DROP TESTING a $65 Roll Bar

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4 muaj më parë

Thanks to CSR2 for sponsoring today’s episode. CLICK THIS LINK (bit.ly/Donut_CSR2_YT ) to download the app and join in on the Hyper real drag racing fun in the American Road Trip Event!
The Miata was overdue for a roll bar, so this week we’ll install a SICK built-to-order rollbar in the Money Pit Miata. We took the opportunity to compare it against a $65 “roll bar” and do some highly scientific testing with our friends at The BlackOut Garage!
BlackOut: alnets.info/work/e6hmgdCXvYlklqw/video.html

Money Pit is where you get to learn about cars as we work on them. Each ep we’ll breakdown how each component works and then we’ll upgrade it. Join us in our journey to build cool cars, learn about them, and drive the crap out of them!
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The Gumout Channel
The Gumout Channel 4 muaj më parë
We used to like to think at the BlackOut Garage we had mad forklift skills. Guess we'll have to work on that. Glad the second try was a success!
Nicholas Marc
Nicholas Marc 5 ditë më parë
@craqjiwRBLX Ee
Billy boi
Billy boi 3 muaj më parë
@Jassa chan you're unfortunately what?
Jassa chan
Jassa chan 3 muaj më parë
You’d have to lose against my unfortunately... 😂
Billy boi
Billy boi 4 muaj më parë
I have some amazing biking skills
craqjiwRBLX 4 muaj më parë
Can Sak
Can Sak 10 orë më parë
So does that nissan forklift count as a jdm car?
MrBossMan1898 3 ditë më parë
I mean, they didn’t do a drop test with the real Miata sooo.... lol
Kevin Acosta
Kevin Acosta 5 ditë më parë
$RIP$ .
Brannon Hancock
Brannon Hancock 6 ditë më parë
is.... is zach adam cole's brother? cousin?
moto life
moto life 7 ditë më parë
back ground music?
Michael Dean
Michael Dean 8 ditë më parë
the $65 roll bar looks like one of those bike stands in front of a building
layne travis
layne travis 9 ditë më parë
Zach, you are great in following your stuff a lot just if the roll bars made from carbon then the feeling will be less heavy but with enough material..so..))keep up the great work you are doing!
slug buddy
slug buddy 9 ditë më parë
2:15 I kinda want that Rusty Wallace nascar in the back
Andrei Ștefan
Andrei Ștefan 10 ditë më parë
My mom played csr 1 back a few years ago
Mátyás Hajnik
Mátyás Hajnik 11 ditë më parë
Guy lifts a car up in the air with a pulley, suspended by a forklift and the rope is pulled to the side of the forklift, int the direction where it is the least stable... All this just to show us how to install a rollbar for safety 😂
Adam Shaeen
Adam Shaeen 11 ditë më parë
The 65 dollar one broke the earth
Lukáš Procházka
Lukáš Procházka 12 ditë më parë
hi guys, what's the name of the music from 4:12? Thank you
Stefan Mindru
Stefan Mindru 13 ditë më parë
11: 39 -Zack shakes the Miata. This jus looked funny. ahahha
John Rodriguez
John Rodriguez 14 ditë më parë
Lmao i saw the license plate
John Rodriguez
John Rodriguez 14 ditë më parë
Its litterally in one frame
Tjoala 17 ditë më parë
California 7KVC503. Editors need to double-check thier work before uploading. Great video though 👍
Mathieu Pivin
Mathieu Pivin 22 ditë më parë
Can anyone on earth tell me what the background music is
Joshua Hurmiz
Joshua Hurmiz 23 ditë më parë
7:50 that's what she said
Ben Bravis
Ben Bravis 24 ditë më parë
Multiple osha manuals spontaneously combusted in the making of this video
Prod. SlapHappy
Prod. SlapHappy 26 ditë më parë
14:32 Me when I show my boss the thing I just broke
RVA Motorsports
RVA Motorsports 26 ditë më parë
Pretty confident this is one of your most pointless videos. Calling a “style bar” a “roll bar” doesn’t make it a roll bar, but watching y’all pull that forklift over was pretty entertaining non the less.
cameron 26 ditë më parë
cameron 26 ditë më parë
adamdabester 27 ditë më parë
why not wrap the parts of the roll bar near your head in foam?
ThatGuyAnt 27 ditë më parë
I can’t focus on the video because I just keep thinking about how badly I want those Rusty Wallace cars in the background.
Joe Joseph
Joe Joseph 28 ditë më parë
You own a freaking Ambulance? That would make such a cool RV. And it would have so much storage.
Thomas Robards
Thomas Robards 29 ditë më parë
Drop is at 16:36
Unwrenchable 29 ditë më parë
Can I buy the free Miata
Dylan Brown
Dylan Brown Muaj më parë
Saw the “roll bar” on a Miata just minutes after finishing this video. Had to laugh.
Cody Hennings
Cody Hennings Muaj më parë
1:37 “you think the cheap one will work?” “No it will break” chair: let me show how.
Michael Saxonson
Michael Saxonson Muaj më parë
"There goes the stool"
Chris Sr.
Chris Sr. Muaj më parë
I called the fork lift fail. They have NO downward force. Speaking from experience!
Matt’s Gaming Center
Matt’s Gaming Center Muaj më parë
You can still fit the soft top over the bar, right? Asking for my Miata
Ybk Guav
Ybk Guav Muaj më parë
$60 roll bar ? Nah jus a bike rack 😂
santi Muaj më parë
why's no one taking about the nice nissan at 15:43
The Book of Lab
The Book of Lab Muaj më parë
that roll bar would actually save ur life its better than going straigt flat against the road so quit being dramatic ur annoying af legit everyone at donut is more personable than this guy
The Book of Lab
The Book of Lab Muaj më parë
the bolts will snap on both of those the second you roll stfu idiot
Sopuru Vincent
Sopuru Vincent Muaj më parë
Zach is adding weight... stool could not carry him... Lol
alf alfa
alf alfa Muaj më parë
but is a roll bar cheaper than a funeral?
dmfool21 Muaj më parë
OSHA nothing to see here
Joseph Muaj më parë
It appears the chains you are using are not rated for overhead lifting.
sanjayagaming 723
sanjayagaming 723 Muaj më parë
The freeota is better than the rollbar
SheepTrees Muaj më parë
Please get a couple pads for that roll bar you can't control whether someone taps you from behind at a stop light and that could give you or your passenger a concussion or worse.
Trainzguy2472 Muaj më parë
So that's why forklifts have roll cages...
Stian Nygaard
Stian Nygaard Muaj më parë
You guys might want to censor the license plate a bit better it is totally visbal.
terachip Muaj më parë
If only you had an actual mechanical engineer on staff instead of that clown Jeremiah, they could have done the math to make sure the forklift wouldn't have tipped over.
Tunerz ツ
Tunerz ツ Muaj më parë
i learned more from donut media then my whole time in school
Blake Robinson
Blake Robinson Muaj më parë
My only gripe with roll bars is that they can affect rear view visibility
Michael R.
Michael R. Muaj më parë
The mystical day of September 31st (1:19)
Quillan Crowe
Quillan Crowe Muaj më parë
I really appreciate what donut media as a whole does and I've really liked money pit but this episode just didn't feel like a money pit episode.
BLACKM3SA Muaj më parë
Two people that shouldn't own a forklift lol.
Joshua Hole
Joshua Hole Muaj më parë
Great video! Can we get bloopers!!! That would be a blessing. I can't wait to see all the funny little skits and mess ups that happen hahah
aphaileeja 2 muaj më parë
16:29 Is everybody good lol
Christopher Colson
Christopher Colson 2 muaj më parë
Donut is like the Lanyachtz of cars
MrButtHurt 2 muaj më parë
Just duck down if you flip your miata 😂
Cuvtixo D
Cuvtixo D 2 muaj më parë
Lesson learned: don't drive a Miata!
Darth Vortex
Darth Vortex 2 muaj më parë
the license plate is 7kvc503 btw
Jesse Woodward
Jesse Woodward 2 muaj më parë
Now drop yours
shugga leaf
shugga leaf 2 muaj më parë
I'm so glad that chair broke I hope they see that & MAKE THEM the same hight but 2X the radius.... & 2X the bulkyness for sturdiness and comfort! This lil thing harbor freight or cheep roller chair brand needs to be called out... they make crap
Nolan Ryan
Nolan Ryan 2 muaj më parë
But... if the roll bar were to be in a more realistic wreck with forward motion it wouldnt bend forward it would bent backward opposite of the fasteners giving it more stability
Nolan Ryan
Nolan Ryan 2 muaj më parë
In theory
LNG Killz
LNG Killz 2 muaj më parë
I thought you had to drop the gas tank
ASSEM YEHIYA 2 muaj më parë
when are you getting new seats?
noah villalpando
noah villalpando 2 muaj më parë
"The last dab" a first we feast quote
Yuppi 2 muaj më parë
You could also install some padding on the bar to protect head slightly. Probably not massively impactful in an accident, but in an everyday life. In the drop test you'd kinda wanna know if the cheapo bar would hold if you installed a support beam, or if it'd bend out of shape. Slow mo camera would be perfect for that test. Just to know if the original cheap bar is decent but lacking in design, or if it's just bad all over.
Emiliano Gaytan
Emiliano Gaytan 2 muaj më parë
What roll bar did he get for his miata
noelsnotes 2 muaj më parë
Is the Miata a high or low car?
Tobias Bennett
Tobias Bennett 2 muaj më parë
The cheap roll bar does look like an item from IKEA to be fair
Unknown quantity Slowly searching reality
Unknown quantity Slowly searching reality 2 muaj më parë
Spray clear laquer to protect bare metal so you don't have to worry about over spray as you can't see it
John McMillan
John McMillan 2 muaj më parë
You'd be much safer releasing that load using a Sea Catch release (www.seacatch.com) which is designed specifically to release lines or objects under load.
Chris Koch
Chris Koch 2 muaj më parë
I rolled my miata without a roll bar.... worst day of my life so far. I got pushed up a telephone pole guide wire by a dump truck that didn’t see me, I slammed on the brakes and thankfully rolled slow enough that it didn’t completely flatten everything. I had a Bosch work radio in the passenger seat and it fell out of the car and the trunk trim piece landed on the radio keeping my head from being, well you know, gone. I also stuck my feet behind the pedals and sucked my self in under the dash as far as I could get. Had a bad bruise on my stomach from landing on the steering wheel and a little scrape on my arm. God protected me that day for sure. That was three years ago, Now it’s almost an Exocet, can’t wait to get it back out on the road.
cgreen339 2 muaj më parë
I wish someone would help me. Someone: -goes to help- them: I GOT IT! DONT TOUCH NOTHIN!
PhoenixSAV_23 2 muaj më parë
what’s funny is that csr two still has the event going on
Dan Smulders
Dan Smulders 2 muaj më parë
Man if a forklift tipped over in Canada in an industrial area, the Ministry of Labour would be there before you could say “oh fuck” and you’d all be in jail for 25 years, plus god knows how many fines.
Dan Smulders
Dan Smulders 2 muaj më parë
Dope s4 in the backyard! Hope you’re working on that soon, had one back in the day, loved that car so much.
Summerly Sauce
Summerly Sauce 2 muaj më parë
I like how casual they are about the lift falling over
Eyaz Rehman
Eyaz Rehman 2 muaj më parë
Press F to pay your respects to the forklift.
Joseph Carlos
Joseph Carlos 2 muaj më parë
Cheokhang Chao
Cheokhang Chao 2 muaj më parë
The doors play a HUGH part when it comes to convertible windshield rigidity
PearBear HD
PearBear HD 2 muaj më parë
This is going to end up being a home made super car Miata
Derek St. Gelais
Derek St. Gelais 2 muaj më parë
Well at least the fork lift didn't reach the truck and leave a lil scratch., haha.
Echo Noodle
Echo Noodle 2 muaj më parë
bike rack
x9x9x9x9x9 2 muaj më parë
I legit think that cheap roll bar with better mounting would do better than you might think. If only it has been a $69 roll bar with 6 extra bolts. I am curious about it though if mounted properly. If it still fails would an extra mm thickness in the tubing wall help? Damn I wish I did destructive testing for shit like this.
Iccy Bxnz
Iccy Bxnz 2 muaj më parë
now do ur car lmao
Alex Lane
Alex Lane 2 muaj më parë
16:30 what you came to see... That's a quarter hour I just saved you
Davis Decker
Davis Decker 2 muaj më parë
6:12 anyone else hear that?😂
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler 2 muaj më parë
4:13 bro I can see your license plate is 7RVC503
Gary The Cycling Nerd
Gary The Cycling Nerd 2 muaj më parë
There's a reason they call those hoop style "roll bars" mouse traps.
J O 2 muaj më parë
Who else saw the GoodYear blimp ???
Josh Nathan
Josh Nathan 2 muaj më parë
OSHA has entered the chat room......
Brad ൠ
Brad ൠ 2 muaj më parë
Bring Back Bids Barto @BidsBarto #BidsBarto
Emanuel Quintero
Emanuel Quintero 2 muaj më parë
Oh to have such a nice garage with all the tools needed to make projects easy 🤟
Dgisch 2 muaj më parë
mine has the shape of the cheap one but doesnt look cheap and doesnt move an inch it was pre installed so idk if it holds
TrophyMaster 2 muaj më parë
I think that the car will fall
Webster Ilderis
Webster Ilderis 2 muaj më parë
6:51 I see what you did there.
Gregory R
Gregory R 2 muaj më parë
Bahaha, the company that sent you the cheap "roll bar", basically, just sent you a bicycle rack for the front your neighborhood grocery store
Spartemex 2 muaj më parë
Donut turning into topgear I love it
Brian Ramirez
Brian Ramirez 2 muaj më parë
Zach: "Alright, that's The Last Dab." *Sean Evans would like to know your location*
Solar Husky
Solar Husky 3 muaj më parë
Does it matter if the cheap "roll bar" bends? It was already lower than the head while sitting. Even solid as a rock, it wouldn't protect anything
Arbiter099 3 muaj më parë
6:51 so now that we've finished the hot wings, isn't this the part where you drink milk and plug your social media?
angelo starzi
angelo starzi 3 muaj më parë
Ohhh so We just not gonna Drop money pit ?
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