7 Perfect Project Cars That AREN’T a Miata

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Miata is always the answer, right? Dead wrong! We put together this list of 7 lightweight sports cars and they’re all cheap, plentiful, have a ton of aftermarket support, and most importantly: they’re not Miatas. This is D-List!
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Rock girl
Rock girl 2 orë më parë
Me: Math can't be controversial. James: Hold my beer. 10>4 = Civic>Miata
Derek Tarman
Derek Tarman 2 orë më parë
I recommend either a fiesta st or focus st
Stay Frozty
Stay Frozty 2 orë më parë
The z24 cavalier will always be forgotten lol
Rock girl
Rock girl 2 orë më parë
Get a 1g DSM with the 6 bolt engine, no crankwalk problem
Billy Winn
Billy Winn 3 orë më parë
James looks like he always snorts some smelling salts before jumping in front of the camera.
Nick Campbell
Nick Campbell 3 orë më parë
Anyone else notice how he doesn’t seem as happy as he used to in his videos? 🤔
Billy Winn
Billy Winn 3 orë më parë
"What if you're 6'3"?" This man gets it.
Roberto Miron
Roberto Miron 4 orë më parë
I bought the boost creeps bundle !!!
Brayden Carter
Brayden Carter 4 orë më parë
“There is one car I can think of that is to be enjoyed more... and that car is...” *gets a Mitsubishi Eclipse crossover ad
The Drümünkey
The Drümünkey 4 orë më parë
I've owned 3 of these... And an NA Miata... I'd still go for a Miata.... Once I got over the hairdresser car thing and bought one for track work, I kicked myself for not diving in sooner...
Tabernacle Isking
Tabernacle Isking 4 orë më parë
I’m a little surprised not to see a first gen sn-95 they’re super cheap and come with a 2v 4.6 slow out the box but easy to make powerful plus way more reliable than the other 4.6/5.4
jorge morera
jorge morera 4 orë më parë
E36 6cyl, OH yeah baby
Blaze Kapaze
Blaze Kapaze 6 orë më parë
Got the worst goosebumps when he whipped out the koki (The black marker, Im from South Africa)
enricogolfen 7 orë më parë
honourable mention: W124 Mercedes OM606 cost sub 10k usually and can be tuned for very little money to 400hp+
Nicholas Parreco
Nicholas Parreco 8 orë më parë
No 4th gen F-bodies?
Mr. K
Mr. K 9 orë më parë
All jokes aside, I bought a Civic because I knew it would be cheap fun. It's k24 swapped now and a lot of fun
RogueSouth Racing
RogueSouth Racing 9 orë më parë
So umm... we gonna address GM's new airbag lawsuit on an episode? 😶 They already killed the "Badge of shame brands"...Saturn...Pontiac..Hummer. Whose next? Cause uh...Ford stopped making cars and umm, Dodge is....Dodge. 🤔 There goes the Holden Malibu lol...
Simple. bruh
Simple. bruh 11 orë më parë
>works at car media company >said company has made project cars >"no project cars" >wHY
AK 28
AK 28 12 orë më parë
Volvo V70 R or 850 R 5 cylinder 1997-2008
AK 28
AK 28 12 orë më parë
Or any Volvo R model with the 5 cylinder
Hamsterwheel 12 orë më parë
Get a 1g DSM with the 6 bolt engine, no crankwalk problem
olek kapusta
olek kapusta 13 orë më parë
the BMW is a big meme in my country for being a cheap sheet box and wierd upgrade it gets
pat tap
pat tap 16 orë më parë
The fox body Mercury capri could actually be considered a hunchback. Look it up lol
Karl Deets
Karl Deets 16 orë më parë
They totally made a hunchback foxbody! Mercury Capri, American market.
IS 3hunna
IS 3hunna 16 orë më parë
Is 3hunna
Delta Charlie Echo
Delta Charlie Echo 17 orë më parë
E36 or E46. The best thing to do is get a sedan and keep it low key looking but make them super sleepers. I was able to snag my e46 328i that I'm building for a drift car for $750. I needed to swap the trans out, but I bought it to learn how to do a manual conversion anyway so not a huge deal. The amount of parts for e36 and e46 are ridiculous especially when you're looking at stuff just to get you by while you save for the premium products.
William Stellmon
William Stellmon 17 orë më parë
This list better have the MX-6 1. Fox body mustang ..... eeeewwww 2. Talon - fun and fast and cooler then the Miata 3. VW golf - the hot hatch that leaves a mark on heart...it's like ptsd only except with loving and excitement and not traumatic blood soaked nightmares. 4. Civic - uuummmm.......it's like trying to date a milf career stripper that everyone seems to know. You just never know where it's been or what's been done to it. 5. Porsche - you missed out on some cool project car / social media fun. 6. Nissan Z cars.....it's like a multi-grain bagel. 7. BMW Z series....sorry, I just can't commit to wearing sunglasses, driving gloves, and tailgating life.
Byg Katt
Byg Katt 18 orë më parë
I love what you did to the Touareg. Kentucky Cobra Has Class
Jareds_ Rcs
Jareds_ Rcs 20 orë më parë
I was expecting a mk4 on the list
Steven sales
Steven sales 20 orë më parë
I love Mitsubishi Eclipse
rob fracisco
rob fracisco 21 orë më parë
Love my MK1 VW GTI. Video in profile..
Braden Archer
Braden Archer 21 orë më parë
No love for the Fiero?
CrownKing 22 orë më parë
when is the next up to speed i'm waiting been way over a month already!!!!!
KareemAbawi 23 orë më parë
Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ aren't on this list?? WTF?
Red Striker
Red Striker 23 orë më parë
Is it just me, or have been Foxes been disappearing over the past few years?
I Specs I
I Specs I 23 orë më parë
Every time I go to the new car auto convention I say to whoever I'm with.. "want to see something funny?" then I sit in the newest Miata with my knees slammed to the dash. I am 6 ft 5 with a 36 inch inseam. edit: I happily drive a mk7 GTI, with the seat not all the way back.
I Specs I
I Specs I 11 orë më parë
What do you drive mr bot account?
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 23 orë më parë
Yeaah crankwalk song
Craig E.
Craig E. 23 orë më parë
Wait... Im not the only one who searched youtube for a full version of CrankWalk Trap?
Richard Guevara
Richard Guevara Ditë më parë
I love your guys ALnets channel but honestly, UpStart is trash.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 23 orë më parë
98 3.0 Camry is my project car, i know, not that cool but I love it, really wish I could get the TRD supercharger for it
Alex Luuring
Alex Luuring Ditë më parë
Phillip w
Phillip w Ditë më parë
I was looking at 350z's recently when looking to get a car and those puppies were not cheap
MotoHooked Ditë më parë
Civic 5th and 6th gen prices are going up in europe specially these in good conditions
Keith Harrington
Keith Harrington Ditë më parë
I've got 200 on the 944 and a place to store it in LA. Let's do this!!!
Tad Meister
Tad Meister Ditë më parë
3000GT > all
jimi lowe
jimi lowe Ditë më parë
Where the fuck is the MR2
Pimpala SS
Pimpala SS Ditë më parë
6:36 Does anyone else hate this sound? It gives me chills lmao.
TheLostBoiT Ditë më parë
Nissan Z31! Stock turbo or NA, and the only difference between the NA and the turbo, is well, the turbo and ECU! Easy 300-400 whp, reliable, and fun as hell
Wor_lds Drifting
Wor_lds Drifting Ditë më parë
M-Miata I-Is A-Always T-The A-Answer
Nathaniel Ivey
Nathaniel Ivey Ditë më parë
what about the Mini Cooper?
No.me.digas Ditë më parë
You know Miata wins when they make a whole video against it
TheFinalCorey Ditë më parë
I'm so surprised the Volvo 240 wasn't included on here!! Made forever, tanks, a billion possibilities to turn one into an awesome sleeper
Akuhyo Ditë më parë
why wasn't a 240sx on this list?
Caleb Rocha
Caleb Rocha Ditë më parë
Sorry about the NO PROJECT RULE, James. Bummer
Ben Cheevers
Ben Cheevers Ditë më parë
98 3.0 Camry is my project car, i know, not that cool but I love it, really wish I could get the TRD supercharger for it
justin visser
justin visser Ditë më parë
Yeaah crankwalk song
Vangelis Aretoulis
Vangelis Aretoulis Ditë më parë
When you going to do an up to speed video
Ian King
Ian King Ditë më parë
when he said civic.... I have one of the worst ever made... 7th gen civic, 4-1headers straight pipe with aem intake.. burns oil lol
MrJDude89 Ditë më parë
Wheres the wrx?
Faded Glyphs
Faded Glyphs Ditë më parë
Did anyone realize that he put a piece of paper that says Dell over the apple logo on his MacBook?
Jason Breuer
Jason Breuer Ditë më parë
The third reason is my schtick, the miata is cool, but I want something with more room
Juppleberry 87
Juppleberry 87 Ditë më parë
E46 cheaper than the e36.
Dealor Ditë më parë
Honda crx
XxKAISERxX Ditë më parë
Omg this guy is so funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I really love him and I never like comment but when I do is because is worth
Corey Wright
Corey Wright Ditë më parë
i wont buckle up mommy i want a mx5
Hatchbacking Ditë më parë
Sorry bruh but no miatas allowed. Carmightyvids: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Johny D.pippen
Johny D.pippen Ditë më parë
Can you do BMW X5
xWPxTugg Ditë më parë
crankwalk.. lolll these jingles are killing me
jesse ndawg
jesse ndawg Ditë më parë
miatas suck lmao
Jay The Reaper
Jay The Reaper Ditë më parë
Am I the only person who giggles everytime I see the laptops brand
V I B I N G Ditë më parë
A pretty nice car i got is a 1991 mazda 323 astina its got pop up head lights but its only a 4cyl and fwd but its good looking and it was cheap i got mine for $400
Parker carnes
Parker carnes Ditë më parë
What about the squarebody chevys
Marius Dalen
Marius Dalen Ditë më parë
Yeez cars are cheap in the us.. if you want a 350z in Norway your looking at estimated 25 000 usd for a stock ok version. And they are rare as shit..
matthew sears
matthew sears Ditë më parë
"Everyone loves Miatas"...naw
Nicotine Gaming
Nicotine Gaming Ditë më parë
"10 > 4" -James But I thought there are *eleven* generations of Civic
Terence Kuan
Terence Kuan Ditë më parë
you missed out Volvo 240!
Andris Lielgalvis
Andris Lielgalvis Ditë më parë
If you want to see my civic build and other things i do (im a 13yo quadrupple national speeddown champion of Latvia)please consider going to my instagram page @racer_family_lv i hope James likes it
Nitehart Ditë më parë
Really looking for a 350z. But they're rare here. While you can import one for 2k-3k from japan and pass the import tax for additional 1k, ppl here overpriced em around 35k each. Yea thx I hate ppl in my country
Apple Garry
Apple Garry Ditë më parë
What about a xr6 ford falcon
Argel Aligui
Argel Aligui Ditë më parë
The Crankwalk boi had me 😂😂😂 James you should make a full soundtrack of that 😅😅
Hamid DZ
Hamid DZ Ditë më parë
I Love Custom GTI mk5 😍
Roberts Zonīs
Roberts Zonīs Ditë më parë
Miata is my dream car. i finished nfsu1 and nfsu2 with it. i want it from game to real life super tuned miata
angrypeanut9 Ditë më parë
Idk about y’all but the only DSM I know is Das Sound Machine
Minh Nguyen
Minh Nguyen Ditë më parë
I miss it when James says: “because it’s cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap”
theGabe Ditë më parë
I wan't the crankwalk song available.
Edward Page
Edward Page Ditë më parë
what about the UK, they all sorts expensive here 😂
callum9878 Ditë më parë
Subaru impreza...
aidan clifford
aidan clifford Ditë më parë
Miatas aren’t even affordable anymore, 2 years ago, 1k for a clean one, now, you can find a beat up one for 5k, clean ones are getting close to 10g now
Matthias Annaberger
Matthias Annaberger Ditë më parë
Why are go fast times so important? Miatas are just FUN. Not fast.
Aj 70
Aj 70 Ditë më parë
we need that crankwalk song man
Nivat Ditë më parë
Was hoping to see a wrx on this list
nikhil r
nikhil r Ditë më parë
i want a boost creeps shirt so bad
Griffin N.
Griffin N. Ditë më parë
I keep watching the add of you merch all the way through only because its the best skit ever
Gandalf Tha Green
Gandalf Tha Green Ditë më parë
My dad had a laser. He passed away and then wen I was older I realized why he had a laser in his 20s. He loved that car
Bitter End
Bitter End Ditë më parë
Third generation camaro
Lemon Carvlog
Lemon Carvlog Ditë më parë
Me watchin’ in my 4-cyl E36 🥺
Carlos Camacho
Carlos Camacho Ditë më parë
please do a best rwd cheap project cars
C A Ditë më parë
After years in 3000GT forums it is my duty to tell you- 3000GTs/ Stealths are NOT DSM cars
Carlos Cardoso
Carlos Cardoso Ditë më parë
What about the fourth gen camaro and firebirds?
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Ditë më parë
"We have a whole show about building one, and you guys love it" TURBO IT ALREADY.
Jeremy Goldsmith
Jeremy Goldsmith Ditë më parë
Bot ingredients list: Obvious pic of hottie. ✅ Find some popular comment from an actual person. ✅ Repost the same comment. ✅ Wait for thirsty beta boys to like copied comment...
Fla-Rez Ditë më parë
I let a "friend" drive my miata one night in a car park, he slid it into a curb and totaled it. still hasn't paid up RIP
ken ferrell
ken ferrell Ditë më parë
Surprised a thirdgen fbody didn't make the list. Camaro and firebirds are still cheap. Parts are cheap and LS bolt right up without huge modification
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Ditë më parë
Really amazing
Raves Ditë më parë
Have a foxbody. :)
Insane Galvatron
Insane Galvatron Ditë më parë
Dalton Blower
Dalton Blower Ditë më parë
Love the 944’s. Had an N/A 85.5 944, 88 924S, and now a 944 turbo
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