11 COOLEST Versions of Boring Cars

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Cars are cool. But some cars aren’t THAT cool, ya know? But that hasn't stopped some carmakers from turning their most boring, uninspired automobiles into some actually sick vehicles. This is a list of certifiably BONKERS cars that started life as plain jane commuter cars. Doot doot you’re watching D-List.
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carl 5 ditë më parë
VW Golf MK2 is the coolest car no matter what vesrion
Frank Chen
Frank Chen 6 ditë më parë
“24V, DOHC Honda engine”. I am sorry but I have never heard of any Honda V6s with twin cam except when they are for the NSX.
Julian Hoschke
Julian Hoschke 6 ditë më parë
racerx509 6 ditë më parë
No volvo 850r? It was a grocery getter they raced.
Pauloarthur1803 Arthur
Pauloarthur1803 Arthur 6 ditë më parë
Os caras usando meme do Brasil
Antoine Queirós
Antoine Queirós 7 ditë më parë
Renault Espace ''it's a monospace'' and he can have the 3.5 V6 of the 350Z😎
Johny not gay
Johny not gay 7 ditë më parë
fiat abarth is actually a premium version of fiat
Squeek Tate
Squeek Tate 8 ditë më parë
No F150 Lightning?
Jaydip Sapariya
Jaydip Sapariya 8 ditë më parë
I own stock Lancer with 2 liter diesel and its coolest luxury car at its launch time bcz of power staring and AC
Lexvox 9 ditë më parë
14:48 Evo X owners felt that.
Zach Ury
Zach Ury 9 ditë më parë
the golf country is what I imagine an 80s crosstrek would have looked like.
jason19twofour 11 ditë më parë
I've seen videos about the Previa. It's a really cool van.
Collier Farnell
Collier Farnell 11 ditë më parë
What about the Galant VR-4?
Sir Tristan of Camelot
Sir Tristan of Camelot 11 ditë më parë
Slightly disappointed the Clio V6 is not on the list...
a456987 12 ditë më parë
How can you have the Evo but not the STI
Raihan RS
Raihan RS 13 ditë më parë
timtommersen 14 ditë më parë
NewStandardsSettingFutureCool by accident
Muhammad Aiman Shafiq Mohd Razi
Muhammad Aiman Shafiq Mohd Razi 14 ditë më parë
Did anyone notice his cap? Like if you did
Sean Ford
Sean Ford 15 ditë më parë
I wonder if he ever learned that honda hasnt made a twin cam vtec v6 since the NSX ended production in 2005
jimmy chapman
jimmy chapman 16 ditë më parë
Dont forget the galant vr4 the og of evos
Robert Tanksley
Robert Tanksley 18 ditë më parë
Yo... the regular vues had j35s at first too
Robert Tanksley
Robert Tanksley 18 ditë më parë
Saturn ion redline was the cooler version of the slowbalt ss
Nenad Horvat
Nenad Horvat 21 ditë më parë
"Fastest abarth ever made" Lancia Delta S4: am i a joke to you?!
Taz Kidz
Taz Kidz 21 ditë më parë
There's one of those Tacoma's in my neighborhood
mantis013 Weiß
mantis013 Weiß 24 ditë më parë
why are many American cars for the schutzstaffel
Mr Red Golf
Mr Red Golf 24 ditë më parë
That yellow integra is called the nuclear banana and the guy standing next to it was my dads friend and they built it for drag racing
Luke Dodson
Luke Dodson 25 ditë më parë
"The best sport compact car ever made by General Motors" is a pretty easy ceiling to break through.
Cristian Sontay
Cristian Sontay 25 ditë më parë
THEY PUT IN THE COBALT SS BUT NOT THE DODGE NEON SRTTTTTT!!! I got a bone to pick with you James
dhartline 26 ditë më parë
Saw on of those Beatles at the NAIAS in Detroit years ago. Wanted one so bad!
OZoolydie 26 ditë më parë
I just realized donut media refers to donuts you do in a car and not actual donuts
supersonic413 26 ditë më parë
Hatchbacking 26 ditë më parë
Hey! You missed 2009 Ford Focus RS and 2013 Renault Clio R.S.200 EDC . 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Mykola Sagaidakovskyi
Mykola Sagaidakovskyi 26 ditë më parë
what about Subaru Forester XT? )))) it should be also on the list. Well.... it is on my list at least, so...... WHATEVAAA
Rex Holes
Rex Holes 27 ditë më parë
They're Bully bars James try to catch your breath.
Rex Holes
Rex Holes 27 ditë më parë
I test drove a Cobalt SS Supercharged , I like it but the guy wouldn't come down on the price like gimme a break its not a Ferrari guy,.
tom sattelberg
tom sattelberg 27 ditë më parë
When james plugged the evo up to speed at the end, he should have added "But you dont need me to tell you about the evo, watch this video.....where I tell you about it." Lol
Robert Pryor
Robert Pryor 28 ditë më parë
So true about the Bug. A sad thing is a lot of people thought it had something to do with the original and expected it to be durable and dependable. Ketchup is great on hot dogs, the mustard only people are Nazi robots. One of the best pizzas barely qualifies as a pizza: barbecue chicken and pineapple, low-key like a Neon SRT-4.
Mr.BreadStick 29 ditë më parë
4:12 My mom drives a 2005 Chevy Tahoe(black) and one time she pulled up i and thought she was a cop
Dane Morgan
Dane Morgan Muaj më parë
What about the wrx or the wrx sti over the Impreza?
Sampsa Lehtonen
Sampsa Lehtonen Muaj më parë
Chevy kinda proofs that you cant say success with the SS.
el-juan88 Muaj më parë
I miss the xrunner it's for the 98% of tacoma owners who never off-road
Casey L
Casey L Muaj më parë
Detroit version of the corvette....
Tacticalcrusader Muaj më parë
Tim Meijerink
Tim Meijerink Muaj më parë
He? No Renault 5 turbo or clio v6 on the list? I hate Renault so much but for those cars i make a exception
Red Hed Nightmare
Red Hed Nightmare Muaj më parë
Yo Pump i think you need a carbon monoxide detector in your studio homie...
Manny Jimenez
Manny Jimenez Muaj më parë
How high were you, bruh? 🤘🏽😳🙂
Mistah Fox
Mistah Fox Muaj më parë
I'd say the Kübelwagen is the cool version of the Beetle, but implying the Beetle is boring might invite angry replies...
New change unlisted_viewer
New change unlisted_viewer Muaj më parë
I just clicked cause the thumbnail lol
Wayne Feller
Wayne Feller Muaj më parë
This was a very US-centric view. I would love to see some of the worldwide cars to get a video: Renault 5 GT Turbo, the Ford Sierra Cosworth, etc.
Kabre Erickson
Kabre Erickson Muaj më parë
No one notice James' hat must have a green bit on it? Seeing an Abarth 500 through a hat is my favorites way to see one honestly
MiguelJG Gonzalez
MiguelJG Gonzalez Muaj më parë
I read this at the beginning of the video, I don’t remember anything from the video except the colors that showed through his hat...
Wawa KalaSh
Wawa KalaSh Muaj më parë
jesus hes golf is HIDEOUS ima go jump on to a sea of olive oil, then u take an ugly ass golf and say its amazing xF... never take rally advice or tips from a yank...just sayin bro you dont know what u saying only yanks may back you up J E E S U S noo
Martink9191 Muaj më parë
Omega Lotus? What, not in the list? Why? This car was litterally banned in England for some time.
Barra GU
Barra GU Muaj më parë
Mitsubishi rvr anyone????
Touchy Uncle
Touchy Uncle Muaj më parë
Lil b would be proud
its yaboi
its yaboi Muaj më parë
James..... It's pronounced ABART not ABARFFFFF
Kevin Schmitz
Kevin Schmitz Muaj më parë
That chroma key spot on his hat
Caldera Muaj më parë
the most amazing part about all this is that tiny ass fiat somehow weighs around 2500lbs
ASP XxX Muaj më parë
Make a video about vw golf tdi 2014
Steven Schramm
Steven Schramm Muaj më parë
How could you forget the R63 AMG
Dallas Seeger
Dallas Seeger Muaj më parë
Dude, Jupiter totally has decorations.
2000 denes
2000 denes Muaj më parë
What about the toyota iq gr
HunterXray Muaj më parë
This guy is so edgy in how he pronounces "wurds".
Nathan Brisebois
Nathan Brisebois Muaj më parë
I know a guy who rolled 3 seperate Cobalt SSs I wonder what his insurance is like now lol
Aayush Shil
Aayush Shil Muaj më parë
Doge 😃😀
Vin A.
Vin A. Muaj më parë
“EYEmuh GONNA WeEN” I almost laughed all my breakfast out my nose
90s Buick guy
90s Buick guy Muaj më parë
don’t forget about the 1996 and onward Buick Park Avenue ultra with the supercharger as well as the late 90s and early 00s Buick regal GS with the supercharger both making 240 buff horses I don’t have one but I would love one to make mustang drivers do a double take because they just got beat by a sleeper grandpa car lol
chooseymomschoose Muaj më parë
VW Golf Country = Subaru Crosstrek
iain russell
iain russell Muaj më parë
That electribe is so dope
Cokecanninja Muaj më parë
No Ford Focus RS?
yugam singh kushwaha
yugam singh kushwaha Muaj më parë
where is ur pink mic?
Darthronnin Muaj më parë
Chevy Cosworth Vega
TechThrowBacks Muaj më parë
Why does the mic keep crinkling and crackling
Mihai Ciobotaru
Mihai Ciobotaru Muaj më parë
Lancia delta integrale?
Frank Van Den Dool
Frank Van Den Dool Muaj më parë
I know someone with a volkswagen golf country. The owner has bought it new and still loves that car.
Nathan Loyd
Nathan Loyd Muaj më parë
my grandpa drag raced a trailblazer ss
Typical Tony
Typical Tony Muaj më parë
Dodge Omni GLH-S would be on my list. Completely bananas little FWD cardboard box.
Dallas Jensen
Dallas Jensen Muaj më parë
Should have had the cyclone instead of the Toyota tacoma
Music Sucks
Music Sucks 2 muaj më parë
Ben Cruz
Ben Cruz 2 muaj më parë
"Moon's are a planets pet!" Hahahahahaha
Joshua Morales
Joshua Morales 2 muaj më parë
I'm so glad they brought back the lists, i remember the Bestest episodes and missed them so much. now bring back science garage please!
Sparks_Wolf640 2 muaj më parë
I love ALnets channel better than car wow and Pew die pie
CJ 2 muaj më parë
Let's not use this mic again guys. Makes you sound sick
Kholofelo Lekgoathi
Kholofelo Lekgoathi 2 muaj më parë
This guy reminds me of Megas XLR
Marshall Burrell
Marshall Burrell 2 muaj më parë
i just got my permit before covid hit, i had an old subaru outback that i hated, so i sold that and looked for a new car. after stumbling across this video im now a proud owner of a supercharged mid engine minivan
Cameron Webne
Cameron Webne 2 muaj më parë
There is a... um... a... a little green square on your hat that is part of the green screen
sloganeering gaming
sloganeering gaming 2 muaj më parë
I got one for you police package jeep cherokee
FF skinner
FF skinner 2 muaj më parë
2.4 was never turbo in the cobalt the turbo Balt (lnf) was a 2.0L and the supercharged (lsj) were 2.2L
Alan Beavers
Alan Beavers 2 muaj më parë
Shouts out devil sticks
Mark A Gambrel
Mark A Gambrel 2 muaj më parë
The original 500 Abarth is ridiculously sick. They flip the rear engine cover up to be a spoiler
Stephen Mukwevho
Stephen Mukwevho 2 muaj më parë
Covid covid 💉😷 Take the pills>>💊💊
Spectical2d 2 muaj më parë
My dad had a lancer evo
elijahlupe 2 muaj më parë
TBH Assetto Corsa taught me the FIAT Abarth is a great drive
Ricardo Zavala
Ricardo Zavala 2 muaj më parë
Yes!!!! Some love for the x runner!!!!
Nako Sunao
Nako Sunao 2 muaj më parë
They should've included the 2008 Chevy Equinox Sport, that thing is a really nice suv with 264hp We have the AWD sport and that thing is a beast, it's a fast and "good" looking suv Edit: I think I was an article that said that it was the fastest suv of its time
Lance Pastor
Lance Pastor 2 muaj më parë
Ya talkin to me
Samuel Harris
Samuel Harris 2 muaj më parë
No skater homies gon notice the Primitive shirt? No? Aight.... shoutout tiago
Andrea Coni
Andrea Coni 2 muaj më parë
another cool one would have been the renault 5 turbo (not the gt turbo, the "turbo" only). that's some crazy things in a little old city car
LifeOfBU5TER 2 muaj më parë
I know I’m really late to this party but what about the Yaris? Super boring econo box that has a GR version in Europe and Asia.
Eli Percival
Eli Percival 2 muaj më parë
No Silverado 1500 SS wtf you get a corvette engine and suspension in the front all wheel drive 20 inch wheels standard ect.. I'll tell you this much it's a work truck gone wild It will haul ass and all your tools unload it and race people.
crow 2 muaj më parë
Bro I have the Saturn vue. I've actually owned two of course both had the Honda v6 and both were all-wheel drive period you can get the red line which just adds cool body effects and the suspension is a little lower it looks really cool period an interior is really nice too. I suggest getting really nice seat covers though since the seats themselves are kind of uncomfortable period and they feel cheap. Super fun to drive and the storage in the back is really nice. Please make a video about the Saturn vue
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