10 Insane Prototypes They ACTUALLY Built

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Sometimes carmakers decide to tease us with insane one-off prototypes, and to us, nothing is more exciting than that. Monster truck Fiats. Italian designed Corvettes. This is a list of outrageous vehicles actually built by car manufacturers!
And big shout out to Cool Car Video for supplying photos! Check out their channel: alnets.info/mem/OUiOkjhxP79ca4upfaE_-A.html
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Donut Media
Donut Media 2 muaj më parë
Theories on where PaganiGaming is? Go:
Boulevard Service
Boulevard Service 9 ditë më parë
idk,but James just said BMW in Bulgarian...lol i liked that... Be Em We... OR BAVAREC...Баварец means Bavarian...Бе Ем Ве...Беемве :) man,we love ur BMW's so much
Jozefawsomegamerrr Muaj më parë
In the toilet pooping for a whole month
Scout The cat
Scout The cat Muaj më parë
Hello James.
Keebricks Muaj më parë
In hiding
Knight Viper
Knight Viper Muaj më parë
i can drink 8.4L diet fresca
Bass Head
Bass Head 6 orë më parë
When he mentioned Ashton Kutcher I thought he was talking to me for a second. My name is Ashton if you didn’t get that.
2005_ford_crown_victoria_p71 8 orë më parë
One day, when gas cars will no longer be legal, I’m pretty sure dodge will make something called the "hellectric" I can feel it
Bousseau Marco
Bousseau Marco Ditë më parë
I think you forgot to mention the one and only Renault Espace F1 (with is so unique we won't be able to start it up in 20 years because only 10 guys know how to)
JoshuaTamati1 JoshuaTamati1
JoshuaTamati1 JoshuaTamati1 Ditë më parë
There is 19 mazda furai's made but only for track
Josh Hunsberger
Josh Hunsberger Ditë më parë
I'm sure Australia is you favorite country because your for socialism
Rowdy420 Ditë më parë
Taking about Austin powers like he Charlie Chaplin or some shit🤣🤣🤣 Kid, grow the fuck up I have shoes older than you
Micha Kowo
Micha Kowo 2 ditë më parë
Both the Car...AND the Animamal!
Aaron Cable
Aaron Cable 3 ditë më parë
A 618 horsepower m5 wagon to be honest sounds like a good sleeper and i foubt it but i hope that wagons driving around but if it exists still ts probably at the back of a mclaren or bmw factory
Angad Trikha
Angad Trikha 3 ditë më parë
3:49 Oceania is the continent
M C 4 ditë më parë
50 cent is a rapper and does some movies, he mainly does rap tho
Slowflipsfb _
Slowflipsfb _ 5 ditë më parë
Dodge can put "hell: in front of anything and it'll sound cool
IAN ZAVALA 5 ditë më parë
Whats Nolan’s channel
Adam Craft
Adam Craft 6 ditë më parë
I don’t even like cars like that, I just really like this dudes personality
chump chimp
chump chimp 6 ditë më parë
Just got an add for the m8 competition it claims its the most powerful bmw yet lieeeees
Target Bear
Target Bear 6 ditë më parë
Why not strap the Helliphant into the Miata?
Nate Grossman
Nate Grossman 6 ditë më parë
Whyd you make that car that way Oh just for the hellephant
Zach Hofen
Zach Hofen 8 ditë më parë
Shoedi .L
Shoedi .L 10 ditë më parë
Aston Smartin
Vine 2
Vine 2 11 ditë më parë
yes the miata snuch its little way in
Joe Mulaparthi
Joe Mulaparthi 13 ditë më parë
Bruh I swear that W12 from the Phaeton is legendary
Vedy90 G
Vedy90 G 14 ditë më parë
5:40 Hahah, that's actually how Romanians say BMW, as in... ALWAYS :D
Jj Peters
Jj Peters 15 ditë më parë
Buick Lesabre Grand National episode?!?!
Ottocar 18 ditë më parë
why no mention of the Jeep Hurricane? 4 wheel turning, twin 5.7 v8s, and full 4 wheel independent suspension
abdul haider
abdul haider 19 ditë më parë
Whats with james and matt??
Mc Chicken
Mc Chicken 20 ditë më parë
Conner Speed
Conner Speed 24 ditë më parë
Brenton Simpson
Brenton Simpson 24 ditë më parë
It looks like you're talking into a foam ice cream cone: www.zurchers.com/products/small-ice-cream-cone-shooters-4-12-ct
Shamsi Ruhe
Shamsi Ruhe 25 ditë më parë
4.5 litres
Templaric Legion
Templaric Legion 27 ditë më parë
Shouldn't the Shorty be closer to the Helephant? That Nagari should've been the king. Rest In Peace King!
talløran2 29 ditë më parë
the cygnet be lookin like "me so angy"
Jacob Zeller
Jacob Zeller 29 ditë më parë
i caould at leat drink 4 litersmfof fresca it is very good and yumy ,
Pls stop saying HRSPR
sarah baker
sarah baker Muaj më parë
Really an Ed Gein reference? Lol! I love you freaks!
Z-Twinturbo Muaj më parë
1000HP engine with 4 wheel drum brakes... what could ever go wrong ?! xD
Jozefawsomegamerrr Muaj më parë
Yoo GG this vid was published on my birthday :D
North Dakota Boy
North Dakota Boy Muaj më parë
I would love to see nolan do an engine swap
James Bond
James Bond Muaj më parë
I bet I could drink about 5/2 ltrs before going into a coma
Vivian Bui
Vivian Bui Muaj më parë
Sam Schellhase
Sam Schellhase Muaj më parë
wait, why do we dislike Ashton Kutcher? I thought he was doing good things
Alexander Marx
Alexander Marx Muaj më parë
I like the way he always says "Voltswagen" instead of "Volkswagen" :) Greetings from a German in New Mexico, love the channel! And yes, we talk like that.
Aleksa Rakita
Aleksa Rakita Muaj më parë
Do you want a donut??
Jordan Ostrander
Jordan Ostrander Muaj më parë
Yes do the hellephant
Bob Walsh
Bob Walsh Muaj më parë
Speaking of Matt Damon's portrayal of Carroll Shelby, I almost punched my TV hearing him BUTCHER Shelby's catchphrase. The ACTUAL catchphrase is, of course, "I'm Carroll Shelby, and performance is my business." BUT NO. Damon said "I'm Carroll Shelby, and I build race cars." ...I legit screamed into a pillow once I came to my senses after hearing that HERESY.
Preston Clyde
Preston Clyde Muaj më parë
Pretty sure you forgot the Toyota camery with the supercharged 5.7l tundra powered drqg car with a tube chassis and lift off funny car body
Damien Fillos
Damien Fillos Muaj më parë
Espace F1 ? Anyone ?
Unripe Tomato
Unripe Tomato Muaj më parë
**not sponsored by **Fresca.co*
555jaybo Muaj më parë
dislike for plugging some absolute bs
talløran2 29 ditë më parë
The large amount of likes overshadows the 470 dislikes. Suck it.
Unknow0059 Muaj më parë
14:40 one of the coolest cars ever 15:15 that's absolutely ridiculous.
Connor Cole
Connor Cole Muaj më parë
James getting mad that his comedy fell short in elementary school is the closest I’ve ever felt to him.
KeatonminecrafterMLG Muaj më parë
That VW GTI is hard to look at.
Pomo the Promo Possum
Pomo the Promo Possum Muaj më parë
These are the orgasm denial of cars.
Sad Face 4590
Sad Face 4590 Muaj më parë
When I saw the thumbnail i thought y’all was playin the Crew 2.
Zau mun aung Hkyet
Zau mun aung Hkyet Muaj më parë
Just when he was starting to lose weight, quarantine hit. Lol
Everett Lynn
Everett Lynn Muaj më parë
The imperial with an elephant. All I have to say is do it
MMR Kharmeelay
MMR Kharmeelay Muaj më parë
“Both the car and the amnimal” 😂😂😂
MMR Kharmeelay
MMR Kharmeelay Muaj më parë
12:30 wasnt that bad
Labib Ahmed
Labib Ahmed Muaj më parë
Hey look there is lil peep in this video And I respect that.
Marek Wrona
Marek Wrona Muaj më parë
What in god's name is fresca? Never seen that in Europe :P
rockaway0beach Muaj më parë
A pretty (indistinct noises) video, guys
Adie Muaj më parë
50 "Curtis Jackson" Cent is the best joke I've heard in a long time. Also, big points for putting the freaking POPE JPII up there with the kings. Plus, James' Italian impression had me rolling. This episode is full of hits, damn
batch2448 Muaj më parë
We only ended up with those Pontiac front Ute's and sedans in Straya because GM shut down Pontiac. Holden had made a bunch of front ends thst were ment for export and couldn't do anything with them. Sooo they made them an option here when you brought a VE
Jordan von Papen
Jordan von Papen Muaj më parë
show us nolan
David Miller
David Miller Muaj më parë
Am I the only one that knew about Carrol Shelby, but didn't know about his name on the Chili Kit that I have definitely used.
Cabooey Muaj më parë
man when top gear crashed it, that was a day of mourning
Cabooey Muaj më parë
i wanna see nolan do a hellaphant swap
Hossein HDzx
Hossein HDzx Muaj më parë
this guy is so annoying i had to close the video in the 5th minute
CRIS LEMØNZ Muaj më parë
Kodah Muaj më parë
Oh his looking thinner.
Daniel Morti
Daniel Morti Muaj më parë
I remember watching them drive the golf on British top gear, they had a lot of trouble going around corners with it.
James contrino
James contrino 2 muaj më parë
Lol I had a mustang shorty 🤪. It was an 88 Ford EXP . It was a very rare POS lol.
Christopher Ambrosio
Christopher Ambrosio 2 muaj më parë
Breakin' necks at the red light in the Stratus 😎😂
Vice Richter
Vice Richter 2 muaj më parë
James went full-on hitler for a second xD 6:08
Willy 2 muaj më parë
Up to speed on the dodge nitro
justin pruett
justin pruett 2 muaj më parë
I did not realize till now but you were on a key and peele episode and you said the N word
nia B
nia B 2 muaj më parë
When dr.squash commercial started I looked aways and for a second I thought it was Bill bill Bill nye the science guys 😆
Epic Moon
Epic Moon 2 muaj më parë
The Mercedes e 4x4² all Terrain schould be on the list too
Laurynas Ulevicius
Laurynas Ulevicius 2 muaj më parë
no Renault Espace f1 on the list? wtf vaJjames
Morris county bus driver 51 fans buses etc.
Morris county bus driver 51 fans buses etc. 2 muaj më parë
The first car was in a top gear episode
Mohamed Zulkifly
Mohamed Zulkifly 2 muaj më parë
Love the way u talk
Harley Lamb
Harley Lamb 2 muaj më parë
6:57 u alright
Better With Rum
Better With Rum 2 muaj më parë
I had a FC... it burned to the ground too :/
TheFuriousGent 2 muaj më parë
jaycupro 2 muaj më parë
Ford gt90 anyone?
RQ Projects
RQ Projects 2 muaj më parë
We got the Holden utes with a pontiac grill and Holden badging as a special edition, think they were using up some leftover parts
Ocean Blaze
Ocean Blaze 2 muaj më parë
Day 763 of asking james to do an up to speed on his dad
Jake 2 muaj më parë
I watched a video of James talking about the 370Z 3 years ago and holy crap how much has he evolved
xX KANE Xx 2 muaj më parë
4:19 you call that a burnout machine? bruh what are you on 391 hp is not enough to do a decent burnout
The Monster
The Monster 2 muaj më parë
Nice video but where is your dad James?
GlidingBoulder 2 muaj më parë
15:58 F
Abled Veteran Nomad
Abled Veteran Nomad 2 muaj më parë
Watch the episode of top gear to see just how horrible this car is. Its virtually undriveable
valentijn_BAKK 2 muaj më parë
I have sat in that cygnet
J H 2 muaj më parë
i'm hur for the monster panda
sub and your a cutie
sub and your a cutie 2 muaj më parë
2:38 my Ford transit in forza horizon: “that’s rookie numbers😏”
Matthew Davis
Matthew Davis 2 muaj më parë
Can you do a video of cars that you can buy with flat plain cranks that are cheap
CatfishSilo 2 muaj më parë
whEghEn... those car name voices just leveled up...100 LEVELS
Ricky Cortes
Ricky Cortes 2 muaj më parë
You guys should do a up to speed episode on this car right here Luigi Colani’s Ferrari Testa d’Oro I never seen this thing in my life I am very interested of knowing more about it
Stuart Trapani
Stuart Trapani 2 muaj më parë
How does one make their voice sound like the numbers guy😂
Дмитрий Суханов
Дмитрий Суханов 2 muaj më parë
James "Mustang Shorty" Pumphrey nailed it again !!!
Wise 2 muaj më parë
Is no one ever gonna talk about when James said the N-word on Key & Peele
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