$400 Light Kit vs. $1200 Light Kit

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Can cheap swag flex on expensive swag???
We’ve compared coilovers, brakes, wheels, tires, seats, turbo kits! And now we’re adding some mods that aren’t necessarily improving the car’s PERFORMANCE. BUT when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good you drive good. At least that is what we're hoping.
Today we are installing the MOST IMPORTANT part of any build, especially a performance build! We are talking lights, the type that make cars look hard. Hi Car is getting some crazy LED tail lights, some XK Glow RGB LED headlights, and underglow that they can control with their phone.
Low car is getting some certified eBay garbage headlights, tail lights, and some ridiculously cheap underglows. And that’s it!
We’ll see how nicely all of this stuff installs, and how it looks. THEN, we’ll hit the streets and get the publics’ opinion.
Can the cheap stuff flex as hard as the expensive parts?

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Arty Wright
Arty Wright 17 orë më parë
I thought it was illegal to have any different colour light on ur cae
R6 God
R6 God Ditë më parë
See how he didn’t say black when his car is black
Nite Lite
Nite Lite Ditë më parë
Try eighteen decillion.
Izat R. Mintoutou
Izat R. Mintoutou Ditë më parë
13:50 This is why I love this channel kkkkkkkkk
baker1231 2 ditë më parë
Cannot wait to see the Tacoma hi/lo series. This has been my favorite series to follow on youtube ever.
Justin Stirrett
Justin Stirrett 4 ditë më parë
Do trucks nexttttttt
Frosti Gamer
Frosti Gamer 4 ditë më parë
I customize my bike 🚲 like this 😎
Chris Priestley
Chris Priestley 4 ditë më parë
Too bad they didn't show the main appeal of the xkglow underglow lights: waterproof, higher heat resistant, and expandable. Cheap kits die fast under a car or on a motorcycle. But I'm curious of those headlight color change ones, if they're suitable for regular use. Most LED headlight kits blow even in projectors...
Muhammad Mallick
Muhammad Mallick 6 ditë më parë
i literally loved every minute of the series and finishing off with lights was like the best move they could've made
Kaspar Strugar
Kaspar Strugar 6 ditë më parë
PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER SEASON... and don’t mess up the turbo’s this time 😂😂 maybe don’t get a janky single turbo for lo car lol love the series
Wolf753 6 ditë më parë
Orange under glow would look sick on low car with it’s color
Vinh Nguyễn
Vinh Nguyễn 8 ditë më parë
I hope they do this again with different common cars - WRX - EVO and so on
Perksy 8 ditë më parë
I got a MoneyPit Ad...
F1ibraaa 8 ditë më parë
In love with these cars 😍
KlintonMcD 9 ditë më parë
I love everything you guys do. You guys really help inspire and motivate me and make working and and loving your car seem fun. Total fan boy over here, not ashamed to admit it. Keep up the awesome work!
larson beez
larson beez 9 ditë më parë
James Hernandez
James Hernandez 11 ditë më parë
This might be stupid but for some reason I see some captain price on James’s face
Nate Grossman
Nate Grossman 11 ditë më parë
Its great my soundcloud is yung steezy
Extrabonless 11 ditë më parë
4:57 low key thought he said HIV and I died
Poke Scott
Poke Scott 11 ditë më parë
Next you should get a cheap car and put expensive accessories on it and an expensive car and put cheap accessories on it
Takumi Fujiwara
Takumi Fujiwara 11 ditë më parë
9:27 we just gonna ignore that???
So to speak
So to speak 13 ditë më parë
The BEST thing on ALnets, keep her lit guys!
Gary Baldwin
Gary Baldwin 13 ditë më parë
Sweet Jesus Nolan turned himself into an f1 car with only a pop can!!!
Rahul Mascarenhas
Rahul Mascarenhas 13 ditë më parë
Someone put nolans "can" v12 audio on the low car XD XD
Tj Souza
Tj Souza 13 ditë më parë
I still love underglow, and I'm happy you don't need to use neon anymore
David Leon
David Leon 13 ditë më parë
Not gonna lie for what low car is it's actually nice
Kaylie De Young
Kaylie De Young 14 ditë më parë
Underglow is illegal in Michigan. Sad boi days
Meatball Megee
Meatball Megee 15 ditë më parë
What kind of car is it ??
Kripto 15 ditë më parë
Meanwhile the spirit of ecstacy is forbidden to be lit up in germany cause it may be a distraction from driving...
GoldenDoom 15 ditë më parë
i wanna see a challenge where each person gets an identicle (or as close as possible) car and has a budget to make it better, then race em. (would like to see some bumper to bumper action(see what i did there))
rainbw 16 ditë më parë
the one smart ass dude looks ish like mrbeast
Kaustubh Mittal
Kaustubh Mittal 16 ditë më parë
We need more of hi low videos😞💞
ProjectsByAnt 16 ditë më parë
B D 16 ditë më parë
i mean, this series is fun but its such bullshit. deadlines for a DIY?! having your best electrician do custom work for hours to make fucking $25 garbage work? this is so fucking backwards. this is just typical rich as fuck youtube channel making bullshit clickbait.
AustinAIsntGay 16 ditë më parë
how did he get the horn to work with the quick release
NOS PlayzYT 17 ditë më parë
I want the low 350z
Aiden Scire
Aiden Scire 17 ditë më parë
Do a pair of Rx-8’s next, the rotary engine shouldn’t be thaaaaaattttt hard to work with (plus you have someone who tricked out a baller Rx-7).
Jens Lind
Jens Lind 17 ditë më parë
Where did you guys get those bulbs and what kind
Parker Hein
Parker Hein 17 ditë më parë
I thought they were talking abt just underglow Im like I got mine for $40 works great, app controlled, waterproof, RGB Any color u want and custom fades
GreekBall Gaming
GreekBall Gaming 18 ditë më parë
Stop doing obly nizzan z
CameronM1138 18 ditë më parë
5:40 The ending to The Lighthouse (2019)
pipra pip
pipra pip 18 ditë më parë
Make hi low with the bw bug
AnitaBonghit 69
AnitaBonghit 69 19 ditë më parë
I know I'm way late, but it would be sick to see a HiLo on a sleeper family car, like a Camry. Then take it to a drag strip or rally it.
kingyachan 19 ditë më parë
I forgot about the mirrors on low car and damn are they horrible
Kyle Ramsumair
Kyle Ramsumair 20 ditë më parë
13:41 lol
DYN4M7X 20 ditë më parë
The sound that Nolan made by blowing into that can is like an F1 V8 engine sound
Kyle Ramsumair
Kyle Ramsumair 20 ditë më parë
More like a whistle
Zach Brackin
Zach Brackin 20 ditë më parë
Exhaust system? Maybe next vid
Major Disaster
Major Disaster 22 ditë më parë
Money pit is the best in the franchise IMHO
Jrb Productions
Jrb Productions 22 ditë më parë
These cars are starting to look like those Hondas you hear at 3am.
Dapperman 21
Dapperman 21 23 ditë më parë
Can the next hilow cars be classic/retro muscle or off road
carman601 23 ditë më parë
I think y’all should go look out for 2 of the same cars brand new, if not order them. Because then, it would be a higher chance of them being stock and just alike, and then that could actually help show does more expensive means more better. I think that is what y’all should do. And if Donut thinking muscle, y’all should order two completely identical if not twins of the new Camaro LT1 which is now the cheapest V8 on the market. That’s my opinion. If you read this, thank you for what you do, and I hope to see more content like this in the future.
Bishop M
Bishop M 24 ditë më parë
Still haven’t figured out what street sharking is
SLR Zxiffy
SLR Zxiffy 24 ditë më parë
5:34 anyone else notice that Aaron was in the Netflix show HYPERDRIVE???!??
Nenormalus žmogus_ ____
Nenormalus žmogus_ ____ 24 ditë më parë
The cars are super good but the spoilers ruin it
SimpleGamingPC 25 ditë më parë
make a new season of HiLow with pickup truck and focus on offroad stuff like cheap vs expensive winch or tire instead of racing.
danwemet 25 ditë më parë
It does NOT get any better than Nolan ripping F1 sounds out of a can
Thomas S. Jagger
Thomas S. Jagger 25 ditë më parë
'Alright I'll keep an eye out' Never change, Nolan 😂🤣
Firly Shardi Habibie
Firly Shardi Habibie 25 ditë më parë
Next Episode on HiLow is............ New exhaust, like if you agree
Jonathan Redecop
Jonathan Redecop 27 ditë më parë
U guys need to do exhaust
pr3d8t0r33s channel
pr3d8t0r33s channel 27 ditë më parë
Donut media is one of the best channels out there. Keep up the great content.
M.bhayee Muaj më parë
You better tint those windows
rpidrivestick Muaj më parë
"We're doing crimes." Was that a Firefly reference? Probably not. 😞
Owen McKinnon
Owen McKinnon Muaj më parë
James really just ups this whole series to the next level, just so awesome
Gilmayman Muaj më parë
4:15 my brain goes for a sec "who's got HIV" ?!!!
pedro quintao
pedro quintao Muaj më parë
Dammm that would soooo fun
pedro quintao
pedro quintao Muaj më parë
It would be so fun if you guys tuned a Supra or a R34 until it reaches 700 hp
pedro quintao
pedro quintao Muaj më parë
I love this show
DistractedConstantly Muaj më parë
Not gonna lie, haven't had underbodies since I graduated high school over a decade ago...have a 'throw away' SER Spec V on coils and old school gram lights and now you've got me considering underbodies for the funsies.
Maxime Klimenko
Maxime Klimenko Muaj më parë
13:47 the amateurs 13:56 the professional™
Aron Kim
Aron Kim Muaj më parë
Everyone asked for the v10s to come back to F1 so here you go 13:55
The_Fake _Tree
The_Fake _Tree Muaj më parë
13:56 Nolan needs to work on sounds for f1 games
Andrew Grulke
Andrew Grulke Muaj më parë
14:20 You just can't beat Low Car's interior!
Dank Productions
Dank Productions Muaj më parë
I feel like they could also make a new show called pro vs rookie we’re a rookie goes against a pro tuning a car
Tutfnow Muaj më parë
Are you gonna do a hi-low for an exhaust?
Istong TV
Istong TV Muaj më parë
Silent._. Scopes
Silent._. Scopes Muaj më parë
Where did u guys buy the 350z?
Z K Muaj më parë
Aaron is in Hyperdrive on Netflix!!
Aiden Strassburg
Aiden Strassburg Muaj më parë
You should do dodge Cummins for the next hi low car
Can You Op Op Op
Can You Op Op Op Muaj më parë
Mannn, james forgot petty blue
Adam Blais
Adam Blais Muaj më parë
james i have epilepsy atleast let me teach you how to dance when you hit the brakes
Thunder_YT Muaj më parë
Guys, Please do a Cheap Blowoff Valve VS Expensive Blowoff Valve
Wolftactical27 Muaj më parë
OH MY GOSH Nolan 1000% a v10 revving up to the rev limiter at like 18k 🥵🥵🥵🥵
Wolftactical27 Muaj më parë
Oh My GoSh I cAnNoT bElIeVe YoU gUyS wErE dOiNg ThIs WiThOuT mAsKs!!!!
The Everyday Driver
The Everyday Driver Muaj më parë
Those fucking door cards! Lmao
MissJohnWick Muaj më parë
Dude, This is so amazing!!!!
Lee Richards
Lee Richards Muaj më parë
Is under glow road legal in America?? Or at least in their state?
Hank Lindsey
Hank Lindsey Muaj më parë
You need air bags!
roodrat Muaj më parë
I like the cheap one more tbh
Shawn Bro Rodriguez
Shawn Bro Rodriguez Muaj më parë
Splixtt Muaj më parë
I wanna see HiLow with two shitty civics. That would be sick
ExperimentalDud Muaj më parë
I need to see 240s next..
pulsomagnetico pm
pulsomagnetico pm Muaj më parë
Noooo . Please. Go for the nitro.
pulsomagnetico pm
pulsomagnetico pm Muaj më parë
Aré you going all way to the nitró? Súper show. Congrats.
huma khan
huma khan Muaj më parë
Gig: "Are you customizing it" James/Nolan/Shirako: Teku-izing
Trace Sproles
Trace Sproles Muaj më parë
Should have put tinted lights
Alex Camacho
Alex Camacho Muaj më parë
Do exhaust comparison next !!!!!!
Lev Lysyj
Lev Lysyj Muaj më parë
Are there any more affordable headlight bulbs?
The Codester 2.0
The Codester 2.0 Muaj më parë
Ever wanted to make a car that should be in fast and the furious. Just copy high car
G2 Muaj më parë
Ngl low cars headlights look nice, but will they BE nice?
ILand Boys
ILand Boys Muaj më parë
Please do a frs next
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