How Tesla Used GLASS to Build the World’s Safest car

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Tesla’s Model 3 is “the safest car in the US,” but...what does that even mean? What goes into determining a car’s level of safety? And how did Tesla use glass to help make it safe? Today on bumper to bumper, we’re taking a look at how vehicles are crash tested, what kind of clever engineering goes into keeping you safe in a crash, and how the Tesla Model 3 blew away the competition.
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Donut Media
Donut Media 2 muaj më parë
Big thanks to the ALnets channel for helping fill us in with a lot of the info in this video. If you haven't checked out Cameron's channel yet, he does a lot of cool things with his Tesla. -- so go check it out! Thanks Cameron!
GhOst DreAM
GhOst DreAM Ditë më parë
now i think cyber truck is safest
Daniel Huddleston
Daniel Huddleston 2 ditë më parë
Well don’t sing to the suite song of Tesla yet. They just got their “safe car” title removed due to the issues of the windows being under too much pressure
Daniel Huddleston
Daniel Huddleston 2 ditë më parë
So the guy who hit 43 g’s survived because the blood rushed out of him fast enough to not elongate the process of the G pulling force. If it were over the course of a longer time, even at less g’s then it would be the opposite effect. I watched this video of this engineering who hypothetically invented the euthanasia roller coaster. Basically you went on a roller coaster and after it’s super fast miles long, 8 loops. Continually pulling Like 8-10 G’s your dead. But most people would survive the first loop. It was only after the body gets hit constantly does it give up and die. Still though 43G’s!! 😱 what were they thinking! Idiots. It needs to slow down at a rate the pulls less than 7 G’s for a few seconds and then goes back to a constant and then again and again until he’s slowed all the way down. Although I wonder if let’s say you had a really long car, like where the driver sat, hypothetically let’s say was 50yards long in the cockpit. If you slowed the car down in the 2 seconds could you also have a mechanism that shot the driver from the back of the cockpit to the front at an equal force so they experienced no G force? And they canceled each other out?
mrpmj00 Muaj më parë
10/2/2020: Tesla sales crashes in Europe: record?Feed%3A+latimes%2Fbusiness+%28L.A.+Times+-+Business%29 ---------------------------------- 10/2/2020: Norway used to be Tesla's biggest market....not anymore! Volkswagen Sold Nearly Twice As Many ID.3s In Norway In September As Tesla Sold Model 3s tesla-sold-model-3s/#5d4f2458a745 ------------------------------------- 10/2/2020 Tesla Faces China Wipeout By 2030, Morgan Stanley Analyst Says ------------------------------- 10/8/2020: In 2021, VW sells 90% of EV cars in Tesla's main market of Norway --------------------------------- 10/9/2020: Tesla drives off the road
Jack Lladoc
Jack Lladoc 2 muaj më parë
How about, "everything you need to know - tesla cybertruck."
The Alonzo Ramirez
The Alonzo Ramirez 15 orë më parë
8:58 World Class Safety Rating...what was all that “Acceptable” and “Good” talk? 3:56
Nate 22 orë më parë
nOw To puT tHat in pErsPecTive
GhOst DreAM
GhOst DreAM Ditë më parë
now i think cyber truck is safest
gakuba 2 ditë më parë
Hhhh he got some Kanye West in him lol... so true
COD Gamer
COD Gamer 2 ditë më parë
Yours is definitely way better
Halo epic
Halo epic 3 ditë më parë
Anyone know the ost in 4:58
Marcus Blomgren
Marcus Blomgren 3 ditë më parë
Volvo 240 : bitch please
Jim Andrus Jr.
Jim Andrus Jr. 4 ditë më parë
Why is James' face so red? Bruh, see your heart doctor again man.... you good?
hani akari
hani akari 4 ditë më parë
Boom boom juice
Shaw Campbell
Shaw Campbell 5 ditë më parë
xKrown 6 ditë më parë
The keep rollin meme was ruined by an ad bigsad
Kyle Caswell
Kyle Caswell 7 ditë më parë
Fucking snooze bro
Jorge Bustillos
Jorge Bustillos 9 ditë më parë
Where is uncle Jerry
Sergio Espinoza
Sergio Espinoza 10 ditë më parë
I was goanna say it’ll be so much more expensive to fix the roof but then u said it
HrvatskiStolac 15 ditë më parë
I get it that you're a Tesla fanboy or something, but why title a video with a complete lie? There is not a single list on IIHS or NHTSA where Tesla is at the top...
Tired Vilmer
Tired Vilmer 17 ditë më parë
The Volvo s3 is old
Kevin Ray
Kevin Ray 23 ditë më parë
Child restraint? Or, Lol your editors got joke bruv.
jordan rader
jordan rader 25 ditë më parë
yay my favourite subject crash tests
HURON AKA:Creighton Lee Rose
HURON AKA:Creighton Lee Rose 27 ditë më parë
I get the collision avoidance software/hardware...-BUT-....The Outlaw in me wonders what happens when YOU NEED to >>>RAM>>> through a barrier(s) &/or person(s)?!......Might be FUNNY & interesting to watch from the sidelines without the massively frustrating & hoped for end results? Great on the speed angle, but NOT the type of ride one would want to rob a bank/Hebrew "Ice Cream Truck" with!...just in case the aforementioned scenario took place. Need a lab-coat sportin "Scientist" in the crew to disable such a feature/fault!... If ones going THAT far into Kriminality, might as well have a surplus cop cruiser w/ALL the bells & whistles for the 2nd/back-up get-away vehicle?.....It REALLY HELPS looking "Official" while speeding away>>>from such a scene...;)..~Then roll that baby up into an N>S>E>W? bound 18 wheeler & CloseDaDoor on her!
GW 28 ditë më parë
Active safety is nice till you're trying to escape one of these deadly riots and your car stops instead of hitting people or objects
Gwo Muaj më parë
*car go brrr*
Who Me?
Who Me? Muaj më parë
If you're curious about the glass only 14:45
TAP001 Muaj më parë
CREEPIs Collision Response Extremity Event Physiological Image!
Jackson Laframboise
Jackson Laframboise Muaj më parë
7:23. There is no fucking way that was his last name. That’s amazing.
Jackson Laframboise
Jackson Laframboise Muaj më parë
7:45. Came to a dead stapp. Morbid dude.
AutoNews Muaj më parë
Like if the US must change their unit system
Chris Garay
Chris Garay Muaj më parë
Didn’t realize Tom Delonge was such a car guy
JR303 Muaj më parë
The only difference between a regular car starting on fire vs Tesla is the regular car can be put out vs Tesla's burning uncontrolled and even re catching on fire days later.
John Vlahos
John Vlahos Muaj më parë
My luggage is usually an engine lol
Luis Guimaraes
Luis Guimaraes Muaj më parë
Someone get this guy an AC unit
mrpmj00 Muaj më parë
TESLA: There's only a 5 year world supply for lithium batteries (and Tesla is using up too much of that for the few , compared to how little a smartphone uses for everyone). Current electrical infrastructure can't supply the electricity to all homes. Powerlines contribute to forest fires. Lithium batteries are mined by African children. Lithium batteries create toxic disposal wastes. There needs to be a law that prioritizes lithium for smartphones over electric cars because cars have petroleum and hydrogen alternatives. Providing more lithium batteries for EV cars is just opening a can of worms because the electrical grid cannot support every house. Not everyone can or wants to incur the cost of solar panels (which from my friend's experience only lasted 7-10 years) I have 4 cars, 2 cars (kids' cars) are parked outside. A battery manufacturer should sell to the highest payer. Ford, GM, and VW have deep pockets and they can pay more for the batteries and put Tesla out of business. An electric truck makes no sense because tests have shown that the battery drains faster when it has to pull. Hydrogen vehicles make more sense in trucks than EV. Hydrogen vehicles fuel up in 5 minutes like gas cars and they have a 1000mpg range; EV you have to wait 45+ minutes (and you have to wait for the guy in front of you to finish his charging) THere isn't a plugin at every corner like a a gas station and the charge is 50 minutes+ (assuming you aren't waiting for the guy before you to finish his charging) Gas stations pay tax to maintain roads, EVs don't That would cause a lot of unemployment.
Anthony Costantini-Dang
Anthony Costantini-Dang Muaj më parë
wait who the hells that
Albin Johansson
Albin Johansson Muaj më parë
yea but volvo gave away there saftey tech for free to save lifes. have tessla done that ? nop just another slefish company !
Botond Lazar
Botond Lazar Muaj më parë
Title: How Tesla Used GLASS to Build the World’s Safest car First sentence: Tesla's Model 3 war recently named the safest car in the U.S. Conclusion: World = US...... Also if you compare the Volvo S60 with the Model 3 in the IIHS site you'll see, that the only point where the Tesla scores higher than the Volvo are the headlights and the Strength-to-weight ratio (if you calculate the ratio with the same structure but the Volvo's weight you'll get 5.27) No doubt, the Tesla is more roll-over proof... But I doubt that Tesla Model 3 is the safest car in the World...
harry Muaj më parë
Well done!
Tejas Vasuki
Tejas Vasuki Muaj më parë
even mahindra xuv 300 is safest car
Ron Matson
Ron Matson Muaj më parë
Compared to another car company not just the rest of the company's accumulativly would be a better one for cars on fire per million driven,also elong? Smart guy,what a pompous douch
Low-cost Gear Budget Tour
Low-cost Gear Budget Tour Muaj më parë
I respect Tesla and I just wish they’d make motorcycles because I don’t intend to own a car ever again. One nitpick: what is so new about laminated glass? I believe it’s been used in windscreens for quite a long time. And many other safety applications too. Please educate me.
aquilino silva
aquilino silva Muaj më parë
Restaurant instead of Restraint... nice.
cazadon Muaj më parë
ok i will just sit here in a volvo xc90. that hasn't had a death in it since it came out
whittney shackleburst
whittney shackleburst Muaj më parë
Tesla is lucky they aren’t comparing themselves to Volvo 240s
Kenneth Blindheim
Kenneth Blindheim 6 ditë më parë
You should see 5th gears crashtest between an old 740(even bigger and harder than a 240) and a newer car.. The 740 is a deathtrap compared to the newer tech..
Greg Lindstrom
Greg Lindstrom Muaj më parë
wouldnt 2 tons be 4400lbs ? but you say 4100 lbs is more than 2 tons.
Drifting Nations
Drifting Nations Muaj më parë
B.I.T.C.H.E.S. Boy If This Child Hasn't Even Survived
Milan Patel
Milan Patel Muaj më parë
Why do we have to see adds , listen promotion though I paid for youtube premium!!!! Stop this u guys been already paid by youtube .
Alex Mellado
Alex Mellado Muaj më parë
I live in America and use KG, just in the US they use lbs
Remi Ramos
Remi Ramos Muaj më parë
The ad for this video came as I was searching for a Raptor. But I am using AutoTempest.
James Neave
James Neave Muaj më parë
There are safer cars than Tesla. Although almost all cars match each other now.,34803&selectedClasses=1202,1199,1201,1196,1203,1198,1179,40250,1197,1204&allClasses=false&allProtocols=false&allDriverAssistanceTechnologies=false&selectedDriverAssistanceTechnologies=&thirdRowFitment=false
Irelia Stop Ks
Irelia Stop Ks Muaj më parë
Let’s be honest I don’t think Elon is actually responsible of any the Tesla idea. He probably got people that do the job for him and claims it was he’s idea
Irelia Stop Ks
Irelia Stop Ks Muaj më parë
This video is good
Илья Апрол
Илья Апрол Muaj më parë
All weights in metric please!!! I have no clue what a pound is. Cool video btw
Adrian Torres
Adrian Torres Muaj më parë
Elon musk=Top Dog
Warren decarolis
Warren decarolis Muaj më parë
7:14 this is not pg13
Alexander Wilson
Alexander Wilson Muaj më parë
What makes a car safe? Weight, weight and weight.
J-Slip !
J-Slip ! Muaj më parë
This is why Tesla is literally going to become the new Honda in the next years
Chi-Wei Shih
Chi-Wei Shih Muaj më parë
Thumbs up for the RSV at the back
CK Chatta
CK Chatta 2 muaj më parë
C.R.E.E.P.I. = Y.O.U. Jk 😁 donut is the hole in coolihole
Gary Vallone
Gary Vallone 2 muaj më parë
For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son in that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16
Gary Vallone
Gary Vallone 2 muaj më parë
@J P probably not man. A carpenter in his 30s? Probably a diesel f 350
J P 2 muaj më parë
Jesus would have driven a Cyber Truck.
CashT 2 muaj më parë
6:47 Car: *crashes* Child: *dabs*
Bivibuddydan 2 muaj më parë
Lots and lots of talk, where are all the pictures? ALnets is a radio station!
Richard Go
Richard Go 2 muaj më parë
woah pumfrey your doing some serious weight reduction bruh.
David Carroll
David Carroll 2 muaj më parë
Science and Car Crashes? Carry on my wayward son!
mrsteve431 2 muaj më parë
Side impact...don't pass out, it will most likely stay on it's wheels and it will most likely burn down. Lol
mactipiak 2 muaj më parë
🎵 « Oooooooonce there was this Tesla. Got into an accident and couldn't come to school. » 🎶
themusicmastera380 2 muaj më parë
Just gunna say it, us car guys aren’t good looking, this guy sets an unrealistic standard, bring back pumphrey or the other more nerdy one!!! Kinda over this guy now...
themusicmastera380 2 muaj më parë
James and Nolan!!! Bring em back, give this guy the boot but keep him for marketing purposes.
Harley Norris
Harley Norris 2 muaj më parë
8:17 new daft punk music video?
pancakefactory 2 muaj më parë
I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with the way Elon Musk thinks
derobotlab 2 muaj më parë
i missed the old bumper2bumper intro....
Reto Zimmermann
Reto Zimmermann 2 muaj më parë
What about a video about the RC51 which stands in the background?
thomas payne
thomas payne 2 muaj më parë
Yaro's Car Hustle
Yaro's Car Hustle 2 muaj më parë
What is Volvo S3 !!!???
notamotovlog 2 muaj më parë
Why does the "world's safest car" spontaneously combust sometimes? Doesn't seem all too safe to me.. Oh and let's not mention them randomly accelerating into objects
Jdl 2 muaj më parë
I didn't see alot of cars crashing, just heard alot of talking.........
Daftalism 2 muaj më parë
@Donut Media what is the track at 14:31?
Madhav Sajit
Madhav Sajit 2 muaj më parë
6:51 "Child Restaurant Airbag Interaction"- Seems like someone forgot to eat breakfast
Luke Berry
Luke Berry 2 muaj më parë
So, Australia has the harshest design rules because safety is important, and no Tesla makes the top 10 safest cars available in Australia. By the way, Volvo has 3 models in the top 10, possibly because they allowed the Australian Road Regulations Bureau (ARRB) to test the autonomous features unlike Tesla. The ARRB actually hired a Tesla from an employees family member, paid Tesla like $25,000 AUD to enable the features on that vehicle, and it couldn't stop at red traffic lights. WAY TO GO TESLA!
TungstenCarbideProjectile 2 muaj më parë
Lol child restaurant baby impact whatever wtf spelling is not your strong suit bruh
Cody Cheatwood
Cody Cheatwood 2 muaj më parë
21 Chicken
21 Chicken 2 muaj më parë
someone: oh yeah i think my Pagani Huayra will win nolan: i love the 1996 Miata
Mark Awachie
Mark Awachie 2 muaj më parë
Can this guy just stop trying so damn hard to be funny? 😢🤦🏾‍♂️ It's cringe AF.
Suvaan G
Suvaan G 2 muaj më parë
Hero Manager
Hero Manager 2 muaj më parë
Buckle up science loving pals coz we about to see crashes Me : inertia.. Velocity Momentum
Tom Ford
Tom Ford 2 muaj më parë
All fun and games aside, i would love to see an episode on all you guys at donut, all your whips! Please. ✌️
Thomas Gaddis
Thomas Gaddis 2 muaj më parë
PG13 still allows one non-sexual use of the F-word but there is sadly no F in CREEPI. Child Response for Extreme Energy Pause Instances
Randy Pullman
Randy Pullman 2 muaj më parë
Why don't we all drive battery cars? Oh that's right they suck in the freezing cold and sweltering heat
rocky patel
rocky patel 2 muaj më parë
L3tt3rs 2 muaj më parë
Why does this dude look like that robot from Detroit: Become Human?
Lonk Muaj më parë
Bruh, he does
Muhammad Avdol
Muhammad Avdol 2 muaj më parë
Kevin McGoff
Kevin McGoff 2 muaj më parë
Gastanks aren't behind the rear axle any more. Thanks pinto lol
Thomas Clanton
Thomas Clanton 2 muaj më parë
There’s also way less Tesla’s on the road then combustion driven vehicles so take that into consideration to as to why there’s way less fires with them
August Sabo
August Sabo 2 muaj më parë
I think he has s dumb he sent a car in to space that well one day crash into eart
We Are Awake
We Are Awake 2 muaj më parë
You are really drinking that Tesla Koolaide. These are disposable cars that can be totaled in a fender bender. Not to mention spontaneously combusting, and failing brakes. Look at China lawsuits. Most hyped cars ever.
Mitsuragi 2 muaj më parë
Child Restraint Emergency Efficacy (in a) Physical Interaction
312 Made
312 Made 2 muaj më parë
Omg @3:14 I couldn't stop laughing LMFAO!!!!!!
addipoom 2 muaj më parë
Youre a pretty boy, you know it, and donut media got you onboard cos o that, and you that too
fiery justin
fiery justin 2 muaj më parë
*Lbs* if you live in the US *KG* if you live anywhere else in the world *Myanmar* and *Liberia* :are we jokes to you
TheNeoNTex 2 muaj më parë
Destructive Critic to Tesla: Do the safest car on USA Stupid learning kid Tesla: Oh ok. 2 Moments later: Destructive Critic to Tesla: Do a car become a meme or no balls Tesla: Oh ok. Destructive Critic to Tesla: Uh... Tesla: Oh ok. *Boring company tunnel starts* Destructive Critic to Tesla: WHAT A F*
TheNeoNTex 2 muaj më parë
At this video alot of cars get hurted during the films.
CookiesNCream 2 muaj më parë
Benedek Drávai
Benedek Drávai 2 muaj më parë
Okay guys, where is the yellow line under the ads?
Mademoiselle Rose
Mademoiselle Rose 2 muaj më parë
Brooms polar moment of inertia is a lot less than your ball. You were rotating the broom around his transverse moment of inertia...
Lewy Sav
Lewy Sav 2 muaj më parë
gotta turn that face light down man, feel like lasers are gunna come out of them and vaporize me. great vid btw.
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