What Killed All of Canada's Car Brands?

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Canada produced 2.4 MILLION cars last year, so why have we never heard of a purely Canadian Car Manufacturer? The thing is, there used to be Canadian car companies, but not anymore. What happened? And why doesn't Canada have a badge to call their own?
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TheStraightPipes Muaj më parë
You're welcome for the Hellcats ❤️
16-Bit Bernie
16-Bit Bernie 11 orë më parë
@Knight Flight778 brother I gotta to say it thank you for everything
Knight Flight778
Knight Flight778 11 orë më parë
@16-Bit Bernie NO you listen to me, THANK YOU!!!
16-Bit Bernie
16-Bit Bernie 14 orë më parë
@Knight Flight778 THANK YOU!!!
Knight Flight778
Knight Flight778 18 orë më parë
@16-Bit Bernie no thank you
Bird Worldist
Bird Worldist 2 ditë më parë
Harrisonmb6 Orë më parë
Noah H.
Noah H. Orë më parë
for some reason it seems weird to me that they don’t have a car brand but also makes sense not sure why
True Citizen
True Citizen Orë më parë
Globalism and traitor leadership. thats all.
TheCoon GingerCoon
TheCoon GingerCoon 2 orë më parë
We had Pacific trucks but we lost those to
Robert Brown
Robert Brown 2 orë më parë
The Western Star semi truck is made by a Canadian company in Canada
Cornwall Dragon
Cornwall Dragon 3 orë më parë
The Ford Edge is built right in Oakville.
Music n Thingz
Music n Thingz 4 orë më parë
We have CanAm still lol
TLR Eclipse
TLR Eclipse 4 orë më parë
My Honda Civic is Made in Canada =)
T5rux Lee
T5rux Lee 4 orë më parë
The biggest successes for Canadian car production were faux pas karma by the big brains in Detroit. When Canadian plants were tasked with building "small cars almost nobody in the US wants", the oil crisis struck and Canadian production went through the roof. When the next cycle arrived, Canadian big 3 factories were tasked this time with building "big cars nobody wants" but then oil prices collapsed and big car sales soared again. lol
Shawn S
Shawn S 5 orë më parë
We welcome you here in Edmonton!
Isaac Stephen
Isaac Stephen 6 orë më parë
Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure we built the parts for the new Ford GT and new GT500 too
julien pelletier
julien pelletier 7 orë më parë
***Quebec has invented poutine ***
Matt4542 7 orë më parë
Raycon's are shit. Find a better sponsor. Don't try and sell us garbage.
streamlabs 8 orë më parë
we have gmc...
CoCoGuardian 12 orë më parë
Ford brought you the newer ford gt
Panda In The Jet
Panda In The Jet 15 orë më parë
Electro3 Strike
Electro3 Strike 21 orë më parë
Me see Isuzu me click
R Cajavus
R Cajavus 22 orë më parë
Because Canada is still a colony of Britain and as such has no sovereign nothing.
DUCKYS28 22 orë më parë
Americans when they figure out basketball was made by a Canadian Americans: hehehydbdgdysysbwgsydydbehehueueuejhdydycgddgheueueuueeuhdhdhudh(random screams in denial)
Newfie Murphy
Newfie Murphy 23 orë më parë
We also love smoking weed
Ray Finnegan
Ray Finnegan 23 orë më parë
No Name brand has taxis and a fuck load of different food. That’s our mass market brand.
itsDonut Ditë më parë
Nathaniel King
Nathaniel King Ditë më parë
Question is answered in the first minute: The Great Depression killed all native car manufacturers. The rest of the video is how US and Japanese brands started building in Canada.
Freshify Ditë më parë
Howdyah Workthisthing?
Howdyah Workthisthing? Ditë më parë
What about the DeLorean? Made (for a time) in NFLD.
J L Ditë më parë
That's has lot to do with Canadian politicians always the puppet of American politicians making the nation an independent puppet nation by default, except Trudeau Senior. Most significant is history is fighter jet. Imagine our large Union closely link to US, from Public to Private to Crown?
J L Ditë më parë
@jopp Mopp Sure. How hilarious with some dude claim to be a Canadian but had America in emphasis Cap but all small cap in belove Canada.
jopp Mopp
jopp Mopp Ditë më parë
I'm canadian and AMERICA is the greatest country in the world
Aquario100 Ditë më parë
The Cody frictionless caught me by surprise.
Andrew Allen
Andrew Allen Ditë më parë
Bricklin ? You must be a American or from Ontario same place. If you are going to mention Canadian companies not all of them came from Ontario. Do all the research. 10 Provinces and 3 Territories. Canada is not just from Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia.
AtrumNoxProductions Ditë më parë
I was expecting to hear about Sutdebaker...
Joseph Kwilos
Joseph Kwilos Ditë më parë
"You know frictionless"
Scott Stevens
Scott Stevens Ditë më parë
The charger is trash. Let's be honest.
jopp Mopp
jopp Mopp Ditë më parë
It's super trash not even that cool
kermit peck
kermit peck Ditë më parë
i like trudeau, not because hes a great guy, hes far from it and quite the opposite, the worse president of canada, because hes showing the world one speech at a time, why we all should be forever vigilant.
dixon pinfold
dixon pinfold Ditë më parë
The telephone is only dubiously a Canadian invention. The claim is vigorously disputed by Americans (if they've heard of it, which is unlikely), with good reason. Much of the device's development did in fact occur in Canada but much did not, it was patented by Bell while he was living in the US, and he didn't even manage to make it work until ten days after that. ("Mr. Watson," etc.) You can be forgiven for believing what your schoolteachers told you.
D Fresh
D Fresh Ditë më parë
.. FUNNY .... NOT !!!!!!
D Fresh
D Fresh Ditë më parë
God I Hate Your Attempts To Be. Hated The Commercial Lead For Some POS EAR BUDS. I WILL BE SURE TO NOT BUY THEM. How about trying and informative commercial rather than a stupid one?
yoppindia Ditë më parë
Queens puppy to Yankees puppet.
Jon ButzFiscina
Jon ButzFiscina Ditë më parë
I own a Bricklin SV1. Built in St. John NB.
Xander C
Xander C Ditë më parë
why would they need to R&D and make a car company, they have the jobs and no worries
Doug Browning
Doug Browning 3 orë më parë
Ford does design testing in northern Manitoba.
Alex P
Alex P Ditë më parë
Sooo what killed them?
Megabyte51 Ditë më parë
You Donut...
David Theriault
David Theriault Ditë më parë
When I heard that some of Canada’s greatest inventions were, I thought you were gonna mention snowmobiles, AT LEAST, you mentioned the hellcat thought.
Dianne Ratliff
Dianne Ratliff Ditë më parë
Did you stay the telephone? I thought that was Alexander Graham Bell and he stole it from Tesla but Canada?
3man 2 ditë më parë
The good things that come out of Brampton; Challengers and Chargers
Karl Carlsburg
Karl Carlsburg 2 ditë më parë
12:00 Ontario plates!
bob marker
bob marker 2 ditë më parë
4:20 - 1960 Buick.
Smallstudio Design
Smallstudio Design 2 ditë më parë
Diana Krall is Canadian
Allan K
Allan K 2 ditë më parë
But at the end of the day, we don’t have mainstream automakers that is Canadian brand and own, and mass produce the vehicles to make $$$. Yeah, we have smaller companies to make a few 100 cars a year if that, but the quality is not comparable to some of the Italian or German coach builders.
Smallstudio Design
Smallstudio Design 2 ditë më parë
I had a ‘64 Acadian.
Smallstudio Design
Smallstudio Design 2 ditë më parë
Cheesy ad in middle of your video? I pay for ALnets Premium ... please don’t do that again!
Mark B
Mark B 2 ditë më parë
12:06 they also make the Lexus RX as well, so PLEASE VISIT TMMC'S OFFICIAL WEBSITE FOR TRUE INFORMATION.
Mark B
Mark B 2 ditë më parë
12:03 Unfortunately, the Canadian made Toyota Corolla vehicles have ceased production last year (2019) right after this newest generation Corolla was introduced.
Shaun Cameron
Shaun Cameron 22 orë më parë
Toyota itself is not Canadian, though.
Mark B
Mark B 2 ditë më parë
Luckily, 10 out of the 13 Canadian provinces/territories have no front licence plate requirement law. Only Ontario, Manitoba and British Columbia still have a front licence plate requirement law because public safety reasons. Compared to the USA, 30 out of the 50 American states and Washington DC still have a front license plate requirement law. Only 20 other US states (including Ohio) have no front license plate requirement law.
Brett Hagey
Brett Hagey 2 ditë më parë
The UAW.
Rick Alger
Rick Alger 2 ditë më parë
I owned a 1965 Canso Acadian Sport Deluxe from 82 until 94 , came with a factory 283 and two speed auto , I changed that out for a 327 and three speed auto with a shift kit , 4 bbl , headers and multi leaf rear springs on the rear and cutdown Camaro coil springs on the front end. It would chirp rubber on the up shift from low to second her at 60 mph , I had it up to 120 mph but the whole car started to float at anything over 100 mph . The steering was a terrible ball recirculating system that had a ton of play in it. Still have pictures of it, wish I never sold it but life goes on. BTW I live in Western Canada of course .
Alexapexgod 2 ditë më parë
How Tesla not a name brand you virgin
david wan
david wan 2 ditë më parë
as the government keep their attitude to favor real estate industry, all the capital will be sucked into real estate instead of others. these are the easy and certain return that no other productions can offer
Van Th
Van Th 2 ditë më parë
🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷Canada come on 🤷🤷🤷
wowjchehwksm 2 ditë më parë
Isn't International Canadian?
MrPiPo 2 ditë më parë
We The North!!
Drew So Many Memes
Drew So Many Memes 2 ditë më parë
Just would like to say raycons sound terrible and are built mega cheap. Most fake airpods are built better. Good video though!
Pouya0820 2 ditë më parë
Canada is the best place on earth, and it’s home to the best people on earth.
Shaun Cameron
Shaun Cameron 22 orë më parë
Mustbefamous Jr
Mustbefamous Jr 2 ditë më parë
I had raycons. Now I have galaxy buds. The raycons sounded good but fell apart in a year. I bought galaxy buds plus and I've been dropping them everyday for a year and they are still like I just bought them. Plus they last like 12 hours on each charge and only take an hour to charge
Colin 2 ditë më parë
Most of the auto industry which is based in Ontario has largely American companies with some newer Japanese companies starting to manufacture in Ontario. I believe after the auto pack was signed it was the American companies that largely became dominant at least in Ontario. With the free trade pack it became possible for Japanese companies to enter the Canadian market place.
mcaddicts 2 ditë më parë
The constant need to sell off Canadian companies to the US is the reason. Always ends poorly.
Mr9Guns 2 ditë më parë
Fort Gary in Winnipeg makes some nice commercial vehicles.
ThatChannel.com 2 ditë më parë
Yaboi jmoore
Yaboi jmoore 2 ditë më parë
@2:34.... Uuuhhhhh Detroit is not in the thumb LOL
Jack Star
Jack Star 2 ditë më parë
When Nolan said a demon with a flannel trim I literally teared up. It’d be so fucking beautiful 😭
Jack Star
Jack Star Ditë më parë
@The Tooner I can only hope for the best brother 🙏
The Tooner
The Tooner Ditë më parë
Somebody, somewhere will make custom seat covers for you.
dcourteau 2 ditë më parë
your poutine image was sad :(
Jeff B
Jeff B 2 ditë më parë
My 2007 Lexus RX 350 is made in moose land
itsnotme07 2 ditë më parë
My Canada made car is awesome....2015 Lexus RX350. Some people say the Japan made ones are better, I don't see any difference.
andrew page
andrew page 2 ditë më parë
Canada doesn’t produce anything except for racist drama teacher leaders.
Mathieu Couture
Mathieu Couture 2 ditë më parë
Just a little detail... America is a continent not a country...but anyway great video with a lot of good information, thanks.
ReZolute 2 ditë më parë
0623kaboom 3 ditë më parë
gran was a canuck you are a yank NOT A CANUCK ...
Slam Jam Sam
Slam Jam Sam 3 ditë më parë
There are brands of car/motorcycle/vehicles in Canada, just not very known/unpopular to Americans. Campagna (Creators of the T-Rex three-wheeler that kicks major-ass, shown in the video.) Bombardier (multi-vehicle company, from atvs, snowmobiles up to airplanes, business is now international) Felino Corp (started by Antoine Bessette, creator of the Felino CB7, a Quebec-made incredible looking supercar. Also shown in the video.) Electra Meccanica (creator of the three-wheeled SOLO electric car, which production began in august this year) These are still alive and kicking today. There used to be many more, but like the video says, they are defunct and dead. Some of these are: Acadian (General Motors) Allard Motor Works American Motors Canada Automobiles Manic (maker of Manic GT) Bricklin Brockville Atlas Brooks Steam Motors Derby (Canadian automobile) Dupont Industries Dynasty EV( was a Canadian electric car produced by Dynasty Electric Car Corporation ) Galt Gas-Electric Gray-Dort Motors HTT Automobile Kennedy Motors Laurentian (Pontiac) McKay Motor Car Company McLaughlin Automobile Meteor (Ford) Orion International Redpath Motor Vehicle Company Russell Motor Car Company Studebaker Canada Suzuki Canada Inc. Red-Golski Motors (Windsor) Tudhope Carriage Company and ZENN Motor Company.
Aaron McLaughlin
Aaron McLaughlin 3 ditë më parë
Ehh, the telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell who was Scottish, not canadian?
Shaun Cameron
Shaun Cameron 22 orë më parë
A Scottish immigrant who used Canada as a temporary stop before eventually moving to the US where the telephone was invented.
Peter Pan
Peter Pan 3 ditë më parë
We have Bombardier
Shaun Cameron
Shaun Cameron 22 orë më parë
But it's based in Quebec, the province that English Canadians love to hate.
al tep
al tep 3 ditë më parë
Nice ending
dave schulz
dave schulz 3 ditë më parë
You didn't even mention the Bricklin . Yes and I know it was a flop .
Stéphane Chamberland
Stéphane Chamberland 3 ditë më parë
Don't forget that Ralph Gilles , from Montreal , designed the Chrysler 300 and the 2014 Doge Viper SRT !
Timothy Quinn
Timothy Quinn 3 ditë më parë
Three words: North American Unions
James Bethea
James Bethea 3 ditë më parë
If possible can you do Scot trucks?
Osiran Rebel
Osiran Rebel 3 ditë më parë
The Canadian government just invested in two new Canadian electric car Companies. The Saturn was totally engineered and designed in Canada. While they also had an electric version which smoked the porch targa with performance . I watched the demonstration on TV and with a Porch targa and Nissan 300 ZX. They both looked as though they were not even trying as the Saturn easily pulled away . I believe the year was 1996. It was also known as the GM EVI.
MEUCCI invented the telephone
marty k
marty k 3 ditë më parë
How did i not know there was a mercury truck. I live 15 min from the border. Now I have to look for one to import and restore.
Victoria Alvarez
Victoria Alvarez 3 ditë më parë
My favorite thing from Canada are their soldiers, top notch quality all round. Been side by side with USA for over a century now
Drewber710 3 ditë më parë
Jason Mazzonello
Jason Mazzonello 3 ditë më parë
This video was.. frictionless
Matthew Dobbs
Matthew Dobbs 3 ditë më parë
My Uncle had a Dodge Dart Demon back in the 70s. Both gone now RIP uncle John!
Sergeant NerfsALot
Sergeant NerfsALot Ditë më parë
Poison Politics
Poison Politics 3 ditë më parë
The U.S is the leader, Canada and Australia are the followers. Sorry offensive to some people, but that’s the fact!
maninredhelm 3 ditë më parë
I think the only remaining car brand sold globally that's based in a "small" nation is Volvo (excluding niche supercar builders). All the others are from more populous nations than Canada. I guess you could argue that South Korea is about the equivalent of Canada in at least economic size, but they found their success by racing to the bottom in prices. That'd be a difficult strategy for Canada to duplicate. Canada needed the equivalent of Tesla for a chance to break back into the industry, and ironically enough Elon Musk is half-Canadian, but he decided he wanted to be American. Also, batteries really don't like cold temperatures.
Paddy O'Furniture
Paddy O'Furniture 3 ditë më parë
Lindsay, Ontario made the best glass for old Chevy's like mine. Proof? Check out N.O.S. glass prices vs. Mexican glass candy ones.
Saksham Sharma
Saksham Sharma 3 ditë më parë
Funfact about Canada:There are more than 5 million punjabis (people who are from Punjab,India) living in Canada.
Yusuf Nasihi
Yusuf Nasihi 2 ditë më parë
The number of Punjabis in Canada is more like 700,000. The entire South Asian population of Canada is around 2 million.
Randy Hooks
Randy Hooks 3 ditë më parë
My favorite thing from Canada is by far, Rush. That you for that.
Grey Fox
Grey Fox 3 ditë më parë
Technically Ford is the Canadian car company that was forced to form in the US do to a labor demand need. Ford's backers were from the commonwealth sphere for also has a major presence in most current, and former commonwealth countries. Then add in the Windsor, Ontario engine plant to the equation as it becomes even more apparent.
Grimshaw Grummage
Grimshaw Grummage 3 ditë më parë
Canada population is about the population of california 37m. Any Canadian car company will really be viable by selling cars to that small population. Who already have plenty of choices from foreign owned vehicle brands. A Canadian car company to be profitable would need to sell cars abroad to Europe, USA and Asian which are all competitive, saturated markets
ifsck 3 ditë më parë
Entire content of the video aside, thank you guys for making a sponsor spot for watching. I still GDAF about Raycon, but I do care about your channel now after finding it through the alogrithm.
spraynpray 3 ditë më parë
Does Canada make a mass market anything?
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