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Geely is the biggest car company, that you’ve never heard of. Their Chinese badge may be only 30 years old, but in that time, they’ve managed to sell millions of cars, like the Geely Haoqing, and the Geely Borui, win an FIA manufacturer’s cup, and set a lap record at the Nurburgring in the Lynk & Co.'s Lynk 03. But how in the world did they go from making unreliable cars in the 90s to BUYING VOLVO? And what made the founder so mad that he drove a steamroller over an entire lot of cars? Join James Pumphrey as he gets you up to speed, on the largest Chinese car brand you've never heard of.
►Episode Chapters:
00:00 Introduction
05:36 A Crushing Defeat
09:08 Sweden The Deal
10:37 A Lynk To The Future
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rtgtx 22 orë më parë
Great job!
dom7912 23 orë më parë
moral of the story dont sell your technology to cina as they use it back to hit you back...
Jian Zhao
Jian Zhao Ditë më parë
Hehe, to be successful is not that easy. Especially many barriers at that age. Li shufu and our President Xi are brothers in law. Their wives are sisters.
Bryan Davis
Bryan Davis Ditë më parë
I've known of Geely since 2006 when I spent 3 months in China!!
Eric Yeung
Eric Yeung Ditë më parë
you are bullshitting from the beginning to the end the first geely 4-wheel car is a Diahatsu Cherade under the toyota licence.
Sherwein JDM
Sherwein JDM 2 ditë më parë
In our country we have a lot of geelys and i swear to god its jeely not geely
Relentless 4 ditë më parë
ford selled VOLVO to Geely, for just 1.8 bil Dollar not the otherway
EK Benny
EK Benny 5 ditë më parë
I had a geely moped
DAY OFF 5 ditë më parë
Well in my opinion geely is really bad in my country it has short life and it breaks down easily i remember i had one it was one of the sedans i cant remember the type its really slow and uncomfortable and its super weak plastic
DAY OFF 5 ditë më parë
Update: Chinese cars are really bad and really unreliable
Steamed Bun
Steamed Bun 6 ditë më parë
its amazing what desperation can make you do
Will BBD
Will BBD 6 ditë më parë
i want to see that one car called. Wei lan ES8 ? or what ever the electric SUV
Pastoor Anderson In Het Nederlands
Pastoor Anderson In Het Nederlands 6 ditë më parë
We get Chinese cars in South Africa, and they are crap. There was a minibus taxi initiative about 10-12y ago to supply new but affordable taxis here, Chinese companies got in and they all just fell apart over a couple of years! Whenever you see a Chinese minibus taxi here, they all have sellotape keeping the parts together! Here they sell Geely (cheap, nasty, horrible), Chana (ditto), Chery (who knock off Chevrolet and Toyota badly), Foton, Jinbei... the only Chinese car with any respect here is GWM/Haval and now they're not even affordable but still not very good compared to Japanese, Korean, European cars. The one time I looked at buying a GWM H5 as it's a cheap but decent looking SUV... the dream was over when I opened the door and sat inside. Nasty!
OFChuck 7 ditë më parë
It's a soft G, and pronounced "Jeely"
李翎枫 7 ditë më parë
Zhejiang is a big province rather than small village where Li was born is a small town belongs to Zhejiang
EmirJesus1 7 ditë më parë
@3:03 I got shivers on my body
Note Pad
Note Pad 8 ditë më parë
ah yes now i can outsmart everyone because of me searching the used car market at age 8 for no reason
sky 8 ditë më parë
This channel seems to have investment from Epoch Times, and the whole article is full of political criticism and slander. The views in the comments are also surprisingly consistent with anti-communist ideological characteristics.
Divedown25 10 ditë më parë
Great story. Is this then a win win story? Volvo good car in a too competitive market bought by a financial safe company who has a giant home market. Still Volvo is a good car
BaiBars Khan
BaiBars Khan 10 ditë më parë
there is so many Geely in iran
Pablo Bolaños-Villegas
Pablo Bolaños-Villegas 11 ditë më parë
"Zhe" is pronounced like "Tre", more or less.
Tgwlhffxzpasqm Lwvcvbcvbdlmyz0
Tgwlhffxzpasqm Lwvcvbcvbdlmyz0 12 ditë më parë
Derek Leroux
Derek Leroux 15 ditë më parë
fredrik payedar
fredrik payedar 16 ditë më parë
I have hard of them. It is you who hadn't heard of them!
花生真是太美味了 18 ditë më parë
Beathan Mann
Beathan Mann 18 ditë më parë
why do donut media never include their sources?
Jerry qin
Jerry qin 19 ditë më parë
no wonder they look similar to the polarstar
Jack Smith
Jack Smith 19 ditë më parë
06:25 im not gonna front, I fricken love this Lee dude at this point , straight up G moves
DB Cooper
DB Cooper 20 ditë më parë
Even the logo is a knockoff of the Cadillac Badge.
Helper X2
Helper X2 21 ditë më parë
Geely bought Lotus 51% and Proton 49.9% on may 2017.
basoool sayegh
basoool sayegh 21 ditë më parë
Actually here in saudi arabia we have many geely cars cuz it's a good price and pretty good dependcy
Walter Dayrit
Walter Dayrit 21 ditë më parë
Here's the quick answer: Geely is a CHINESE corporation. That's why most people haven't heard about it, especially in America.
Louis bai
Louis bai 22 ditë më parë
Still shity
Romelle Rodrigueza
Romelle Rodrigueza 22 ditë më parë
Sound like a southern expression
Miro Dyer
Miro Dyer 22 ditë më parë
If James loses weight, I’m in the freakin wind, mofos. I’m not joking. Skinny people ARENT FUNNY
Moses 23 ditë më parë
1:43 I love refrigerators
Harry Vuylsteke
Harry Vuylsteke 23 ditë më parë
"A small Chinese village called Zhejiang"...Province of China with over 57 million people 🤔
John Dexter Santos
John Dexter Santos 23 ditë më parë
do one for saic motors too
dark matter
dark matter 23 ditë më parë
Yes I've heard of geely. I've never seen one in person.
Simon Wu
Simon Wu 23 ditë më parë
adam pepe
adam pepe 25 ditë më parë
I work for them, LEVC, London electrical vehicle company in UK, the London black cab.
Xp 92
Xp 92 25 ditë më parë
Geely+Volvo+proton+lotus 👍👍👍
Husni Haron
Husni Haron 25 ditë më parë
My uncle used to own a Geely.
Ryan Atkinson
Ryan Atkinson 26 ditë më parë
I hate the animations on this channel. They're so choppy and weird looking. And basically unnecessary
JohnClark1776 26 ditë më parë
Are you honestly unaware that China does not allow private business and Geely is owned by the CCP?
Qwerty user
Qwerty user 27 ditë më parë
damn, crushing 100 cars how frustrated he was ?🤔
Syasya 68
Syasya 68 28 ditë më parë
Brittle cheap plasic interior.A piece of crap.
XJ H 29 ditë më parë
吉利牛逼!!! 李書福牛逼!!!
BY G Muaj më parë
A correction.....Zhejiang is not a small village, it's a province with over 57.7million of population and 904billion US dollars of GDP, the home of Alibaba, Ant technology, NetEase, Geely, Hikvision and a dozen of other companies with over 10billion US dollars of market value.
Archit Sharma
Archit Sharma Muaj më parë
The care are not trust worthy I am sure
matt25675 Muaj më parë
I lost it when he said the restaurant has been running since year 4
Amit Singh
Amit Singh Muaj më parë
Hey guys do one on Cyan racing and lynk and co.
Bill Li
Bill Li Muaj më parë
wait but I'm still confused how Geely earned 1.5 billion in ten years
jzizzles Muaj më parë
Dude, a man who no clue on manufacturing cars, is making cars. If that aint capitalism, I don't know wtf is.
Random Videos
Random Videos Muaj më parë
So nobody's mentioning the fact that Volvo was sold for only $1.5 Billion. That doesn't seem like a lot of money for such a company.
夏慎泽 Muaj më parë
geely is good, and i will get a Honda
JJ Mcnab
JJ Mcnab Muaj më parë
Geely... Ewww CCP.
Samuel Piltz
Samuel Piltz Muaj më parë
GEELY in formula 1 or formula e?
Tim Alj
Tim Alj Muaj më parë
I love the hrsprs dude, thanks for the info. motivated me to push on to my new azkarra :) these people really are damn ambitious!! and i'm just happy that they are actually here.
Dennis Regondola
Dennis Regondola Muaj më parë
These are the right words to describe Geely: Perseverance and determination.....
truthiness 63
truthiness 63 Muaj më parë
The volvo brand is better off in china, the plants there built at are the world's newest and most advanced plants almost totally robotic, I'm sure once any new factory bugs are worked out they will be fine, and most likely more reliable than a ford
Nayuk2010 Muaj më parë
had to ask.... is this a Geely sponsored video?
NDRS G Muaj më parë
That why you never hire cheap engineers who have no clue. You see what happened when he bought a company with better engineers and more experience.
Shakib Mohammad
Shakib Mohammad Muaj më parë
Replica motor industry is owning real motor industry is like a night mare
W S Muaj më parë
Trump is not happy about this.
flip A
flip A Muaj më parë
Whats up brother... you don't seem your self ...
heavydutydan Muaj më parë
I don't like U2 either.
35Canadian Muaj më parë
Geely not only invest VOLVO, but also help VOLVO open Chinese market. That really saves the brand. Anyway Geely benefit from the business too. It is good for both sides. Actually Geely originally want is Landrover in Mr. Li's heart because the Landrover is buy out business, not just investment.
The Semite
The Semite Muaj më parë
Awful presentation. I almost quit the video a couple of times due to the bad jokes, the shouting into the microphone, and the drunk like head bobbing. Good writing though.
Ronnie Chew
Ronnie Chew Muaj më parë
In my country Malaysia, we have our own national car call Proton. Our Protons were mostly rebranded vehicles from Mitsubishi, a Honda Accord and some other brands. Recently we added an SUV call X70 and it is actually from Geely 🤣. Great SUV though but rebranding another car from other countries and calling it our national car is really our shame. Our first national car in 1985 was a Mitsubishi which we call Proton Saga. A new Proton saga was introduced after about 20 years to replace the old. Most brands introduce a new model of the same type of name every 4 years in average but we took 20 years 🤣 Malaysia is great 🙌🙌🙌🤣
Paolo Mendioro
Paolo Mendioro Muaj më parë
Wait, did Polestar get Tom Walkinshaw Racing's touring car assets? Because Volvo's Supertouring efforts were ran by TWR, especially in the BTCC.
KittyFlier Muaj më parë
Meiri means America & Japan as well.
KittyFlier Muaj më parë
ZheJiang is a province, not a village...
KittyFlier Muaj më parë
One of the biggest ≠ The biggest
Chunxiao Yu
Chunxiao Yu Muaj më parë
franco H
franco H Muaj më parë
And 40 yrs later, 33 megacity in China has Subway combined with 8 High speed rail 😂. I mean I hate the gov but God dam they're dedicated on this. They been humiliated for toooooo long and they try to make a come back.
Evolvere Spiritus
Evolvere Spiritus Muaj më parë
Very entertaining
R Fredriksson
R Fredriksson Muaj më parë
CMA plattform was developed by CEVT in Sweden and not Volvo
Simiyu Pius
Simiyu Pius Muaj më parë
It's not in Africa
Tom Sun
Tom Sun Muaj më parë
It is what it is
Tr Muaj më parë
4:33 Hong Qi 😆
Christopher Uy
Christopher Uy Muaj më parë
ALEX LI Muaj më parë
The CCP is too busy, in addition to the 1.4 billion Chinese, they have to monitor every unknown bastard on the planet. I think they must have a hard drive larger than Germany. This is not the case for Americans, the americans are the real expert who generally only monitor important people, such as Angela Merkel's cell phone.
Go Live
Go Live Muaj më parë
Snowden: Really?
Bad File error 404
Bad File error 404 Muaj më parë
I hope China becomes less anal in the next 30 years because they’re pretty cool.
Ricardo Rosario
Ricardo Rosario Muaj më parë
SH iHu
SH iHu Muaj më parë
zurgaa 11
zurgaa 11 Muaj më parë
Geely also partly owns Proton, a Malaysian National Car company, yay!! Before that proton had lousy cars and poor quality
Keebricks Muaj më parë
What about vauxhall
harrison wang
harrison wang Muaj më parë
美人豹, oh, so embarrassing.
ccsmakati takusa
ccsmakati takusa Muaj më parë
Even Chinese people dont buy chinese cars, so why should we buy?
peng yue
peng yue Muaj më parë
Now half of the cars on the roads in China are Chinese brands, and there are now 360 million cars in China
silvereagle404 Muaj më parë
he designed NOTHING himself, come on, they all look like total ripoffs from other brands. well, copy right doesn't mean squat in china.
Yip Choong
Yip Choong Muaj më parë
Please do not treat the audience like idiots Just because you have not heard of Geely
luka lekov
luka lekov Muaj më parë
guys was just planin to get geely since i moved and I am in china,came here for one year you know a guy from a small country went to china and got a wife omega clap annnndddd yes here Iam
Saurav Kulkarni
Saurav Kulkarni Muaj më parë
Sounds like this guy had A LOT of money to spend......Donating Refrigerator company, Buying motorcycle company, Investing in R&D of luxury cars, Investing in R&D of small/cheap cars, Rolling over 100 cars and then Started building bus and on.....C'mon man!
Hao Xu
Hao Xu Muaj më parë
1st, Zhejiang is not a small village, it is a province, it is 105500 km² large and its population is 58 million. Li Shu Fu was born in a small city called Taizhou,_Zhejiang and unlike other Chinese business men on that time, he is well educated, he graducated from Harbin Institute of Technology, 2ed, Haoqing in fact is not the 1st hit of Geely or I should say it is not the model which made Geely become a well known brand in China. It is Uliou
nullkomma 9
nullkomma 9 Muaj më parë
The guy behind geely is really impretious man ngl
Bøønie Bean
Bøønie Bean Muaj më parë
this video made me laugh so hard
Han Han
Han Han Muaj më parë
Zhejiang is not a village, but a province
Cyn Wolf
Cyn Wolf Muaj më parë
0:30 :DIO would be proud
Ahmed Sarkar
Ahmed Sarkar Muaj më parë
True I have never heard of it.
David Thompson
David Thompson Muaj më parë
He's right U2 are shit
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