouldn't be alive.
The Bass Boosted Channel
The Bass Boosted Channel 14 orë më parë
“Aaron only works with the highest quality parts.” James: (kicks carbon fiber dash panel)
askannav2094 14 orë më parë
This episode was totally confusing , come down to Australia, the roads, are still the same, no Covid related road craziness here , other than the usual driving on the right (left side) of the road !!
Rob 13 orë më parë
Australians are confusing in general
Luke Cragg
Luke Cragg 14 orë më parë
honestly what kind of content is this, this show should talk about car related stuff i mean like the difference of tyre tread. look i dont know but talkin about a car in space seems a little out of place to me, comment if you agree
The Dan
The Dan 14 orë më parë
How do youake the road
Devil's Wish
Devil's Wish 14 orë më parë
gasoline evaporates at room temperature a charge send to plaits for exampel selenoid will speed up evaporation ore slow it down that is considered as a magnetic pump ore in re verse form a de-compresor what peopel dont understand is if you adding inurt gases to a combustion engine he is no more a combustion engine like normaly presented expecialy not if it is dual ignition involved those more inurt gases will increase compresion ratio inside the cilinders what will result in more power generated even tough the engine displament is fizicaly still the same if you ceap fuel in centrain temperatures it wont evaporate that is if you want economy if you want speed you need increase flow faster the truth is you dont need air at all if it is in liqued form substances in gasoline alredy oxydise by them self so the theory that air going in the engine is enailated expecialy if you consider lead additives who prevent oxydation at high temperatures peopel shuld study pre ignition and cold diseling in gasoline engines if they are hot enough ore if they meat centrain conditions a gasoline engine becomes a disel engine meaning no spark plugs and other things expecialy if you remove senzors and governourse it is posibel the claim that it is not posibel more power is false lean burning engines need higher ignition power considering plazma ignition and plazma generators at exaust manifold you get that power see in history ore wikipedia what strling engines are ore wacum engines ore steam engines some thing like that your tipical engine isnt realy working on gasoline tought look at the 2stroke engine there is a relation chip about hot and cold air the spark has nothing to do with the runing ability of a car I wuld not go that fare but the truth is diferent no a problem if you inject actualy those gases like dual injectors with for exampel alcohole are you shure that you can not get more power? yes you can expecialy on universal motors who actualy are called hot/cold runing engines,multi grade fuel engines,multi porpuse operation engines, internal/externar operated engines,singel/multi ignition engines, half gasoline half disel engines etc. they have lot names mostly known as GM,Opel,Holden,Suzuki,Isuzu and similar brands who have build in driled hole's for their engine head valves so when puleys and belts get destroyed nothing will hapen to the engine those engines are used literaly evry where from marine,aero,car,bikes,generators aplications so expect lot more than just school crap from those engines you can tune ore de tune them how ever you want they are bulet prof if peopel cosider the pap engine,stanley mayer,closed exaust system engines you get the idea the simpel form of molecular mass manipulation dont think so?how a submarine work with out fuel?there is your school sience out the door a simpel engine is alredy a hibrid what peopel didnt figure out you can use chemic,thermal,electric/magnetic,hidraulic,pneumatic even hell biological means of creating power it does not have to by fuel as "energy source" I belive peopel shuld read wikipedia and read actualy and anilise those long forgoten inventors what they have to say about those claims in my opinion that air fuel ratio crap does not apply at all if altered "changed" expecialy not if its a closed engine system loop It does not comply to any thing not even regular chemistry hydrogen engines for exampel existed long time before gasoline and disel engines peopel run at all cinde of crap so good video and all but that litel chat dont comply to acint old timers and young timer engines "experimental engines" the rotary engine for exampel existed long time ago and the actual claimed inventor didnt build it at all he copyed that idea like many peopel did in the past
Jesse Ziegler
Jesse Ziegler 14 orë më parë
Great episode! I like this dude WAY better than the other one.
Jack Hammer
Jack Hammer 14 orë më parë
I'm tired ,tired ,So fucking tired of touch screens back in the day you would feel the buttons and keep your eyes on the road.
JDM Eryk
JDM Eryk 14 orë më parë
I'm 13 and bought a Mercury Cougar as my first car. It has a 2.5 V6 The Prelude on my profile photo is my aunt's
Eizlan Iskandar
Eizlan Iskandar 14 orë më parë
Lol, even owning a Mustang Ecoboost I4, it feels already fast
Edwin Joseph
Edwin Joseph 14 orë më parë
No m8, not possible.
Matt 14 orë më parë
what about the venom gt?
Matthew Perrella
Matthew Perrella 14 orë më parë
Could y’all add Celsius conversions next time, my google was mad at me for asking all the time
paul venter
paul venter 14 orë më parë
yes officer this video ⬆️
Mason Reppeto
Mason Reppeto 14 orë më parë
to be fair at the very start of covid everyone dropped the price of their used car in order to pay the bills but now that has changed.
DaL Sous
DaL Sous 14 orë më parë
F1 is a vibe, when the cars got softer, people complained. people want to hear that eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaoooooooooooooooooooo. unless a electric car can do that, F1 is safe
2 EASY 14 orë më parë
Tesla done ✅
Mason Reppeto
Mason Reppeto 14 orë më parë
im gonna admit I do go faster now in the left-hand lane on the highway than I used to.
jasyguy 14 orë më parë
Nissan is still my fav car company i'm sad that the 2001 to 2018 it kinda bad
jasyguy 14 orë më parë
at least the Z's and patrols and GTR'S ARE REALLY GOOD
Jake Koontz
Jake Koontz 14 orë më parë
I think some of the apeeding ticket increases are due to the cops having less to do over all so they are able to set in speed traps longer so they are able to catch more speeders then normal
Michael Smith
Michael Smith 14 orë më parë
The best sounding non-Tesla car: Huracan Evo and Performante.
Building on a Budget Models
Building on a Budget Models 14 orë më parë
I think a Land Rover Defender drove to the top of Everest. I'm writing this before I've watched the whole video so you might mention this!
ryan Lost_broken_arro
ryan Lost_broken_arro 14 orë më parë
With the right parts... yes.
Carlos M Lopez
Carlos M Lopez 14 orë më parë
Now I want a Suzuki samurai to bad I live in the states 😩
John Doe
John Doe 14 orë më parë
I live near border of france, belgium and luxembourg, same here, every one drive faster, almost every day i came across one guy that want racing, i got pressed by a guy driving a Renault megane at 200km/h lol
Unexpected SPANISH INQUISITION 14 orë më parë
Before watching this video, I already know a normal combustion engine wouldn't be able to do it due to the lack of oxygen before you even get near space at 30,000 feet. Technically the thinner atmosphere would allow you to go faster due to less drag, but the problem still stands on the fact the road would be a constant uphill. The only thing that could make it would be an electric car, one with good torque and a lot of batteries. It also needs to be fairly light, which will help with it being able accelerate and keep its speed while using less power than if it was heavier.
Unexpected SPANISH INQUISITION 14 orë më parë
So I got the fairly light part wrong, yeah, you defiantly are going to need that extra weight to help counter all the strong wind. Also, I would recommend getting more oxygen tanks and a C02 scrubber to recycle the air you breath out to lengthen the time you can spend past around 25k feet.
Michael Smith
Michael Smith 14 orë më parë
The best sounding car: Cybertruck.
Kevin Kirkaldie
Kevin Kirkaldie 14 orë më parë
Dude, a lot of merch push. First 5 minutes is merch push.
Senan Martin Alejandro
Senan Martin Alejandro 14 orë më parë
Up to Speed on Toyota Tundra I love Toyota
Dooknooget Chard
Dooknooget Chard 14 orë më parë
Thumbnail=sixteen 🆚 V6
Tine S.
Tine S. 14 orë më parë
For a science show you sure do use some non-sciencey units of measurement.
mike baird
mike baird 14 orë më parë
Pretty pathetic on the Eleanor deal because 71s were just so ugly and disgusting compared to the rest I put them right up there with 74 to 79s
HYPERBOOM 14 orë më parë
WeberGoogle 14 orë më parë
You know what i like the most about the 400z? the tyres always read NISSAN on top like the ROLLS ROYCE hub caps.
how to PUBG??
how to PUBG?? 14 orë më parë
Could you drive car into space? My brain : just put two rocket booster behind the car
HYPERBOOM 14 orë më parë
NeonGaming 14 orë më parë
"Where my sourdough fans at?" as I'm holding a slice of buttered and toasted sourdough, ggwp
SoloAlex2005 14 orë më parë
Sees strip weathers on the thumbnail Me: click.
Car boy King k
Car boy King k 14 orë më parë
The teel z look beautiful 🤩
A Steven
A Steven 14 orë më parë
Tanzania doesn't have simple traffic lights
Nikhil Kenvetil
Nikhil Kenvetil 14 orë më parë
0:57 - what's a moutain?
Piotr asipopovec
Piotr asipopovec 14 orë më parë
how to make patina. U just grind the whole paint from car of and then spray it with salty water.
Snofielf Leonard
Snofielf Leonard 14 orë më parë
Laughs in FL I75 and I4 where people always drive like they’re running from the police
Dan McClintock
Dan McClintock 14 orë më parë
march and april i was able to leave my house at 5:55 and make it to work on time at 6, but with traffic i gotta leave at 5:35. miss those days
Michael Smith
Michael Smith 14 orë më parë
He broke his arm?????????? Who else noticed? 👇