SUZUKI SAMURAI: How Fake News Killed Suzuki | Up To Speed

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The Suzuki Samurai (Jimny) was a compact off-roader with a BIG 4x4 punch! What kicked off as one of the most revolutionary all-terrain vehicles, even outselling the Jeep Wrangler two to one in 1987, ended with an unbelievable fraudulent crash lawsuit that killed Suzuki's automotive American dreams. Sharpen your katanas because host James Pumphrey is about to take a stab at one of Suzuki's greatest creations.
►Episode Chapters:
00:00 Introduction
06:23 American Samurai Warrior
10:35 Suzuki Motor Corp Vs. The Consumer Union
15:24 The Last Samurai
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Adyth Chandra
Adyth Chandra 2 orë më parë
Fyi, in Indonesia, Jimny's pre-owned price more than the new one 🤣
Roemu TT
Roemu TT 4 orë më parë
A Berliner isn't a Donut😅
ZETTO-METAL 7 orë më parë
OMG... I didn't know how "Consumer Union" tweaked and manipulated result. I have used Consumer Report to get some ideas before purchasing new/used cars, but I completely lost trust in them from now on. It takes years to build trust, but it's so easy to loose it... However, it's great to know that honest people like you & your team do exist to reveal the truth behind it. Thank you!
canuck cowboy
canuck cowboy 10 orë më parë
I had two friends ,yes they are tippy di not care about your opinion but from my experience riding in the death traps just like the older Toyota suv, they easily rolled.
mayukh pankaj
mayukh pankaj 10 orë më parë
Indian army & police uses Maruti Gypsy (local produced Jimmny). This thing is swift man, doesnt make a single noise.
Dennis Villacorte
Dennis Villacorte 15 orë më parë
Love your video. Jimmy 4G owner here !
Mhiko Sale
Mhiko Sale Ditë më parë
This baby just recently released in Philippines, and boi im defenitely buying one.
Allen Mitchell
Allen Mitchell Ditë më parë
Ive actually been looking at these for a fun car
Andrés Vásquez
Andrés Vásquez Ditë më parë
Aguante Chilito!!
Funnytv Ditë më parë
Brady Smith
Brady Smith Ditë më parë
My grandfather bought one brand new and still has it
Namshimaru Ditë më parë
I want one....
James Alias
James Alias Ditë më parë
Hmmm fake news reports that people actually paid for, sort of like the NY Times and Washington Post these days. Got to love the media.
Ben Buza
Ben Buza Ditë më parë
Stupid video...not worth the click
Dewey Watts
Dewey Watts Ditë më parë
I didnt like the original US models with anemic wheels on a 4x4. Wide isnt an evil thing.
usmc forever
usmc forever Ditë më parë
Nazim Ud Din
Nazim Ud Din Ditë më parë
these jeeps are still kickinig in Thar desert, Pakistan.
Jason Watt
Jason Watt Ditë më parë
Gullible Americans as usual
Angus Greensmith
Angus Greensmith Ditë më parë
We have the new Jimny’s in the uk
speakbigtruth Ditë më parë
My wife rolled a Suzuki Samurai in high school. She was just driving normally and it rolled going around a corner.
Scania Lover!!
Scania Lover!! 2 ditë më parë
My friend has one off those as a epa here in Sweden (a epa is a car that's classified as a tracktor and can there for only go 30km/h by law and you're allouwed to drive after you turn 16 years old)
Artur Bernardo Mallmann
Artur Bernardo Mallmann 2 ditë më parë
Here in Brazil are many of them. I never take a look to it, must because here we have a interesting off roader called troller, genuinely Brazilian. But now with this video I will look more on jimni.
Fineox 2 ditë më parë
No ones gonna talk about James’ middle name? I wish I had that middle name
Fineox 2 ditë më parë
I think someone down the street from my house owns a Samurai. Either way, it’s still a bad ass off-road car
Aneesh Froome
Aneesh Froome 2 ditë më parë
Is it possible to order one here in the US from overseas or what is the best alternative to the Jimney here in the US?
Merciless Radio
Merciless Radio 2 ditë më parë
Thank you for that. I always suspected that the whole Samurai roll deal was bullshit. The COG was low enough where a roll should not have happened and the US is famous for its frivolous lawsuits and spiteful lobbying.
China Expat
China Expat 2 ditë më parë
안주형 2 ditë më parë
Funny that this vehicle is currently being made for Indian military on order because it is super reliable and go any where But a butthurt journalist declared it unsafe
Erenth Kithan
Erenth Kithan 2 ditë më parë
If you can't beat them, make fake news and take it out from competition. This car is a legend and there are many suzuki gypsy in my country that are still used by civilian. It can go anywhere, do anything. Hell, it can climb a tree if you wanted it to.🤣😂 You can beat the shit out of this car, it will shrug it off like nothing. It's indestructible.
Marat Saparbayev
Marat Saparbayev 2 ditë më parë
check out my jimny @cz_ice insta
Odin Lustie
Odin Lustie 2 ditë më parë
Too bad they don't put the real criminals in prison here in the states.
grim reaper
grim reaper 3 ditë më parë
Little did we know we would go on a hiatus for three months entirely with no up to speed but then James brought it back and everyone’s gonna love him because it’s probably going to get released to three days before Christmas
A K 3 ditë më parë
Karen Media !
Barefoot 3 ditë më parë
My first car was actually a Samurai. It was a fun little car! Distressingly underpowered, though... it could barely get up to highway speed, and couldn't get there with any kind of headwind or positive grade. The result was an upside-down gas mileage! I used to get about 36 in town, and about 14 on the highway, 'cause it was floored the entire time, lol. If I got a tailwind, or went down a hill and could get up to 70 or 75, it was good times! Actually...
John B.
John B. 3 ditë më parë
We have the new jimny in europe aswell
Ezra Jingco
Ezra Jingco 3 ditë më parë
Little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
Andrew Suggs
Andrew Suggs 3 ditë më parë
I had a 95 Suzuki Sidekick as my first car. It was fun. I finally sold it earlier this year.
Dan Man
Dan Man 3 ditë më parë
We bought my son a used 2007 Suzuki SX4 for Christmas 9 years ago so he could drive back and forth to high school. Little 4-banger for good mileage and all wheel drive which is great here in Colorado. He has since graduated from college, makes good money, but keeps driving the SX4. Its simple and basic but its cheap to run, cheap to fix, gets him through the snow, and is very reliable. And, sadly, stopped import in 2013 and likely suffered the side effects of the Samarai Smear.
Corsair 3 ditë më parë
6:44 My mom car has 63 horsepowers
spldrong 3 ditë më parë
Fake news: destroying America one story at a time
James Cogan
James Cogan 3 ditë më parë
I’ve never been more ok to share my name. This channel is awesome
Beyond Limits
Beyond Limits 3 ditë më parë
I can't afford to pay rent or buy food right now even if someone like me super highly unlikely because I'm not rich won a car like that I'll lose it in a second because I can't even afford the taps for it and we'll have no choice but to sell it for like $500 😓😭😭😭😭😭
David Flores
David Flores 3 ditë më parë
"Why were they good at off roading?" They only weighed 2,050 pounds. ( 600 pounds less than a Jeep CJ) They don't sink as deep into sand and mud as they head down the trail so they dont get stuck as often , and when they do get stuck they are easier to pull out.
muhammad isa
muhammad isa 3 ditë më parë
thank you james..... this is why story came out from asian is suprisingly amazing....
Simon Abbott
Simon Abbott 3 ditë më parë
In 1986, my Dad bought a new SJ410 (same as Samurai) here in the UK and exported it to Burma, where he was working. When he brought it back to the UK in 1988, he gave it to me. It was a great little vehicle, but I did have a nasty moment at 70mph on the motorway when I had to swerve to avoid a lump of metal that fell off an articulated lorry in front of me. It was difficult to regain control. I'm sure today it wouldn't be an issue as cars have very effective stability control systems.
Frank Simmons
Frank Simmons 3 ditë më parë
I now love Suzuki, wish I could get the new Jimny 😎
Sahariar Kabir
Sahariar Kabir 3 ditë më parë
American always do this same thing...
Bo Diddly
Bo Diddly 4 ditë më parë
Man! I love that suv! A friend of mine had one and we used to go everywhere in it! I was going to get one, but then those consumer reports came out, so I went with a Nissan Hardbody instead.
Achilles akr
Achilles akr 4 ditë më parë
At least the whole other world has the Jimny as know also in Europe its an amazing car ngl
Charles Hanson
Charles Hanson 4 ditë më parë
Nader did the same Hack job on the Corvair.😎
Col Harris
Col Harris 4 ditë më parë
Had a yellow and black one in the mid eighties, fantastic little thing. So much fun for hardly any money, loved it.
Austin Faulkner
Austin Faulkner 4 ditë më parë
My oldest brothers best friend lived with us for quite some time and we got him a little geo tracker (he also had a geoetro that was just a boss little gas saver) the tracker was a hard top and we only had one issue with tipping when we put it on the side of an extremely steep Hill, all it did was lift the front wheel slightly. He loved his little mini jeep but sadly, living in pennsylvania and him using it in the winter made it rust to the point where it was unrepairable.. he had it for a few years and honestly it was fairly capable for its size. Now we have quite a few subarus and I'd love to get a samurai for a fun little summer vehicle
ST4R3 4 ditë më parë
"berliner means donut.. in German" all of the Germans: "Are you sure about that?"
A-Team Off-Road
A-Team Off-Road Ditë më parë
@ST4R3 wow. That is a much bigger controversy than I imagined. Thank you for the insight
ST4R3 Ditë më parë
@A-Team Off-Road well Berliner in one context can of course mean someone living in berlin or being from there. So now strap in: Berliner is something similar to a donut but seperate. In Berlin people call them "Pfannkuchen". But elsewhere its also referred to as Kreppel or Krapfen. But krapfen in Bavaria is something very different than in the rhineland Pfannkuchen in the rest of Germany means pancake but Berliners call pancakes eierkuchen. Basically it boils down to, you will not talk to somebody about pastry outside your home region without having an hour of discussion about what something is called. if you feel like reading a translation of something about language (it probably wont work out well) this article might be for you,was%20in%20Bayern%20Krapfen%20hei%C3%9Ft.
A-Team Off-Road
A-Team Off-Road Ditë më parë
It's what google translate says. But does it mean person from Berlin?
Shannon O.
Shannon O. 4 ditë më parë
Two of my fav vehicles killed by lies. RIP Corvair and Samurai
Chaitanya Pahl
Chaitanya Pahl 4 ditë më parë
Its called Gypsy in India
wheatdevon 4 ditë më parë
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RoyN ABA 4 ditë më parë
4:20 why did I think you would say around 100hp 🤣🤣
Wild track
Wild track 3 ditë më parë
you mean hrpsrs
1990 Ford Mustang Foxbody
1990 Ford Mustang Foxbody 4 ditë më parë
What was squeaking in that ad read?
Tuzon Thume
Tuzon Thume 5 ditë më parë
Senator Ralph Nader's legacy? Recalls on Ford trucks with fuel tanks in the cab and the Pinto recalls during UAW negotiations with FMC. Recalls on Chevy trucks with side saddle fuel tanks [debunked also?] during UAW talks with GM.
StarSeed 5 ditë më parë
I miss my Samurai. It was handy, though it could only go 60 mph...
President-Elect 72dodge340
President-Elect 72dodge340 5 ditë më parë
Consumer Reports, all of the mainstream media, and the government are all garbage. How is it that anyone cannot clearly see that at this point?
ɘɿɘʜ woᴎ ᴎuɿ t'ᴎɒɔ uoʏ
ɘɿɘʜ woᴎ ᴎuɿ t'ᴎɒɔ uoʏ 5 ditë më parë
Hire a samurai
Paulo Goncalves
Paulo Goncalves 5 ditë më parë
Portugal have the new jimny
Tygear 5 ditë më parë
Big Detroit or I suppose these days big Mexico using consumer reports to sway public opinion? Doesn’t sound like them... and think if this car was actually one of the safest and they convinced everyone not to buy it there could be literal blood on their hands, it’s not just a funny business thing. People die when corporations cheat instead letting superior products win out
GamePlaySession 5 ditë më parë
Hi German here - In Germany we say "Berliner" but in the city of Berlin, they call these "Pfannkuchen" this crazy Motherf....s
Gunnar Kvinlaug
Gunnar Kvinlaug 5 ditë më parë
I would love to win the Corvette, exept your company would go bankrupt paying for the Norwegian taxies!
Gunnar Kvinlaug
Gunnar Kvinlaug 5 ditë më parë
How many non- Aussies took the Brumby joke?
Mihai Herdelo
Mihai Herdelo 5 ditë më parë
Europe is full of them also :)
annoyedok321 5 ditë më parë
Great content idea. Could do without the annoying host and stupidfying of video.
Gary Russ
Gary Russ 6 ditë më parë
Prior to the samurai (sj413). Roaming the streets of Miami was a smaller Suzuki (sj410) gray market car imported, I believe from Jamaica.
Lou Lopez
Lou Lopez 6 ditë më parë
The power of the media over perception vs. facts. That's what got Biden elected.
Donald Ducks
Donald Ducks 6 ditë më parë
2002 tracker I owned has a Suzuki engine in it. Great little 4wd 4 door I have ever owned.
FireVayron 092
FireVayron 092 6 ditë më parë
Consumer Reports on the first Suzuki Jimney (Samurai) rollover test: Allright it looks safe, that guy must have a lemon. Consumer Reports on the 45 rollover test: IF THIS DOSN'T FLIP IT IM GONNA GET A CRAIN TO DO IT.
XL 82
XL 82 6 ditë më parë
so is this vehicle available in canada?
dummy youtuber
dummy youtuber 6 ditë më parë
i have a sidekick
GTR Lad 6 ditë më parë
Jimny’s are cool there’s tons here in Scotland
stop asking me to change my name!
stop asking me to change my name! 6 ditë më parë
In 1987 I bought a new Toyota 4by4 and these little samurai's ran circles around me off roading. Was embarrassing at the time. I find it funny now.
Soda Block
Soda Block 6 ditë më parë
suzuki is thriving in the uk and japan.
Nathaniel Wells
Nathaniel Wells 6 ditë më parë
I know several people that have flipped samurais
John Kersch
John Kersch 6 ditë më parë
unions are horseshit
Warren Jansen
Warren Jansen 6 ditë më parë
I owned an 88 and a half many years ago. One of the funnest most versatile cars I've ever owned. I miss it still. And I'd buy another one if you could find them for sale.
yes no
yes no 6 ditë më parë
Available in Israel
bashpr0mpt 6 ditë më parë
They flirted with the idea of Jimny's as patrol vehicles in Australia in the late 2000 early 2010's. They were woeful. I could get it up on one wheel just doing a reverse three pointer. It did handle some pretty steep inclines, but it felt like it was going to roll backwards and kill us all. Not that ... that was an official test or even something anyone knew we did in it. The only upside was I could park it in a service lift and get it to the third floor of a building to fsck with the day shift. Anywhere that meets disabled access requirements you can get a Jimny basically. :P
Zanbaktau 6 ditë më parë
The Jimny is also very popular in Southern Africa. We describe it as a micro G-wagon.
Greg Warner
Greg Warner 6 ditë më parë
I remember sitting in Samuri back in the day and instantly realizing I could tip this over. Did the same with a CJ-5 and a Land Rover. So what I just drove them within their operating rang and never had a problem. If you did not drive well enough to not tip the over don't blame the vehicle. With a set of reasonably sticky tires a Corvair Monza could corner very well and were surprisingly fast for 1967.
Vyn Solina
Vyn Solina 6 ditë më parë
In the Philippines we do have the forth gen jimny. And it is so cool when you passed one on the road a few weeks ago I saw a Jimmy but the taillights resemble the British Flag which is cool.
Vyn Solina
Vyn Solina 6 ditë më parë
Our Suzuki Every Kievan is more powerful than the 81' Suzuki samurai but our Every Kie van was built in 1998.
Tardeli costantini
Tardeli costantini 6 ditë më parë
I worked for Suzuki in the late 80's.early 90's in the UK.There we bad newspaper incidents with the Bedford Rascal,which is.....Really A Suzuki Constructed In Luton,RASCAL.Which was made in Luton,England.They made out the Rascal rolled over like the Jimny,but it was called SJ410,SJ413 or Samurai,depending what year it was.
Quoris Voidwalker
Quoris Voidwalker 6 ditë më parë
As sad as I am that I can’t own a new Jimny Sierra, I’ll happily rip around with its 1/24th scale rc thanks to Kyosho... At least until there is a way to import one...
Eric Frazer
Eric Frazer 6 ditë më parë
Lol drove tons of these as kids rolled em a bunch ton of fun
hufhufCool 6 ditë më parë
Wait is no one going to acknowledge that his middle name is cobra?
AFPV 7 ditë më parë
Rezqy Agung
Rezqy Agung 7 ditë më parë
In indonesia there is a off road trip to a mountain an alll of them use a fkin samurai then tgey add like roll cage with out a roof
Rezqy Agung
Rezqy Agung 7 ditë më parë
Dude the newest jimny is the best it feels so smoth
Thys P
Thys P 7 ditë më parë
There's a big Jimny market in South Africa as well.
justin vargas
justin vargas 7 ditë më parë
Not being mean i skip almost the whole video just to watch the good stuff and thats for all the videos
Keaston Doram
Keaston Doram 7 ditë më parë
didn't two Unimogs set that record at 16:43 they made it 21 ,262 feet
Mike 7 ditë më parë
Its like like the democrat propaganda machine and Trump. Trumps an amazing president. Leftist propaganda - NOOO HES A MEANIE FACE. Millions of stupid people - Welp theres your proof, hes a bad president. LOL
combat wolf
combat wolf 7 ditë më parë
Do not jump on the fake news band baguette it does not look good for your company or your model
AFPV 7 ditë më parë
Interesting, you're a fast talker but this is a bullshit take on the Jimny. I've been in a rollover in one at low speed 40km/h all you need to do is pull the wheel hard and turn on an off camber road with a bump in it, and it will launch so hard off the wheels it will land on its roof before the side hits the ground. The wheels are so flimsy if in the Australian version that if a grown man kicks them while the thing is on its side, you will literally bend the wheel. I knew of 3 separate people that rolled these vehicles. 3 out of 3 Jimnys my friends owned none survived being driven in town by teenagers.. well one rolled outside town in a flat paddock. The roofs of these vehicles just collapse to the floor in the 2 seat utility models when they roll BTW. The town I grew up in had a Jimny/Samurai wreckers in it for 10 year or so. Every single one of their 50 odd vehicles came from my area and they all had silver sides (from sliding on tarmac) and/or collapsed roofs from rollovers. If you think they are appreciably safe, get in a stock one and turn hard off camber at 45km/h, see what happens! I dare you to try it. Also please record it so we can all watch! Never heard of some consumer group saying these were unsafe but everyone who owned them knew they were unsafe as they have all been in rollovers, and the rollovers are fast, violent, unexpected, and hurt when you land.
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