Why The New Bronco Works And The New Blazer Doesn't

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Bronco hype is in full swing after Ford revealed the long-awaited sequel to the OG SUV back in July. But the Bronco isn't alone! Ford's longtime rival Chevrolet had their own SUV rehash in the Blazer over a year ago! But why didn't the Blazer create as big a splash? And why might that not matter? We're gonna find out.
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Perpetually Lost in Thought
Perpetually Lost in Thought 3 orë më parë
The Scout is an absolute beast. Had a friend get T-boned by a friggin dump truck and then drove it 5 hours home to be repaired.
Axel Torrez
Axel Torrez 4 orë më parë
They straight up ruined the blazer man it was a beast now it looks so stupid 🤦🏻‍♂️
clayton simper
clayton simper 5 orë më parë
I work in sales at a powersports dealership and I can definitively tell you that we are indeed in an offroad craze. literally can't keep offroad stuff in stock. go to a local dealership that sells offroad vehicles and you'll see for yourselves.
Omar Madrid
Omar Madrid 5 orë më parë
Aye my dad has a 1979 bronco
Nathan K
Nathan K 10 orë më parë
The whole point about the CJ5 being the first SUV is so wrong, Jeep made the first SUV and it was called the Willys Wagon, the CJ is hardly anything more than a buggy
Garry FPV
Garry FPV 12 orë më parë
1000,000 ah yes one hundred thousand
Evergreen Shogun
Evergreen Shogun 14 orë më parë
Ford Bronco video Get ads for jeep wrangler lol
Kasternon 14 orë më parë
Anyone notice the "1000,000" instead of "100,000" like they meant to put, hmmmmm
Darrian Weathington
Darrian Weathington 21 orë më parë
Nolan has a yellow shirt. Simpsons clip. Ford Broncos. Chase's. *I can feel it!* That's right... Trailblazers are back baby! Now let's all go hiking.
UselessUsur Ditë më parë
Chevy really messed up alnets.info/work/op2HgrymqIlzpo4/video.html
Bill Andersen
Bill Andersen Ditë më parë
Ford: "Smell my electric stang!" GM: "Lifetime dealership chairs complimentary with every purchase." Tesla: Inventor of the car fart.
Bot 4
Bot 4 Ditë më parë
0:41 lol not even trying
Rotax 636nut
Rotax 636nut Ditë më parë
You're a nut.. I like that
Jackson Riley
Jackson Riley Ditë më parë
"I just settled all my lawsuits, FUCK YOU CHEVYY"
Jonki Pastramki
Jonki Pastramki Ditë më parë
GM is to big business. They have long lost their soul. Ford is trying to balance soul and running a business. Dodge has to much soul and not enough business sense.
Grammar nazi
Grammar nazi 2 ditë më parë
The new blazer just looks like any other SUV on the market.
Rent Tent
Rent Tent 2 ditë më parë
You forgot the ramcharger and jimmy
Thadyboy 2 ditë më parë
RAM pickups are still waiting for a actual challenge.
Hayden Brown
Hayden Brown 2 ditë më parë
I'm a diehard bow tie guy, but those new Blazers just ain't it. Hats off to Ford for making them the right way.
Andrew McCumber
Andrew McCumber 2 ditë më parë
I'll never forgive chevrolet for turning the trailblazer into a Karenmobile
Pablo Triana II
Pablo Triana II 2 ditë më parë
I hated the marketing that I can’t skip
Nick Wilczynski
Nick Wilczynski 2 ditë më parë
Still a 'barnyard vibe' in Dearborn! I don't know what I mean by that, just wanted to say it, and I live there! Viva Dearborn!
Gravity Child
Gravity Child 2 ditë më parë
Not all the info about the history of SUVs is correct.
Aaron Kim
Aaron Kim 3 ditë më parë
Oof you miss typed 100,000
xzysyndrome 3 ditë më parë
Meh...I miss my old 70's Bronco...but I have Jeep now...and it gets me where I want to go.
MissionRestomod 3 ditë më parë
Well it’s obvious isn’t it? The new Blazer is just another soccer mom crossover.
NotGradee 3 ditë më parë
I bet that the bronco sport was gonna be what they released then they saw how bad the blazer did and threw together the badass bronco
Wardo Gangsta
Wardo Gangsta 3 ditë më parë
I really hope Dodge or Ram comes out with the Ramcharger and doesn't fuck it up
sammy8244 3 ditë më parë
3:34 over one hundred thousand huh? (1000,000)
DANIEL RICKEL 3 ditë më parë
Your a little young to know but in 1960 the horse had not completely been replaced. The interstate system wasn’t completed until the late 60’s!
ozarkprepper1 3 ditë më parë
Too bad the economy is collapsing and people cant afford clothes
Wulfleyn 3 ditë më parë
I wonder if they are making a hybrid or electric version? Just wondering cuz the country I live in gives tax breaks to people with electric vehicles.
Anhe X.
Anhe X. 4 ditë më parë
12:20 hmm Ford corvette?
Xvier mcfarts
Xvier mcfarts 4 ditë më parë
over 1000,000 built
Kyle Crowe
Kyle Crowe 4 ditë më parë
So nobody's gonna talk about the 1000,000 typo...
Julian Potter Music
Julian Potter Music 4 ditë më parë
the blazer's offroad capabilities cater to Shannon and Julia feeling quirky and driving down a dirt road at 2pm on a Friday
Marvin Chaparro-Mendez
Marvin Chaparro-Mendez 4 ditë më parë
Its interesting that Ford has the bronco and stuff and my elementary schools mascot was the broncos (a horse)
Slim USA-1
Slim USA-1 4 ditë më parë
Completely different vehicles now.. There is no comparison. Bronco is going for Big and bad.. Blazer not so much but looks good.
Nyag Sestilio
Nyag Sestilio 4 ditë më parë
Ya'll are definitely getting a Nintendo DMCA for this episode lol
Ron Ashbaugh
Ron Ashbaugh 5 ditë më parë
I would not ever buy a blazer which stinks cause I’m a Chevy guy but I would buy the bronco
Gavin V
Gavin V 5 ditë më parë
Ezekiel Morgan
Ezekiel Morgan 5 ditë më parë
Did anyone else catch the 1000,000?
Ian 5 ditë më parë
The blazer is just one more of the dozens of crossover suv things on the market where the bronco is a cool looking proper off-road car. The only comparable thing to the bronco is a Jeep Wrangler.
Abhijeet Raghuvanshi
Abhijeet Raghuvanshi 5 ditë më parë
Bronco name is enough. It sounds like something classic. While
James Grayson
James Grayson 5 ditë më parë
Dodge: let’s make something new Ford: let’s make it faster Chevy:let’s do what they did
i am useless
i am useless 5 ditë më parë
3:33 editor made a mistake in numbers lol
- Ashai -
- Ashai - 6 ditë më parë
Theres too many damn crossovers!
Nick Gnesa
Nick Gnesa 6 ditë më parë
Since you mentioned the Scout, are we ever going to get an episode about the Scout?
Wolfic10 6 ditë më parë
3:34 says over 1,000,000 built not 100,000! 😂😂😂 how does this make it past editing??😂😂😂😂
nukeurhouse12 6 ditë më parë
Hey guys, how are you? I am a salesman at Ford of Huntington, and just finished my Bronco conference. Long story short, these things are being ordered, but there is a massive list of people in line for them. Pretty much, they won't mass produce them in 2021. The good news is, as an official Ford employee. I'm allowed to pass 1 Bronco to a lucky customer. Let me know if anyone wants one! Yes I am being random....but im also from New York.
bill dursa
bill dursa 6 ditë më parë
Putting the Blazer name on that suv is a sacrilege, not even close to what comes to mind when you hear Blazer. On the other hand the E-Mustang suv is another sacrilege, just sayin.
kookycookie 6 ditë më parë
Has anyone mentioned this convertible SUV? Range Rover Evoque
Cousin Gaming
Cousin Gaming 6 ditë më parë
anyone else notices he says 100,000 but the number on the screen is 1000,000 at 3:34
Broc Beekman
Broc Beekman 6 ditë më parë
I can’t wait for the Bronco, I wanna drive it nowwwww!!!!!!!!!!😂
Cyro-Nydd 6 ditë më parë
I still love the late 80's S10s, particularly lowered and shaved. This makes them useless for off-road, but they're such gorgeous platforms for street tuning.
Samus 6 ditë më parë
Probably because the new blazer is just another of the same thing SUVs have been for the past 15 years.
Google Sux
Google Sux 6 ditë më parë
The new blazer is an equinox.
Brain Guyy
Brain Guyy 6 ditë më parë
Simple answer: the new blazer couldn’t trailblaze shit.
MrPrajitura 6 ditë më parë
damn, that OG Blazer looks so dope !
medvidekmisa 6 ditë më parë
hundred thousand - 1 000 000
Steven Myers
Steven Myers 7 ditë më parë
Chevy needs to stop trying to look like a Kia or a Hyundai and they’d captivate a bigger audience for retro platform buyers.
Ricky The Official
Ricky The Official 7 ditë më parë
3:36 you sure you guys know how to count
xFaDedColorZz 7 ditë më parë
Need the trailblazer ss
Roger Edwards
Roger Edwards 7 ditë më parë
Why hasn’t dodge made something like the bronco
Chance Romance
Chance Romance 7 ditë më parë
Video starts at 3:01
Murray Halbert
Murray Halbert 7 ditë më parë
Being older than dirt, I am going to throw this out there. The International scout was the ULTIMATE utility vehicle, a bullet proof torque monster and a little fuel hungry 345cu in. Had that engine been developed now????
Caden York
Caden York 7 ditë më parë
Bronco vs new Hummer?
David Smith
David Smith 7 ditë më parë
Ha, crazy. My grandmother rolled a bronco turning a corner at a stop light at nominal speeds and got a new car and some savings from one of the settlements.
The Top Hat Gentleman
The Top Hat Gentleman 7 ditë më parë
Fords still have the aluminum corrosion problem in 2020 so I'll wait and see. The "blazer" is not a Blazer! My first car was a 1998 Chevrolet Blazer ZR2, that was a real Blazer...now....such a disappoint Chevy. I like my Jeep gladiator but I dont like the defective radios they keep selling with no fix amongst other small issues. Under 10k miles btw. Now FCA is merging with Peugeot and I can see the already not great quality will go down even farther....come on Chevy! Build a body on frame off roader!
Myles Hardeman
Myles Hardeman 7 ditë më parë
I respect the grind but why we putting mid-rolls in the middle of ad reads 😒
Itznun Yabizness
Itznun Yabizness 7 ditë më parë
Chevy made the same mistake with the blazer that Jeep did with the new cherokees. Made them look and perform like a RAV-4, without the durability and reliability... Their appeal is limited to chicks going off to college for the first time. The Bronco looks like a man's vehicle.
Paul Cyr
Paul Cyr 8 ditë më parë
Blazer = dumb camaro 4 door Trailblazer = Nissan Kick rebadge
MrRogue 8 ditë më parë
Love that you say 100,000 but it says 1000,000. 3:32
Reid Ruh
Reid Ruh 8 ditë më parë
12:55 is that auto tune on “LOTS?”
Payton Daino
Payton Daino 8 ditë më parë
The trailblazer was an excellent SUV though
The Boot
The Boot 8 ditë më parë
I’ll consider subscribing next time
Jose Sa
Jose Sa 9 ditë më parë
Good video bro.i watched twice now.lol
Yomom12388 9 ditë më parë
My grandpa bought a Murano convertible and his is literally the only one I have ever seen.
Ida Bagus Abhivandya Dwipa
Ida Bagus Abhivandya Dwipa 9 ditë më parë
its fine if the new blazer is dum, i still like it
Zoom 9 ditë më parë
The new blazer is a great car but it certainly doesn't deserve it's name
Gonzalez Javier
Gonzalez Javier 9 ditë më parë
ford copyed the jeep with the doors
Keeper Nybbas
Keeper Nybbas 9 ditë më parë
Woaahhhh they built 1000,000 of em??????
A’Real Trucker
A’Real Trucker 9 ditë më parë
I swear a room full of 65 year old women designed that blazer
Garrett Polhamus
Garrett Polhamus 9 ditë më parë
3:33 thats one thousand thousand
jason engelbrecht
jason engelbrecht 9 ditë më parë
whats up
mrabudi1 9 ditë më parë
guys in the 50s jumping off ramps and driving pretty fast over a tree stump while wearing business suits and no seatbelts.
Jason Jones
Jason Jones 10 ditë më parë
K5 blazer would be nice
Cole Giesbrecht
Cole Giesbrecht 10 ditë më parë
i just wanna put 240z mirrors on the new bronco
Boggesh Zahim
Boggesh Zahim 10 ditë më parë
People like me want SUVs that are capable and not just large 4 wheel drive cars with no ground clearance
Nicholas Russell
Nicholas Russell 10 ditë më parë
I personally don't like the new bronco. I'm just going to take the 1983 bronco a family member is gonna give me when I turn 18.
John Vasquez
John Vasquez 10 ditë më parë
Those earbuds suck
John Vasquez
John Vasquez 10 ditë më parë
It's cause chevy sucks
———NITRO——— 10 ditë më parë
In my opinion the Blazer is the most OG off-roaders ever. Besides the international scout xD
Chanthon Chhea
Chanthon Chhea 10 ditë më parë
The best-selling cars and SUVs in the United States in 2019(based on unit sales) Passenger cars Sport utility vehicles Toyota RAV4-448,068 Honda CR-V-384,168 Nissan Rogue-350,447 Chevrolet Equinox-346,049 Toyota Camry-336,978 Honda Civic-325,650 Toyota Corolla-304,850 Honda Accord-267,567 Jeep Grand Cherokee-242,969 Toyota Highlander-239,437 Jeep Wrangler-228,042 Nissan Altima-209,183 Ford Explorer-187,061
Dragon Gaming
Dragon Gaming 10 ditë më parë
3:34 nolan said 100 000 but it showed 1 milion
Sydney Reid200890
Sydney Reid200890 10 ditë më parë
6:50 I see what you did there 😂
Plazma Foxx
Plazma Foxx 10 ditë më parë
I like the new bronco but the lights in the front and the blazer looks good but they should of went with an off-road design
Vinz Ilan
Vinz Ilan 10 ditë më parë
Trailblazer is famous in southeast Asia. It didnt die after 2009 at all
Joseph Wolcott
Joseph Wolcott 11 ditë më parë
Pretty funny in lifestyle segment
Harper Taylor
Harper Taylor 11 ditë më parë
Or pt
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