Are Head Gaskets Worth It?

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This week on Money Pit, the tables have turned. We’re at Eddie’s house helping him put his engine back together after blowing the head gasket in his MIATA. Along the way we’ll look at what a head gasket is and how to replace one.
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Lazyboii Gaming
Lazyboii Gaming Ditë më parë
This man is two miatas long and somehow fits in a single Miata 🤔
Veljko Stejić
Veljko Stejić Ditë më parë
With that head line for a video you are making all of those first time mechanics really dumb make a head line worth reading, not something perfect but something that is gonna make a citizen watching this video say"hey, this youtuber made a video about changing a certain part that i needed to change but i didn't know how and his head line... Just wow he didn't discrace no one, certainly not me this video sure does get my like and maybe i will subscribe to him because maybe he will change more parts on more cars that i didn't know" that kind of head lines are for your videos. Im not a hater i really like the way you fix your car but please just make better head lines
Veljko Stejić
Veljko Stejić Ditë më parë
Damn is this guy stupid we as the daily drivers who already know that the parts in a car are worth changing for new parts but like seriously you can just say "changing this gasket" or you can say "DIY gasket changing" or "THIS IS HOW YOU CHANGE A GASKET"
volksbugly 2 ditë më parë
Please follow proper engine break-in procedures when your doing your first starts. Don't do like them.
Logan Dykstra
Logan Dykstra 2 ditë më parë
No pop up headlights 🥺
Tony Rock
Tony Rock 4 ditë më parë
So far I haven't seen anyone eat donuts.
Müllerman 5 ditë më parë
We have a Lanz Bulldog, and last week we figured out that my great-grandfather just threw away the head gasket away, because he accidentally burnt the head too hot( you need to set the Head on fire to preheat the engine) and let the gasket melt. Now we overhaul the Motor after about 60 years. This thing ran without a head gasket for the last 60 years, but the compression was not the best, that’s why we repair it. But the torque from that 10l one cylinder is still amazing.
Antonio Lorío
Antonio Lorío 5 ditë më parë
Did they checked if the head needed to be resurfaced? If it did, the miata is fucked again
Muh Har
Muh Har 9 ditë më parë
Why the fuuu**** would you throw the spark plug like this? I meant sht man.. Magnetic or rubber socket or whatever :::) !!
Muh Har
Muh Har 9 ditë më parë
nxxbs 9 ditë më parë
what was that lever he pulled that made it rev
Video games and Glitches. Blaster from Nintendo
Video games and Glitches. Blaster from Nintendo 10 ditë më parë
turn th crank while cam head bolted on the valves
Video games and Glitches. Blaster from Nintendo
Video games and Glitches. Blaster from Nintendo 10 ditë më parë
big mistake when bolted the head without using the aliment on the crank and the cam gears
Jacob Epstein
Jacob Epstein 13 ditë më parë
Bruh when you don't prime the oil after the motors been out :/. That's Donut!
Takumi Fujiwara
Takumi Fujiwara 13 ditë më parë
Subbie owners Would disagree
J Johnson
J Johnson 14 ditë më parë
No I don't buy head gaskets waste of money just mate aluminum and iron together
JessTheBlackCat 14 ditë më parë
Wait what if we replace the head gasket with the high temp silicon own gasket maker. Does that work?
Sergio Gijon
Sergio Gijon 14 ditë më parë
Yes it's worth it! Got me a 2007 civic coupe for $800, less than $400 to fix, plus a few other issues (like AC, motor mount).
Hector Ramirez
Hector Ramirez 15 ditë më parë
Wouldn't you want to lubricant the part's with oil before turning it on for the first time?
Mickey Minaj
Mickey Minaj 16 ditë më parë
Ha good luck for the guys who are not Machinists and have no idea about tolerances, everytime you shave that bish you're moving closer to a scraped block, bigger gaskets lift easier, GL one time IF it didn't majorly overheat is ok, maybe 2, but if it got real hot and yeah it happens quick AF, scrap it or you'll be mad when it happens again, and usually you I just replace the whole cooling system, all wires, sensors, rad, fan, fuses, relays, and of course Gaskets.
Ghost 17 ditë më parë
When ever your get parts back from a machine shop clean them, use bore brushes to clean oil passages or coolant passages. I've found shavings a debri in them every time.
Ronald Hodgson
Ronald Hodgson 18 ditë më parë
And I drive a Subaru so... good times. Lol
Monroe York
Monroe York 19 ditë më parë
This video gives no details
David Boop
David Boop 19 ditë më parë
Gotta know a month later. Is it still working, and have you done anything to it?
will riseabove
will riseabove 19 ditë më parë
now is it worth it on a 300,000 mile engine is the real question lol
Dan Rickard
Dan Rickard 20 ditë më parë
Yes!!! Was so pleased when that turned on
Dj Mystery
Dj Mystery 21 ditë më parë
2:34 the main reason why most people are afraid to buy a car with a bad head gasket is because it probably overheated too so the head and block could be warped.
TheAleutiansolution 21 ditë më parë
You’ve got to take off XYZ That’s what you get for driving a Miata.
Emanuel Sanchez Gutierrez
Emanuel Sanchez Gutierrez 23 ditë më parë
if Eddie and Jobe weren't filming, then who was😯
Ishy Strevens
Ishy Strevens 23 ditë më parë
Eddie seems cool
Mac Rivera
Mac Rivera 23 ditë më parë
Did they put oil? 🤦🏻‍♂️
Luke Warmwater
Luke Warmwater 24 ditë më parë
just bought a 94 toyota 4runner for 450 bucks cause it had a bad head gasket. the full gasket set cost 58 bucks online and around 10 hours worth of not realy working that hard to change it and the timing belt. tidied up a few other things under the hood as well. so yes, it is worth buying a car with a bad head gasket if it is cheap and has a clean title.
cameron G
cameron G 25 ditë më parë
Ok can u run a engine with a decked head that's in perfect tolerance not to need a gasket ? Is there such things as metal gaskets not rubber coated I mean full metal like a spacer
Danny Anderson
Danny Anderson 26 ditë më parë
You need to machine your heads and they tend warp no matter what factor that cost
ThreeDaysOfDan 27 ditë më parë
my car doesn't have head gaskets .. its a rotary
Jaroslaw Dudek
Jaroslaw Dudek 27 ditë më parë
Did you put oil in it?
Nathan Lauzier
Nathan Lauzier 27 ditë më parë
This makes me miss my 99 nb1. Such a dream to work on
Logan Marva
Logan Marva 27 ditë më parë
99 miata gang
Hunter Nelson
Hunter Nelson 29 ditë më parë
Yet another reason to love pushrod engines, no need to worry about timing when doing simple tasks.
Marco Becerra
Marco Becerra 29 ditë më parë
Sounds like a vacuum leak to me.
samuel yol pivaral
samuel yol pivaral 29 ditë më parë
9:25 worst feeling ever
Mr. Walkway
Mr. Walkway 29 ditë më parë
fantastic DIY video. Remember to get a good machinist straight edge and check flatness!! Head torque!! Even if studded!
Nicholas Muaj më parë
"Are head gaskets worth it?" Every Northstar ever: Nah not really...
Mr.YAMP Muaj më parë
Would love an episode about Transmissions. If a transmission rebuild is worth it.
That Comment Guy
That Comment Guy Muaj më parë
I'm buying the goodies rn
Thomas R
Thomas R Muaj më parë
Has he ever installed Poly bushings on his swaybars?
Thomas R
Thomas R Muaj më parë
I'm scared to torque bolts on aluminum blocks. Big noob.
John Smith
John Smith Muaj më parë
So it's basically like THERMAL PASTE for CPU except it is not.
Emmanuel perez
Emmanuel perez Muaj më parë
Grown up kickoff
fittif intl
fittif intl Muaj më parë
Did you guys use assembly lube?
Joshua 'JK' Naidoo
Joshua 'JK' Naidoo Muaj më parë
Hold up... Isn't Eddie supposed to have a Skyline??!
Rizky Salam
Rizky Salam Muaj më parë
If there is no head gaskets theres no SUBARU
Stephen Chabot
Stephen Chabot Muaj më parë
So, when’s the turbo going on?
Brandon Daechsel
Brandon Daechsel Muaj më parë
Did you JUST use distilled water in the whole system?
zack worrell
zack worrell Muaj më parë
i'm no mechanic but every blown head gasket Iv'e experienced has always required milling to dial in the tolerance or fitment of the head to the block. Some engines are infamous for blowing head gaskets, this I dod know to be true.
Kelvin G.
Kelvin G. Muaj më parë
Smh...the hair dressers car
andrewdini panda
andrewdini panda Muaj më parë
LINE UP CAMS FIRST, then move the crank to TDC or risk bending valves in some engines.
Henrik Muaj më parë
10:00 are you guys serious? It's obvious a vacuum leak, sounds like a rx-7 idle
Dogan Muaj më parë
1:26 damn bruh Mclovin a petrol head
jort88 Muaj më parë
They missed the part when you add oil :O
Jonathan Deville
Jonathan Deville Muaj më parë
Valve train was dry, fuel pressure isn't the only thing that needed priming.
Jonathan Deville
Jonathan Deville Muaj më parë
@Daniel Nelson old timers used to turn the engine before starting it after something like this, letting the mechanical oil pump pump a bit manually.
Daniel Nelson
Daniel Nelson Muaj më parë
Is there a way you're supposed to do that before hand? Or you just gotta live with the heads internals potential premature wear from "going in dry," so to speak. I'd imagine going in dry is hell on the internals. No personal experience in that category though. 😏
Brock Winder
Brock Winder Muaj më parë
(1:23) I thought he said, “I think we Miata broke something” and I laughed a little too hard.😅💀 but now that I know he didn’t say that, I’m a little disappointed (just kidding)😂😂
Billy Kid
Billy Kid Muaj më parë
You guys really know what you are doing! 👌
josh nichols
josh nichols Muaj më parë
With the bp 1.8 non interference your method is fine but with interference engines it's poor practice to set the pistons to tdc THEN set cam timing. Set your crank timing to 60ish degrees btdc, then set cams, then bring your crank timing up to tdc. This insures no contacting issues when setting timing regardless of engine type.
josh nichols
josh nichols Muaj më parë
You need to use the shortest possible extension you can when torquing. With a long extension like that, your actual torque will be lower than set. If you must use a extension that long, bump it up by a few lbs to be closer to actual required tq
DrNub Muaj më parë
10:28 "top of the morning to ya laddies"
Sabastyan Campbell
Sabastyan Campbell Muaj më parë
I love that he saved me time right off the bat fuck yeah even liked the video for saving me time
Kyler Chaffin
Kyler Chaffin Muaj më parë
I want a new video super in depth called “Can you save a 2.7L Dodge Charger with Overheating issues” it’d make a great 1-2 hour long video with Millions of Viewers looking for this info😭😂🙏💪
Zach Sackers
Zach Sackers Muaj më parë
TGI Wednesday! Plus more Eddy please! Huge fan of Zach but it was nice to get know Eddy as well.
Dan Adams
Dan Adams Muaj më parë
Damn, that engine is easy to work on. Lots of room everywhere to do whatever you need.
Matthew Jenkins
Matthew Jenkins Muaj më parë
This is dangerous viewing for those trying a head gasket first time. Timing has to be considered BEFORE the head is fitted and torqued down. Once the head is on complete with camshafts, inevitably some of the valves will be open, so if you start turning the crankshaft, pistons may well meet valves. Sounds like it was timed up wrong on reassembly anyway, or valves have been bent. Understand hot climate, but we only saw water go in, without any anti-corrosion additives which are essential with an alloy head. If it was run on just water before head gasket failure, that may have caused a heavily silted radiator, leading to overheating and head gasket failure.
heyitschino Muaj më parë
Bri Muaj më parë
VW Beetle: Nope!
Phillip White
Phillip White Muaj më parë
dang. i was hopeing you'd bolt the head one with a headgasket and see what happens. or just use atv or something. this was just how to swap a Miata head gasket. Click bait wins again...
mrsideways818 mrsideways818
mrsideways818 mrsideways818 Muaj më parë
I have to do the same thing but because my spark plug striped the whole ass stripper were it goes
wootuser Muaj më parë
Are vacuum leaks overrated?
DashYT Muaj më parë
This series rocks, informative and hands on
ZohanLohan Muaj më parë
That is absolutely not the right way to find TDC. Very easy to be a tooth off or one rotation off
Andrew Fischer
Andrew Fischer Muaj më parë
I am literally only here for the comments
mrphiscal Muaj më parë
So it's a requirement that when you Mazda engine dies you have a put a Ls engine in it.
SpaniardChris Muaj më parë
BE SURE That you didn't deform the head or the engine block, or else you will have replaced a gasket for nothing
Joseph Kall
Joseph Kall Muaj më parë
6:06 ah. Yes. Bring the car to the jack. Not the jack to the car!
james hendrix
james hendrix Muaj më parë
Just a side note. Always use anti seize on the exhaust nutts. Probably should have noted why the block wasn't removed and decked or maybe I missed it
Phil J. Meyer
Phil J. Meyer Muaj më parë
Last year I bought a 1996 Mercedes E420 for just over a 1,000€ with good spec, almost no rust and rather clean past. The only thing I had to do was a head gasket job. 250€ later and it's running strong and smooth after almost 10,000km by now. Yes, it is worth it and anyone can do it with enough time :-)
Enano P
Enano P Muaj më parë
“Are the engine gaskets worth it?”-- NorthStar behind a tree, looking over here while rubbing its hand and licking its lips.
H C Muaj më parë
I watched this last week and now my head gasket is leaking... how unfortunate
Freddie Hydra
Freddie Hydra Muaj më parë
I did the head gaskets on my 91 Corvette myself and all I can say is, it''s definitely worth it :)
Vlog City
Vlog City Muaj më parë
Bruh this video ended about 20 times lol
Tommy Estridge
Tommy Estridge Muaj më parë
You should have disconnected the ignition before cranking it the first time to allow the oil pressure to build up first.
Ian Clegg
Ian Clegg Muaj më parë
week late fix the waste gate
Ian Clegg
Ian Clegg Muaj më parë
three in a row bingo
Ian Clegg
Ian Clegg Muaj më parë
Elliot Ellis
Elliot Ellis Muaj më parë
The start of this episode was soon funny.
Th3DESTROYER 777 Muaj më parë
Is the engine loose
AugmentedGravity Muaj më parë
9:03 not so destilled anymore is it? hahahaha
natasha summers
natasha summers Muaj më parë
BRUH.... You had me rollin with “Its a huge process’ .... boom done in seconds hahahahahaha
Taylor Darr
Taylor Darr Muaj më parë
Fellas, is it worth it to put oil in your car?
Slys Plastering Sly101
Slys Plastering Sly101 Muaj më parë
Hidrolic. Sorry boys Historical pridictive text
Slys Plastering Sly101
Slys Plastering Sly101 Muaj më parë
Historic lifters filling with oil
A T Muaj më parë
we want more eddy!!!!!!!!!!!!
Andre Muaj më parë
Nice re-zero reference a man of culture I see
WildHorse Racing
WildHorse Racing Muaj më parë
Did you take into account the torque loss when using that extension with the torque wrench ? Could be as high as 10 gt-lbs depending on design, length, etc.
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