Why Mercedes' F1 Car is Unbeatable

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Mercedes AMG Petronas has the most wins out of any F1 team of the last Decade. With 6 back to back World Constructors Championships and a 7th on the way (lets be honest), the Toto Wolff pack has been smashing the competition. It's not just the talents of Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg, and Valtteri Bottas that have been getting the Silver Arrows the points though. Each of the V6 turbo hybrid era Mercedes F1 cars has been a dominant machine. In this video Jeremiah is going to dive deep into the tech of what makes the Mercedes AMG Petronas team so fast. From their unique approach to aerodynamics, to engine cooling, to the wild innovations that they've brought to the track. If you want to find out how the Mercedes keeps on winning, this is the place.
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Peyton Moses
Peyton Moses 2 orë më parë
Racking point be like😳. -eh eh em I mean- TRACING POINT
Sony Triana
Sony Triana 2 orë më parë
if there isnt a nolan to pat me on back why would i race
Analiza tampos
Analiza tampos 4 orë më parë
The add really came in!!!! You donut!!
Jihad Al-Maliki
Jihad Al-Maliki 6 orë më parë
8:45 What is the Carnot efficiency?
Kordian Łoński
Kordian Łoński 8 orë më parë
Black runs faster.
jonas van geertsom
jonas van geertsom Ditë më parë
Knowing f1 they are propably gonna make new rules like car length limit and stuff so mercedes doesnt win anymore
ManRom Ditë më parë
There's no more real competition between F1 teams. The real competition is between same team drivers. F1 has become a pay to win game.
RipticBerseker !
RipticBerseker ! 2 ditë më parë
“Turbulent air is like watching a ALnets video and then the ad comes in” as soon as he said that I get an ad 😟🤣
Tristan Phillips
Tristan Phillips 2 ditë më parë
He was talking bout ads and turbulence and an ad came on xD
Bogdan Radulescu
Bogdan Radulescu 2 ditë më parë
They have replaced the DB601/605 cannon through engine with the Tubo shaft through engine :) smart use of Mercedes technical history...
Epic Engines
Epic Engines 2 ditë më parë
Unbeatable?... Bottas is beaten very frequently, Lewis is unbeatable, not the car. Clickbait.
MUMM CH 2 ditë më parë
Formula Sleep ...
DerHeiligeSpaten 2 ditë më parë
Finally some Americans caring about F1 and not that braindead series that calls itself NASCAR.
Aryaman Totlani
Aryaman Totlani 2 ditë më parë
amazing thanks
Gromran 2 ditë më parë
Arpan D'Rozario
Arpan D'Rozario 2 ditë më parë
4:06 I got a snacpchat ad just after he said it
Julius Tjahyadi
Julius Tjahyadi 2 ditë më parë
they are beatable,, if hamilton retired at the same as Nico Rosberg at the end of 2016 season, Vettel & Ferrari will win the 2017-2018 season and Max & Redbull will win the 2019-2020 season.. The key factor is always the drivers..
SwishyMcChicken F1
SwishyMcChicken F1 2 ditë më parë
**aston martin taking notes**
katheeb muzammil
katheeb muzammil 2 ditë më parë
I got a ps5 ad when he says 'and then the ad comes in' 😂
Muhamad Hosni Fariz bin Yahya
Muhamad Hosni Fariz bin Yahya 3 ditë më parë
Party mode has since been banned, but that doesn't change the result!!! Btw, shout out to PETRONAS!!! One Mercedes weakness is rain and ultra slippery track, evident during the Turkish GP, they only come alive after the track started drying out, under the hands of Hamilton. Bottas, spun like 6 times.
MEEK CLICK 3 ditë më parë
Then the add comes in😂... I just subscribed
azrul nizam
azrul nizam 3 ditë më parë
Kyle Engineer channel is the best place for you to start. He’s a youtuber become and F1 aerodynamicist and back to ALnets again as a former Mercedes F1 aerodynamicist.
Liberal Larry
Liberal Larry 4 ditë më parë
Summary of comments: "He said the thing and the thing happened". "I know some sh#t and that was some good sh#t."
R6 Bucky
R6 Bucky 4 ditë më parë
Is it just me or did anyone else get an add after he said “it’s like when a add kicks in.” 04:08
cabbar3050 4 ditë më parë
Answer is very very simple = Money offcourse
Caballo 4 ditë më parë
It tires me just to watch all the work put into roto scoping Edit: it's green screen
Maxwell Edison
Maxwell Edison 4 ditë më parë
I worked at Cambridge Aerodynamics for 5 years and have never heard aerodynamic fundamentals described so simply and poetically. 👏
satish kumar
satish kumar 4 ditë më parë
This guy made me understand Engineering.. if he is my professor, i would have top my university..# hatssoff bro
11RossLeronX 4 ditë më parë
Is it just me or LITERALLY an AD came up JUST AFTER he said *"Turbulent air is like watching YT and then an AD comes up"*
La Yakal Ath Ahmawan Imad Ahmath
La Yakal Ath Ahmawan Imad Ahmath 4 ditë më parë
Catch watch a channel that’s a LH hater. They are beating everyone because they are lacking in everything. ESPECIALLY IN THE DRIVER . LH IS THE ALL TIME BEST DRIVER IN THE WORLD OF FORMULA ONE HISTORICAL context. Nobody I mean nobody in the world is even close to his record.
Esther Akeode
Esther Akeode 4 ditë më parë
I can't believe that the safety car is a Mercedes maybe because the mercedes car is the fastest
DieCalmerThanASuicideBomber 10 orë më parë
How very logical .. 😂
DarkxMatter Ditë më parë
Yea but the 2021 car isn't going to be a merc I believe or maybe 2022 idk but soon its going to get replaced
Rahul Ram
Rahul Ram 3 ditë më parë
Safety cars have been Mercedes AMG back from early 90s
Safi 4 ditë më parë
The fucking thumbnail is so gay there's no secret about them being good they just do everything better
Ahmto Brkm
Ahmto Brkm 5 ditë më parë
Why don't other teams just copy em
Patrick Crotsley
Patrick Crotsley 5 ditë më parë
Its simple, mercedes has more money.
AbrahamLincoln 5 ditë më parë
I got an add right when he said about turbulence and adds ggs
Bernardo Vrea
Bernardo Vrea 5 ditë më parë
WOW pink mercedes
Ak 4T7
Ak 4T7 5 ditë më parë
Just when he said Ad😂
Rodney Martin
Rodney Martin 5 ditë më parë
When he said then the ad comes in I guess ALnets was like yup and dropped an ad...
Zak Brinkhoff
Zak Brinkhoff 5 ditë më parë
I don't know how much raycons cost but I know that the best rated wireless earbuds are only $99 and they're not raycon
Thinking Human
Thinking Human 5 ditë më parë
12:10 Lewis Hamilton & the Mercedes team in general are in another dimension of driving.
_N.R.04_ Bluefaceb
_N.R.04_ Bluefaceb 6 ditë më parë
4:07 😂ahahaaaa genius
lix liu
lix liu 6 ditë më parë
Mercedes' F1 Car is Unbeatable? money.........
SydneyPhotography2019 6 ditë më parë
No you got it the wrong way around with DAS, pull the steering wheel back and the wheels angle in.
SydneyPhotography2019 6 ditë më parë
As soon as you said "and then the ad comes in" I got a little pop up ad. It would be so great if Alfa Romeo and Ferrari were at the top again.
Ristic Andrija
Ristic Andrija 6 ditë më parë
you made a 15 minute video for a simple steering system called DAS
izaak white
izaak white 7 ditë më parë
U did that on purpose u kick
Alvin Muhammad
Alvin Muhammad 7 ditë më parë
and ad comes in. and it really happens.
AniHaven 7 ditë më parë
ha! i have premium
Nico C.
Nico C. 7 ditë më parë
Diude, it's not rocket science, really, you spend half a billion USD a year, you get the best of everything, that includes titles.
Debojyoti Sarkar
Debojyoti Sarkar 7 ditë më parë
I really love the colour of the car
Jensen Interceptor
Jensen Interceptor 7 ditë më parë
Don't skip the promo that J does near the start the site of Nolan pleading for his attention is Fucking hilarious dont no why but it just Cracked Me Up
The Kgkn
The Kgkn 7 ditë më parë
The f1 2020 race Winner:m e r c e d e s 2nd place:f e r r a r i
Alveera Khalid
Alveera Khalid 7 ditë më parë
I Got two ads at the same time when he said "when an ad comes in".Whoa!!
pascal van der helm
pascal van der helm 8 ditë më parë
Because they cheat like Ferrari thats why
Barbarian Corner
Barbarian Corner 8 ditë më parë
F1 is the high end state of the art Period
forex bbma
forex bbma 8 ditë më parë
Malaysia rich with oil guysss.. Is this Iluminati ?? Wake up guyss#peacejnganturun...
epool lee
epool lee 9 ditë më parë
Good job PETRONAS. From proud Malaysian.
Zak Naqvi
Zak Naqvi 9 ditë më parë
How the fuck did they time that ad 💀
Asriel Dreemurr
Asriel Dreemurr 9 ditë më parë
"It's like when the ad come- **ad plays** -s in."
Jonathan Wilson
Jonathan Wilson 9 ditë më parë
So if F1 want to hobble Mercedes all they need to do is to set a limit for the maximum length of the car that forces Mercedes to make their car shorter (and thus not getting the aero benefit they get from their current longer car)
Shadow Blade
Shadow Blade 9 ditë më parë
"turbulent air is like when the ad comes in" Me and some others with ALnets premium : **insert Di Caprio meme**
Michael Siebs
Michael Siebs 9 ditë më parë
The best part on their car is Lewis
Vintage Playback Hifi
Vintage Playback Hifi 9 ditë më parë
Simple answer to your question - Lewis Hamilton.
Bennett Stein
Bennett Stein 10 ditë më parë
Who is here after they won their 7th in a row?
Family Fun Tube
Family Fun Tube 10 ditë më parë
Racing point watching this and writing it all down
richmond gamboa
richmond gamboa 10 ditë më parë
Here again because Lewis won his 7th
John Cash
John Cash 11 ditë më parë
Rains in Istanbul , car advantage cut down. Hamilton just ahead of raikenen in the second slowest car
Marc Richmond
Marc Richmond 11 ditë më parë
too many adverts !!!!!
Amos Backstrom
Amos Backstrom 11 ditë më parë
Aren't F1 rear wheel drive. How does keeping your front tires hot help if that's the case?
Yong Ling
Yong Ling 10 ditë më parë
Yes, they're RWD, but if your front tires don't have any grip, you'd be understeering.
Jellybuns001 11 ditë më parë
Civic : finally a worthy opponent
Sarcoma1 11 ditë më parë
Yes because of the norms of that engine was changed and competition need new engine and mercedes stay the same
Super Tesla
Super Tesla 11 ditë më parë
As soon as he said ad came in the ad came
symbolresolution 12 ditë më parë
turbulence is liking trying to listen to music and an educational video at the same time
spalkin 12 ditë më parë
Nice RC51 back there :)
PB42189 12 ditë më parë
more friction would also wear on the tires tho wouldnt it? or is the wear negligible?
HyperSniper 207
HyperSniper 207 12 ditë më parë
:O I didn’t get the ad that everyone’s taking about
windshield washer
windshield washer 2 ditë më parë
Because you have premium..
BFB-DanceySteve 12 ditë më parë
13:35 who are the hazards? You mean marshals clean up the debris
Stew33Haa 12 ditë më parë
I came from where petronas was born..but trust me people here prefer shell
ArcadE AmateuR
ArcadE AmateuR 12 ditë më parë
i feel like bumper 2 bumper now is just up to speed with a worse host ngl
Steve Fortier
Steve Fortier 12 ditë më parë
Mercedes is just another level. They seem to be doing the same with their road cars, breaking all kind of records.
Hriday Mihir Patel
Hriday Mihir Patel 13 ditë më parë
When you’re turning and you push the steering wheel, it leads the front wheels to converge towards each other on the front, this helps rotate the car faster while entering the turn, speed reduction does not have to be that drastic hence; also while exiting the turn, the wheel divergence helps perform a quick reset on the direction and alignment of the car allowing for faster speed ups, that is the purpose of the DAS
Mubin Nadaf
Mubin Nadaf 14 ditë më parë
Why this ad
Mas Risyal
Mas Risyal 14 ditë më parë
title : Why Mercedes' F1 Car is Unbeatable?? Mercedes : "why not??"
ElementLu 14 ditë më parë
Video's like these, make me love youtube.
Moric Cser
Moric Cser 14 ditë më parë
Coughing... Its 7 times
The Drümünkey
The Drümünkey 14 ditë më parë
re: Aero- I always love it when in a race a car will mangle its front wing and end up getting better times...
Tush Mush
Tush Mush 15 ditë më parë
That ad placement is fucking perfect, well played😂
DIPTARUP GHOSH 15 ditë më parë
F1 cars make 900hp, supra fanboys: that’s cute
Yong Ling
Yong Ling 10 ditë më parë
But they're lighter. Power isn't the ultimate point, power-to-weight ratio plays a role too.
DIPTARUP GHOSH 15 ditë më parë
Bruh the ad really came in.....
Murray Ball
Murray Ball 15 ditë më parë
FI quality info, great.... viewer hears an American accent.... ....time to find a different quality video to watch!
Gracie Rodriguez
Gracie Rodriguez 16 ditë më parë
"Turbulent airn is like when the ad comes in" ad starts playing Not even jk lol
martini668 16 ditë më parë
Nice video
rachid alpachino
rachid alpachino 16 ditë më parë
because they have the best driver this is important !
Davor Juric
Davor Juric 16 ditë më parë
Because of Bernie
jbritto 16 ditë më parë
DAS ain't new. Redbull came up with it back in 2013 but deemed illegal. MAFIA runs F1 so Mercedes are let go this year. Money matters.
Kris Mas
Kris Mas 17 ditë më parë
I was about to say something about the add. 😂 But since i'm 1 month behind everyone, i just read what they said then. And think i'm not the only one. 😂
water bottle clan
water bottle clan 18 ditë më parë
Who else got a ad when he mentioned the youtube add part
George Chivu
George Chivu 18 ditë më parë
It's money.
Bruno Montforts
Bruno Montforts 18 ditë më parë
'Turbulent air is like when you're watching a ALnets video and then the ad comes in´ And guess what happend at that point?? The ad came in....
Mr.Trevisol1 19 ditë më parë
Well, tbh both party mode and DAS isn't the things that were making the Mercedes that strong in 2020 IMO. Merc ICE and electronics are very reliable, both drivers are great, the team rarely did a mistake in pit stops or even strategy, so by that it's already a great thing. But there's one thing that i'm very concerned, the Mercedes onboards you see Ham and Bot driving like the cars was on rails, even when it goes on kerbs or some bumps the car doesn't even react like some others like Red Bull or Ferrari. I remember seeing a similar thing on 2006 when Renault used the mass damper before it was banned. My guess is that either they did a amazing job on the chassis and structure of the suspension, or they're using some kind of exploit that allows the car to have that same effect without breaching the rules, anyways, they found something that the others didn't, so kudos to them!
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