Does a BIGGER Radiator Actually Do Anything?

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Last time we took the Miata to the track we ran into so many cooling issues! So we decided it was time to get rid of the old crappy radiator and old cooling bits in order to stop the overheating problems! We went with all the best bits from Flyin’ Miata, BUT upgrading your radiator with the fanciest thing out there might not be the best move for YOUR car. Today we are revamping the entire cooling system on the Miata and talking how to effectively keep your car cool!
Thanks to Flyin’ Miata for sending us all these sick cooling parts!
Fan and Shroud
Coolant Reroute

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Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 2 ditë më parë
With the new thermostat location and the temp sensor. Aren't you just measuring the temp of the coolant that is coming from the rad? AM I wrong? I'm probably wrong.
Andrew Sokolowski
Andrew Sokolowski 2 ditë më parë
This reminds me of when our window AC unit kept freezing over so I spent 4 hours cleaning and straightening the fins on the damn thing.
Tonio 2 ditë më parë
Bam! No more overheating for you at the track or while being stuck in traffic on a hot day. Now you'll be able to flog it all u want. That's a sick kit u put in. Great install video too, there's always a hiccup, every time.
Zach Nun
Zach Nun 3 ditë më parë
I love your enthusiasm while starting a coolant reroute lol
Hanks Valera
Hanks Valera 4 ditë më parë
You see rust but don't do a flush or new hoses etc? Confucius says...."I'm confiushed!"
Major Disaster
Major Disaster 4 ditë më parë
id love to see the modelling on those flaps. I bet its indistinguishable without them as the fan when on will also open them.
Bry Thomas
Bry Thomas 7 ditë më parë
2 part comment. 1) I’m sure someone else has said it in the other 3000 comments but this video doesn’t show up in the money pit playlist. 2) I freakin love donut media
Dima Yakubov
Dima Yakubov 7 ditë më parë
Turbo is a great oil woamer that most likely requires an oil cooler, at least if you track it :)
Samuel Brewer
Samuel Brewer 8 ditë më parë
That wiring made me cringe. The moment he was running his hot to the alternator, I wanted to cry.
Gg Rae
Gg Rae 9 ditë më parë
Good advice I live in Florida and we change our fluids every 3 or 4 years just to be sure not to mention the thermostat and the radiator cap. Many overheating problems are caused by bad thermostat and/or radiator cap
Christopher Miller
Christopher Miller 11 ditë më parë
What about rain water dude
Sanjay Antonito
Sanjay Antonito 11 ditë më parë
That r6 though
Eshetu 12 ditë më parë
How long untill Amazon buys the whole Donut Media thing? This show is embarrassingly better than any other car show out there.
Joseph Welch
Joseph Welch 12 ditë më parë
Yea I'm not into Miatas but this show is hella dope!!
CodFish Strangler
CodFish Strangler 12 ditë më parë
Is there any way I could get the donut logo bouncing around download so I can use it for my infotainment system
Shane Mouton
Shane Mouton 12 ditë më parë
you guys are awesome man! i would say between you and James and Science Garage thats about 80% of what I watch these days! thank you for your awesome content!
Oompa’s V card
Oompa’s V card 14 ditë më parë
Josh Nichter
Josh Nichter 14 ditë më parë
Asian vehicle” on the antifreeze bottle 🤦🏻‍♂️
MorreRacing Team
MorreRacing Team 14 ditë më parë
I putted snow into my cooler when i didnt have water with me, worked like a dream.
Zakary Moninger
Zakary Moninger 15 ditë më parë
I almost missed this episode because it isn't in the Money Pit playlist!
Moisés Bolaños
Moisés Bolaños 15 ditë më parë
Ohhhh thank god! At the beginning I was shocked and sincerely kind a gross out that he was installing that radiator with all those bent fins, then he straighten those out and ohhhhh the relive.
Allen Wang
Allen Wang 16 ditë më parë
lol @ Asian vehicles
E O N 18 ditë më parë
Was that a Pentax Spotmatic I spotted on the counter?
Idella Park
Idella Park 18 ditë më parë
"not one of the sexiest mods" well not beeing able to do a single lap is also not very sexy so imo a cooling upgrade is maximum sexy ^^
Idella Park
Idella Park 18 ditë më parë
We are waiting for the DiY "is a LS swap worth it" video.
Mark Crews
Mark Crews 19 ditë më parë
your neighbors got a prius 🤮
ThreeDaysOfDan 20 ditë më parë
I'm still laughing this dude paid money for that joke oil cooler he put in his car , my rx-7 has a stock oil cooler four times the size.. and its not exactly amazing either
StormCloud 20 ditë më parë
As a computer nerd, cooling systems are sexy as hell, cooling means overclocking, overclocking means more powah
Tyler Rockefeller
Tyler Rockefeller 21 ditë më parë
You should actually put a turbo in it
moogle 22 ditë më parë
Months. And still no turbo. When Zach, When? We need that boost
XtremeV2 23 ditë më parë
Jesus, you got a video between your ads
heyou 24 ditë më parë
Does your harnas do anything if you don't have a helmet tensioning cable to your head?
Pedro Moreira
Pedro Moreira 24 ditë më parë
Just say fuck it and drop a 2JZ/RB26 on it
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 24 ditë më parë
Wheres your merch?!
Anton Maranto
Anton Maranto 25 ditë më parë
I was replacing my battery today on my nd1 launch edition just after watching this, and I noticed it had flaps in the rad shroud!
Jyotkanwal Bhambra
Jyotkanwal Bhambra 25 ditë më parë
Do a garage tour
Dee10 26 ditë më parë
forgot to cycle the heater core
Will Wagner
Will Wagner 27 ditë më parë
“Don’t use tap water, just use distilled” gets flashbacks of filling my S10 up with a garden hose
Monstertruck 21 ditë më parë
Why did you copy the older comment above and give yourself a like?
Civic Fanboys
Civic Fanboys 27 ditë më parë
What if it was super chargered and turbo at the same time ‘ is that even done before
Luis Hernandez
Luis Hernandez 27 ditë më parë
We are tired of the miata don't you have another ( more powerful ) car? you are like Scotty Kilmer Claiming the Toyota Celica is Far Superior in Engineering than any other car. Also you can not conclude things for all cars if the test is only done in one.
KC H18
KC H18 27 ditë më parë
I wouldn't trust mixing that old GREEN coolant that was clearly still in the engine block, with that blue asian coolant you put in it. In my experience, bad things happen over time (like very pre-mature water pump failures). Those two coolants use different chemicals for corrosion protection, and a lot of times they create an acidic by product when you mix them, that can destroy parts of your cooling system (water pump, or even worst case cause a head gasket failure). IMO you should always FLUSH out your entire cooling system with water if you are changing the base coolant to a different product. You NEVER know how the different additives will react with one another, despite manufacturer claims of compatibility. There, now that's something you know too.
Thinker101 28 ditë më parë
Are you like The Deep? You have so many fins.
Nathaniel Feldman
Nathaniel Feldman 28 ditë më parë
" new heater core hoses " -40c canadian winters 35 year hoses would like to know your location mr California Texas
James Mancuso
James Mancuso 28 ditë më parë
Sure antifreeze helps with lubrication and corrosion but that isn't the main purpose. When mixed with water it changes freezing and boiling point. Water freezes at 32°F and boils around 212°F and you never want either boiling or frozen coolant. The higher the antifreeze ratio then it freezes at a lower temp and boils at a higher temp.
megadestroyer454 Muaj më parë
All the tension in my body released when he said he was gonna straighten all the bent fins in the new radiator.
Hans Lidlwagen
Hans Lidlwagen Muaj më parë
In my place, people think you don't need thermostats since the country is already hot. When your car overheats, the first thing a mechanic would say is to remove the thermostat.
David Collis
David Collis Muaj më parë
Rust residue in your cooling system IS abnormal. It indicates corrosion which is from a lack of maintenance. Did you drain the block as well? You want as much new coolant as possible. Put some water wetter also. That will help the heat transfer. Good luck with your project.
Kegsta Muaj më parë
Chris Muaj më parë
13:47 why you... y’all could’ve made the box hit the corner perfectly but noooooo 😡😂
itsSt0rmy Muaj më parë
I'm going to be so sad when the miata is full custom😓
npbevo Muaj më parë
Do you ever find out what was causing the fuse to blow? What the bigger problem was?
DG PUNISHER Muaj më parë
You look stupid without your beard 🤔. Kinda look a bit like Hitler 😂
Wesley Mann
Wesley Mann Muaj më parë
Lots can be said about radiator size but one misled is thinking more radiator rows equal greater cooling. In fact fin size is much better way. A two row radiator with 1" tubes is better than a 3/4 row that have 3/8"tubes
GoblinPhreak Muaj më parë
"only use distilled water" meanwhile your local shop will 100% grab water from the fucking sink, because aint no business wasting money on distilled water when you are using antifreeze to begin with.
Dane Shipway
Dane Shipway Muaj më parë
I understand what your theory about using the shroud is but I thoroughly believe they will make absolutely no diference as there won't be enough wind force to push them thoroughly open and when at idle having them open would effect nothing
jackie chan
jackie chan Muaj më parë
who the hell put a thermostat on a track car you have to remove that
phreak Muaj më parë
New Bodykit nxxt?
Mr J
Mr J Muaj më parë
Great informative video , today I learned something
jasrod2012 Muaj më parë
This Zach Jobe guy is pretty legit. I wonder how long these installs actually take him.
Erik Schiegg
Erik Schiegg Muaj më parë
I'm actually looking for a BIG radiator. For my liquid cooled computer.
James Rogers
James Rogers Muaj më parë
Wonder if deionized water would be better?
bonob0123 Muaj më parë
Was this video before or after the Miata overheated on the racetrack?
YAJY ` Muaj më parë
Wheres the space for the intercooler
Psyk Zeus
Psyk Zeus Muaj më parë
his hair in the second half reminded me of the old Paul Walker in F&F
philip dias
philip dias Muaj më parë
Add some purple ice additive
Brendon L
Brendon L Muaj më parë
Did you use a high flow or standard thermostat?
Rave Muaj më parë
Actually, good cooling makes more hp.
kol257 Muaj më parë
Hey guys this video is not added to the moneypit playlist , just a heads up
Ma Rt
Ma Rt Muaj më parë
Shouldn’t flying Miata sponsor money pit
Christopher Sikora
Christopher Sikora Muaj më parë
Hey Zack i know your a very busy guy but i have a question for you and i cant find an option to send you a private message if by the grace of God you see this please respond to me so you can tell me where to send my question, i understand if you dont see this knowing you get probably 100s of questions a day anyway appreciate you either way thnx
Dan Cliffton
Dan Cliffton Muaj më parë
lmao the coolant litterally says "asian vehicle"
N C Muaj më parë
Hurts to much to see a new radiator with dents
Pablo Tejeda
Pablo Tejeda Muaj më parë
this episode is not in the playlist
Traian GRINEA Muaj më parë
Someone said the donut dress code is a merch shirt, straight cut slim jeans and vans and no wi can't unsee it
Emin Muradov
Emin Muradov Muaj më parë
This car is slowly turning into a Lamborgine
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Muaj më parë
This guy is really just getting all the parts he wants for his project car paid for AND getting paid for working on it
Ultimate XLR-8
Ultimate XLR-8 Muaj më parë
Money Pit always motivates me to work on my money pits
WillFulForza Muaj më parë
Me and my dad are having troubles with our 69 firebird
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Muaj më parë
Can’t wait for every Wednesday!
Chris H
Chris H Muaj më parë
Water dose not work nearly as well at coolant. Who wires a high amp fan to the altenator?? Didn't your father teach you hold the jugs sideways when pouring!
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Muaj më parë
your car up to the registry list here on any of the rotary forums!
Sebastian Muaj më parë
signontheline1 Muaj më parë
He farted at 12:35...
signontheline1 Muaj më parë
@seeni gzty But he farted though!
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Muaj më parë
Just FYI this episode isn’t in the money pit folder
btvbrndn Muaj më parë
This guy is really just getting all the parts he wants for his project car paid for AND getting paid for working on it
Cliff P
Cliff P Muaj më parë
Why is the fluid in the back hose green and he putting blue in it? Can blue mix with green? I was told to try and never mixcolors?
Dylan Slocombe
Dylan Slocombe Muaj më parë
Is that an R33 GTR in the background at the beginning???
Blue Thumb
Blue Thumb Muaj më parë
Why was there a wheel chair in the driveway?
Adin Briggs
Adin Briggs Muaj më parë
You have control over the bouncing Donut screen saver and you didn't make it go into the corner!? Why?!
julio ventura
julio ventura Muaj më parë
Going for that Paul walker look huh
James Muaj më parë
Holy shit is that James
Ramiro Martinez
Ramiro Martinez Muaj më parë
Can't wait to see the miata wit mo powa baby # turbo time
Rowan Arthur
Rowan Arthur Muaj më parë
i know a turbo is on the cards buuuuuuuut how about a does ITBS actually do anything
Frederick Dmax&vlog
Frederick Dmax&vlog Muaj më parë
When are you gonna put turbo on this car?
Manuel Bou
Manuel Bou Muaj më parë
Throw that coolant away and replace it with the pink toyota coolant. Its the best in every aspect. Cooling, longevity and heat transferring. Also a cooler thermostat won't make the engine run cooler. Itll just open earlier. Every engine will, like you said: find its operating temp. The one factor that can affect it is your radiator cooling more than OE spec
Joe Maddox
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daniel b
daniel b Muaj më parë
Honestly at this flying Miata should just sponsor donut media
0MindSwept0 Muaj më parë
9:47 what about your hoes? Keepo 18:48 that cooling system is a metaphor for life, the best things aren’t like *that* .. >.> 19:19 that old cooling system description though LUL
Claire Stephenson
Claire Stephenson Muaj më parë
Just FYI this episode isn’t in the money pit folder
Henrik Knudsen
Henrik Knudsen Muaj më parë
Hi I would love to see this on a non Big Tech platform. Please.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Muaj më parë
"not one of the sexiest mods" well not beeing able to do a single lap is also not very sexy so imo a cooling upgrade is maximum sexy ^^
Ah Leh
Ah Leh Muaj më parë
U should link the science garage video for more reference info about parts..
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